Friday, 10 July 2009

Next couple weeks...

I have today moved into my new apartment. I will be setting up broadband tomorrow, and usually takes around 2-3 weeks before its set up, which is extremely annoying. I will be coming back to this place (my student accommodation) because I'm paid here til the end of the July to use the internet. Which means RoB will not come to a stand still! I will be on only a limited amount of time during the two weeks. I've got a big job coming up too so im going to be busy busy busy. I'll make sure I'm on daily to deal with the usual requests and add the Google Checkout VIP etc. Dark August is working hard on the weapon and armour names (from the suggestion thread) and images still!

Other than that, I'll keep you updated, have fun :)


Priszilla said...

Good Luck Ash! <3

Vinushka said...

Congrats and good luck with the new apt, job, and everything else. Thanks for the update!

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