Sunday 26 April 2009

ReignOfBlood is 3 today, plasma hunt ahoy!!

RoB is 3 years old today, i cannot believe it. A big thank you to all players and supporters, i hope we can have another great year!

Click here for more information about today's events.


Monday 20 April 2009

ReignOfBlood is 3 years old next week!

In 7 days time. (The 27th April) it will be ReignOfBlood's 3rd birthday! Can't believe it has got this far...

But anyway, next monday the 27th, there will be a plasma hunt from midnight to midnight (game time). Also on this day only there will be VIP/PLASMA special offer birthday packs also.

So it is recommended that you clear you schedule for next monday (if you want some plasma of course).

See you there ;)


Tuesday 14 April 2009

RoB Sticker competition results and name chosen ... big plasma give away today!

Firstly, let's get the name done first. Thank you for everyone who submitted an idea, there was some good ones... and some awful ones.

The name that i chose (with opinions of others too of course) is Hales Bytes (sudden excitement to the person who is reading this who thought of it:P)

Because it's different, nothing else is called something has random as that. It has the *bytes* word which relates it to computing, and the best part, its a complete anagram of my name Ashley Best. Pretty cool huh? Sounds a bit.... *WTF MATE?* to begin with, but the more and more i said it to myself the more it grew on me. So that's why i chose it! So 25 plasma goes into Baccara (67277) account now :) Many thanks to you.

Okay, onto the competition. Me & Spot have gone over the entries and picked the best 3.

And here they are:

#1: hawkster2020 (122189) - A perfect location to keep in theme of the site... and the tshirt aswell!?! View entry
#2: Footman645 (40487) - A very creative and humorous place to stick it... and maybe a great business idea... reignofblood tampons? View entry
#3: Khaos Nyx (57447) - Niagra falls? Wooow. View entry

The prizes:
1st prize = $250 Plasma pack
2nd prize = $100 Plasma pack
3rd prize = $50 plasma pack

They will be added to the winners account now :) i've also sent a few plasma to the rest of the people who took part, many thanks to all that did take part in this :)

THE NEXT COMPETITION?! I already have what i'm going to next in mind, i'll do some final work on it and create an example myself. This competition will not require buying anything, so i hope that you all will take part! Juicy plasma prizes of course.

Will post sometime soon when it's all ready. :)

Enjoy your week

Sunday 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

Nom nom nom chocolate!

I know it's a bit late, i just got on, but i've given everyone the bunny ears (or egg icon)... your CHOICE in chat, until midnight tomorrow (the night of the 13th)... and that is also when the easter VIP special ends... get some last cheap plasma while you can.

I have decided on what the call my business... i will announce the winner and give the prize within the next couple days....

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Thursday 9 April 2009

So, it's gone midnight so i thought i'd blog about what's coming up...

It's half past midnight, and i got woken up with a splash of water in my face, whilst waking up i was thinking... my door is locked, no-one can get in, what the hell? Turns out that a little tiny crack as opened up on my ceiling where the lovely freezing cold rain outside can slowly drip in. Conveniently the crack has opened up right above my head where i sleep. The beginning of a bad day or just in the wrong place at the wrong time? Gotta ring up the letting agency in the morning and give 'em hell.

As I'm awakeeeee, thought I'd write a little blog. Thanks for all the input for the name idea, there are some good... and some pretty awful, but thank you all for your efforts ;) and i will search through them when i get a minute and choose one or a combination of a couple and give away plasma accordingly.

I have no more classes now (Woooo) and 2 more pieces of coursework due in at the end of April, then 2 exams in May then i am FINISHED FOREVER! Goodbye education! Hello more RoB stuff!

I'm looking forward to (as lame as it sounds) to get the hell outta education and get to work on RoB some more, some stuff that'll happen over the next couple months...

- New friends and enemy lists + sorting feature
- Vampire powers updated with new stuff
- New forums
- Some work on the covens
- Maybe new profile layouts and extra features.

And of course some stuff you're not going to know about. Gotta keep some surprises, else it's just no fun :)

Easter Plasma packs only have a few days left... get your cheap plasma whilst you can!

Time to go back to bed, enjoy your weekend =]

oooo almost forgot, some more major server upgrades coming up (noticed things are starting to slow down again as site keeps growing), but more about that on the next blog!


Friday 3 April 2009

Want some free plasma? ... I need a name.

I need a name for a personal online business for myself... talked to a few people... can't really get any good ideas for names I've always been useless for thinking up names for stuff, aftershock isn't much better (Love you really :P). So i've decided to let the amazing players of ReignOfBlood to use their creative minds and think up one for me! In return for some juicy plasma of course....

The Rules:
- It doesn't have to be personal to me. (AKA:
- More original the better.
- I can't be already taken, duh.
- Does not have to be totally game related (as it's not all what i do)
- It cannot have ReignOfBlood in the name

ONE POST PER PERSON. You can submit several ideas just only one forum post per person, if you think of more just go back and edit it. DO NOT comment on other peoples ideas outside your own post. If you post more than once, you won`t get the plasma if you win.

Nice n clear i hope :)

CLICK HERE - for the forum post.

Good luck and thanks :)

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Fool me once... shame on you... fool me twice...shame on me... fool me three times... you just suck,

3 April fools in one day... i didn't even plan the second two.

Let's start with Rain Of Flower Love.... that the first 4 letter of each word what does it spell... ROFL... anyone catch on? Anyway, as amazing that layout was and how much i would love replace RoB with ROFL, it is not going to happen don't worry.

Due the amount of HASSLE i got from it, i took it down within a couple hours, so only a lucky few hundred of you actually saw it. I then released an option to delete someone you didn't like in revenge of these ROFL haters, and of course, i'm not going to let you do that.

Last but not least came from Mr.STD himself, i was messing around with today's QOTD and he said, leave it so there is no answer for april fools. HA. Brilliant i thought. The question does have an answer which is... INQ ... but of course no correct answer being set, you all got it wrong. FOOLS. Watching the confusion was most entertaining.

Pretty much watching it all was pretty damn amusing... i had fun, hope you did too :)

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