Monday 4 February 2013

Valentines Event & Forum Update

Forum Update
The forum is one of the main community features, and checked many times a day buy a whole ton of people. I decided it was time for a little update.

- The layout has been updated. Not any huge changes, but it's been polished up a little.
- Updated some of the board names and descriptions
- Your forum sig can now be uploaded like your avatar and profile pic (I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but this needs to be done)
- The "jump to" links is down a drop down menu, thanks to threads like these ;)
- Added first, next, previous and last page links
- The first post of the thread now only appears on the first page
- Search added to each board
- Auction notice on trading board & notice on accusation board added
- Pin image displayed next to floated threads
- Removed ID's from the thread lists because they were taking up a lot of room. You can hover over a player's username to get their ID

If there are no bugs in the above changes, I will copy over the new changes to the coven & house forums soon.

New Quests!
I want to get some auctions going! So the new quests this week are featured around the new auction house. These will be the last 4 quests in the "rank 25" category, moving onto rank 50 next :)

- Auction King
- Auction King II
- Auction King III
- Auction King IV

February Competition
The month of love is upon on us. This months competition will go to all the RoB couples. The best designed (themed the same) profiles of two vampires will both win a plasma prize. You don't have to be married in-game to team up with someone to create a duel-profile. When you have your profile ready, just one of you is required to send RoB-Bot a BL saying you want to be entered. Click here for entry information. It doesn't have to be love themed, but have them somehow related (for example, one person Ash Ketchum, the other persons profile as Pikachu (horrible example, don't use that))

The first load of auctions ending recently, there was a little bug with the equipment and coven ones not going through, I've fixed that, and I'm relieved the rest is working OK! Remember the 5 plasma I put on the market starting at 10k? "Congratulations. You sold 5 plasma on an auction for $4,510,055". Definitely a more exciting way to trade! On the bid page (the link that you're given when you're outbid) now displays what you're bidding for, as it wasn't very clear coming from the news event link.

Boys Vs Girls Event
The Boys Vs Girls event is now over. It was neck and neck to start with, but the boys powered ahead and claimed the crown this time. QP has been given to the boys.

36,356,756 blood
25,116,149 blood

Valentines Event

It's that time of year again. The time of love. As amazing or depressing it is for you, you can enjoy the free stuff these Reign Of Blood themed events give you over the next 2 weeks.

Giving love is back
The love giving is back for the Valentines event! Give love to other players and their count is increased on their profile. How much love will you give?

Love messages
Have a special message you'd like to send someone? For $25k you can send a custom news message which includes a nice heart.

Rose Hunt
Head to Greenwood and go searching for seeds, head back to the Dead City to trade them for roses which can be traded for something more useful to you.

Grim's Love
Grim (The Metal Man) he has taken a part time job growing roses at Ghost town over the past month, and has brought them over to the Dead City to give away. Once every 12 hours you have the chance of winning a free rose from Grim. Will you take part, or boycott him due the pain of the Metal Man quests he puts you through?

Valentines Special
The Valentines VIP & Plasma special is now up! Get your self some lovely bargains. Click here to check them out.

Enjoy the week!


Anonymous said...

Two lousy qp, are you serious???
Thanks for the rest though, keep it up:)

Shardy said...

haha ...
Ok .. Thank you ..
I will enjoy ...
Happy V Day All ... hugs...

Anonymous said...

omg, my b day is 4 days AFTER V-day!!! wierd... AND its on pres. day to... lovily..

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