Wednesday 29 July 2009

At last... an update on the new servers. & don't forget about the competition!

So I've been talking with the new hosts and have finally got a result on the new server. Basically the money I spent in like April on some new servers had a bit of a cock up. Then the company sold to another and it just went to a big mess. They new guys basically can't get the servers I paid for back from the old guys to give to me because of some wierd issues I don't know about. But anyway the new guy has been playing around with some settings on servers they already have with RoBs database and he was saying with the setup I've paid for (4 servers working together) the way RoB is going its not very cost efficient because it will only allow so much growth before hitting the limits again.

So he priced up one of those big web servers for RoBs database to sit on as well as one of the Quadcores to run apache. He discounted me what I've paid so far (thank god) against the new server, the spec for those interested is:

Two quad core 2.13GHz processors, 24GB of RAM, 4x73GB 2.5 inch 10,000rpm SAS disks in hardware RAID10

As you can see a lot more power, and allows a lot growth and MUCH FASTER PAGE VIEWS, which is my main concern. It's going to be installed in 2-3 weeks, and I'm really looking forward to it.

As for cost, let's just say it cost me quite a few thousand dollars to get and will be that to run each year. So I appreciate anyone helping out by buying VIP/plasma and entering the current competition.

On the competition note, you have just over 2 weeks left to enter in and win either:
  • 2100 xbox live points voucher
  • $25 iTunes Voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $25 voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $100 plasma pack
2nd and 3rd place gets a free $25 plasma pack.

For more info:

Thanks for your all your support and lets look forward to a faster more popular ReignOfBlood.



Daisy said...

Thanks for the extra stuff ash...makes it a bit more interesting and let me give a gift which was nice :)

13Slayer said...

Congratulations Ash! Am sorry that you got caught in any 'cock up' however happy that the new company has done right by you, especially telling you that what you'd ordered wouldn't work for long. :( Almost a twofer! lol Keep up the awesome work, and thanks for all you've done for we vampires at RoB! *bows deeply and dematerialises*

Legion Avalon said...

Excellent news Ash! Awesome spec! Well done. :-)

†Juggalette Izabetta† (200221) said...

Kewl, thanks Ash!

galahad gawain said...

This great news Ash. The game is amazing as it is, but with this new servers it can skyrocket! For those naughty people who mangled you a bit, they will have their come-uppance!

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