Tuesday 19 February 2013

Event Summary

Valentines Event
I hope you all enjoyed the Valentines event and the extras that the event gave. Looking over the stats, a lot of roses were used! So glad you enjoyed it.

Love also got spammed a hell of a lot, I don't envy those who had to clean up their news feed because of it. Here are the top players who got the most love:

PDP`s Isi (350376) - 6000 times
Queen Persephone Aestus (213921) - 5091 times
Snow White (376116) - 3826 times
Callista K. Gealtach (149026) - 3129 times
Middy Stephan(331928) - 2603 times
Sharyn Pascal Phuri Dae™(351990) -2205 times
Adrienne Whispers Danno™ (540914) - 1715 times
Dimitril Aerinil (203351) - 1600 times
Marcie Blackthorn Stark (513412) - 1456 times
Asmodai Sainte Malos (532071) - 1331 times

A collected total of $278,600,000 taken out the games economy with 111,440 love given during this event. Not bad, eh?

February Competition
The February competition will end this FRIDAY (22nd). Make sure all profiles are active and you've sent a blood letter to the RoB-Bot with your entry. Click here for more details.

I have an awesome little surprise for everyone on Friday too.



Vurly 605396 said...

Some of us didn't have too much cleaning to do on our news feeds... :p Congrats to the top, er, lovers and lovees. An enjoyable event.

Anonymous said...

Not too good, either Ashy. While the number does seem quite large stated as a digit, when it is stated as a percentage to offer a better relative understanding, it's only half of a percent of the total currency in game.

So if I told you that your bottom line was going to go down this year by one half of a percent this year, you probably wouldn't sweat it. Or if someone earning $40,000/yr was going to suffer a similar penalty, it would really only be a loss of $200.

So! Hurray for a marginal, certainly short-term, almost non-existant, and certainly borderline-negligible attempt at improving the in-game economy by eliminating excess currency.


-Your friendly neighborhood Troll

Anonymous said...

the update is awsome

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