Tuesday 30 August 2011

Last few presents & AP rage further explanation

More presents
3 more presents have been hidden around the site! Go find them and head over to my shack in the Dead City to get some juicy AP.

More presents in plasma packs!
Today only - get an extra few presents in each of the special packs!

Pet round end
So the 2nd round of the pets will be ending in a couple days. Which means any unclaimed QP from last month WILL be lost if you don't collect them. Stay tuned for updates.

August competition
August competition ends in a couple days too, make sure you get your guesses in.

AP rage boosts
In regards to the AP boosts... you're NOT trading your AP for the boosts, you are still using the AP increasing your stats and getting the boosts for FREE! There is just a couple days left on the AP rage, I'm glad so many are enjoying it :)

Don't worry, I'm not going to be working much more today, promise :D Oh, and thanks for the Birthday messages here, here and most of all, here :)

Enjoy the rest of the week,

Thursday 25 August 2011

Ash's Birthday extravaganza - RoB's biggest BLOOD RAGE

So it's my birthday next week (Tuesday), so I thought I'd have a little e-celebration on RoB. Why not? You all get to benefit from my good mood on this awesome occasion. So what's going on this week?

7 Day Plasma Special
As well as celebrating my birthday, and a nice big server bill to pay this month, there is a juicy 7 day plasma special, which ends on the evening of the 1st September. This becomes even more awesome when you keep reading.

Ultimate game card and Wallie users get in n the action too, check the buy VIP pages for each payment type out to see your exclusive packs too.

Head over to the Buy VIP/Plasma page for more information.

Battle AP Rage
This is going to be the biggest blood bath RoB has even seen. I hope you've been saving your AP, because things are about to get violent.

+10% battle blood for everyone during this birthday celebration period

On top of that, simply using AP gives you even more boosts. I won't post the table here, but you can head over to the AP shack at the Dead City to check it out.  Your potion boosts still add ON TOP of these AP boosts. AP and Plasma are selling like hotcakes at the moment on the market, it's the best time to buy and to sell.

The way to look at this, is free boosts for using your AP as you normally would.

Can't have a birthday celebration without presents, right? So if you find any wrapped presents for me around the site, head to my shack in the Dead City, and I'll give you half whatever is in there. Birthdays are about giving, right?  No point trying to keep them for yourself, only I have the spell to get them open.

All of this will end/taken off on the 1st September.

I hope you enjoy it! And let the blood bath begin!

& thanks to everyone who supports the site during this special!

I will be hanging out in Help chat for the next few hours if you want any immediate questions asked about this blog, otherwise, post on the forum :)


Monday 22 August 2011

Save your AP!

Good evening vampires,

Just a friendly heads up, if you will, that you should probably not use your AP over the next couple days. You *can* still use them, but it might be worth your while to hold on to them, just for a couple days :)

Oh, and there are 4 new quick story quests added. More to come of course...

Missed the Roleplaying characters update? Click here.

Double turns and coven exp ends tonight, enjoy it for a couple more hours.

Take care!

Saturday 20 August 2011

New roleplay features & double turns weekend [coven exp too]

New roleplay features
So far this year it's all been about the game updates, but, I've taken a step back for a second and decided to put a bit of focus on the players who love to RP too.

A new create a character feature
Everybody can now create a character! Even if you don't RP, this is still a nifty little feature I'm sure many of you will enjoy. I won't bother explaining it, you should just go ride ahead to the character creation page to read up about it. Keep reading...

The characters you create now show on your profile, just like your family & friends etc.

Roleplaying Panel
Okay so on our "home pages" we have a game panel and a social panel, well now we have added a roleplaying panel too! This is a nice little place where all the RP features put together nicely on one page. This is also the place you go to create your characters.

Forum Updates
The RP forum has been updated too, made a few slight layout improvements and changed the character system. Instead of creating a character for each thread, you now use one of your characters you've created in the new character system. When you go to join a thread, all you do is select which character you want to use, and add it to the thread. This means you don't have to make a new character for every thread, you can use one character over multiple threads.

Don't forget to get give feedback on the RP forum updates on the "give feedback" link at the top of the RP panel page. Thanks to Sin for help setting up the character variables.

Please note that non VIP members can have up to 10 characters, VIP members can have up to 50. So when using the characters in the forum, and you hit your limit, you will have to delete a character in order to create a new one for a new thread.

Double Turn Weekend
August is my favourite month of the year by far. You'll find out why very soon if you don't already know. Everyone will now get DOUBLE turns until MONDAY night!

Double Coven Exp
For an extra bit of double fun, help out your coven and get double coven exp from your battles until MONDAY night by purchasing the selected charity pack this weekend.

Phantom Press
As you can see we've yet again made an update to the Phantom Press layout, it's getting to look more and more like an actual paper, and I'm really pleased of the content Kitty & the writers are writing up.

I've been going around fixing a few bugs here and there, there is also something I'm working on a little bit, which a lot of you would like, but it's going to take a while. I think I'm going to try and develop it in a different way than I have anything else on RoB before, we'll see how it goes, stay tuned.

Enjoy the weeeeekend!

Monday 15 August 2011

RAHP weekend over

Random payment questions
Over the last few weeks I've some questions about buying VIP/Plasma etc on RoB.

First of all, the pre-paid cards are a great success, of course the majority of you know they charge us high fees for their convenience (of course, because the retailer wants a cut too) but we do NOT take that fee amount out of your purchase. We try are best to match the dollar to dollar amount to what we offer with Paypal etc.

The other question is taxes, there are NO taxes to be paid. Lucky for you, the majority of players are based in the USA. As I am based in the UK, you have no sales tax to pay on your purchases. If you see a pack for $50, it'll only cost you $50. The first time I went to America, saw something for $10, went to the counter, and they wanted $11.20 or something, I was like huh? (UK VAT tax is already added to all the products here). So you don't need to worry about the tax cost when you go to purchase, this is the same for every country, what you see, is what you have to pay.

If you have a pre-paid visa card (which only Google Checkout accept) and your payment keeps getting declined (and there is money on the card), your card may not be setup for international purchases. Be careful of the cards that say "For use in USA only", as Google will not accept these.

RAHP Weekend over
The double revive weekend is over :( never fear though, I'm sure there will be another one soon.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend,

Friday 12 August 2011


RAHP Weekend
Yeah, that's right. I think it's definitely time for another double revive weekend. Until Sunday night, everyone gets revived at half past the hour, as well as on the top of hour as normal!

Some cool updates to come next week, stay tuned.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday 4 August 2011

Pets round 2, new pet betting shop, competitions & more

Pets Round 2
Round 2 of the pets is in full action. You can also now kill your pet if you wish. Sorry for the delay and the recent server hiccups, gotta love teething problems!

Promo Code
Have the promo code for the recent hiccups: Aug4th

Pet Betting
Have an idea who will win either most wins or highest level this month? Then go to the Dead City pet betting shop to place your bets. Bets are priced at $2,000 each and you can bet on any amount of pets as much as you want. You will only be able to bet on pets within the first 5 days of the month, so you can watch the pets a little and see who's steaming ahead to get your bets in. (Because this round started late, the betting time will start for 5 days from now)

July Competition Winner
The total amount paid out on lottery is: $6,081,195,000. Nobody got it exact, but the closest person was Duke Danse Macambre (85239) with the guess of $6,174,292,000, 25 plasma is coming your way!

August Competition
Another simple guessing competition. The NPC arena arrived back in the Dead City just over 2 weeks ago. But how much blood do you think it's paid out so far? (Until July 31st).  Click here to have one free guess. Get it exact you win 200 plasma, if nobody guesses exact, the closest guess will get 25 plasma.

August's adopt an animal
Thanks to everyone who bought a charity pack last month to help us raise money for the RSPCA. Here are the results for the adopt an animal poll:

Panda:  5.71%
Polar Bear:  22.8%
Dolphin:  14.2%
Tiger:  28.57%
Elephant:  5.71%
Rhino:  2.85%
Leopard:  2.85%
Turtle:  2.85%
Penguin:  8.57%
Jaguar:  8.57%

As you can see, the winner is TIGER. So all money raised this month will be donated to WWF's Tiger campaign.

Thanks & enjoy!

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