Thursday 4 August 2011

Pets round 2, new pet betting shop, competitions & more

Pets Round 2
Round 2 of the pets is in full action. You can also now kill your pet if you wish. Sorry for the delay and the recent server hiccups, gotta love teething problems!

Promo Code
Have the promo code for the recent hiccups: Aug4th

Pet Betting
Have an idea who will win either most wins or highest level this month? Then go to the Dead City pet betting shop to place your bets. Bets are priced at $2,000 each and you can bet on any amount of pets as much as you want. You will only be able to bet on pets within the first 5 days of the month, so you can watch the pets a little and see who's steaming ahead to get your bets in. (Because this round started late, the betting time will start for 5 days from now)

July Competition Winner
The total amount paid out on lottery is: $6,081,195,000. Nobody got it exact, but the closest person was Duke Danse Macambre (85239) with the guess of $6,174,292,000, 25 plasma is coming your way!

August Competition
Another simple guessing competition. The NPC arena arrived back in the Dead City just over 2 weeks ago. But how much blood do you think it's paid out so far? (Until July 31st).  Click here to have one free guess. Get it exact you win 200 plasma, if nobody guesses exact, the closest guess will get 25 plasma.

August's adopt an animal
Thanks to everyone who bought a charity pack last month to help us raise money for the RSPCA. Here are the results for the adopt an animal poll:

Panda:  5.71%
Polar Bear:  22.8%
Dolphin:  14.2%
Tiger:  28.57%
Elephant:  5.71%
Rhino:  2.85%
Leopard:  2.85%
Turtle:  2.85%
Penguin:  8.57%
Jaguar:  8.57%

As you can see, the winner is TIGER. So all money raised this month will be donated to WWF's Tiger campaign.

Thanks & enjoy!


Anonymous said...

1st one :O

Anonymous said...

Where is the QPs from first round? Will we receive them?

DarkAsh said...

Go collect them :)

tommy said...

can we name our tiger? lets call it 'sweetums'

Anonymous said...

what happened to the plasma price from the first round?

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