Monday 30 August 2010

Happy birthday to.... me !

Today is my 22nd birthday! Getting old :( But what not better to spend my Birthday then on this side of the pond with you Americans huh?

** Birthday Special has now ended :( **

I have also added the promo code: ASH22 (remember you can find the link to use your promo at the bottom of the game updates page you're sent too after you login)

When I get back this week we plan to make some server software changes to help with lag, glitches and other performance issues. As well as bug fixes and new features.

Have a good week & enjoy!


EDIT: Not get the full 20% extra? CLICK HERE

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Enjoying the V quest?

Hello from sunny Florida!

Havin' a good time over here. But i hear people are not having such a good time with this V quest? HA! I also see nobody has actually found it yet. What would be more amusing is nobody finding it until I get back. I love driving you wild. As well as the unbearably amazing 95 degree heat i am thinking of you all pulling your faces off with this quest. I've heard some cool rumours i.e you have to add me onto your enemy list, you have to send me a comment etc etc funny stuff. (None is true by the way). V is indeed my favourite letter.

To clear a few things up, the V is not on any user generated content. I.E chat, forums etc. It's a static letter on the game.

Enjoy yourselves =D


Thursday 12 August 2010

10% extra plasma special, new VIP page & vacation time.

I am pleased and excited to say that I'm taking a few weeks off! Going to take a 11
hour flight to visit the sunshine state of Florida. Don't panic though! There is no way on this Earth I'll be able to leave you beautiful people for that long. For those that remember when I took my last holiday over 2 years ago I left and didn't come on for 2 weeks. The game is at a stage where i won't be able to leave it for that long. So I will be taking my Macbook with me and checking up on you all at the end of each night :) I don't want you to think people can go crazy and be assholes just because I'm away.  Another reason for this is so I can add all VIP packs etc, for example Google Checkout I have to add manually, pretty sure you won't be too happy waiting 3 weeks for your purchase.  I usually add Google checkout purchases within 24 hours (less if I'm online), it does say within 48 hours on the VIP page so over the next few weeks that will probably be more accurate.

All this means is there will be no major updates or new features over this time. I'm gonna be pumping out a few more quests over the next couple days in between packing & then continue with all the new exciting stuff I have for you guys in September.

You'll also notice a change to the BUY VIP page. I've tried to make it more clear and I've added some new packs.

As a lot of people have requested, coven owners can now create a coven staff only board on their coven forum, you can give members access through the usual give staff option.

Oh and from NOW until the special ends on FRIDAY afternoon (game time)  you get an extra 10% plasma when you buy the special plasma packs, and also all purchases of the VIP summer pack from now on gives you access to the premium gym until Friday also!

Hope you like :)


Monday 9 August 2010

OMG New homepage design

As you've might already have noticed we've upgraded our home page design again. There are several reasons for this.

- The old one was too top image heavy, meaning people with lower resolutions had to scroll down to start seeing the content, which is an inconvenience.
- More room! With 2 columns now we have more space to play with.
- Drawing the player in. There was no suck in power on the last layout, the emphasis was put on the login table. Now it's centered around that PLAY NOW button, which will be hard to resist.
- To able to screen a screen-wide header image
- Easily show off in game features

Of course there will be negative reviews about this layout, but that doesn't matter as you only have to see it when you login! The homepage is primarily for attracting new players. The more you use this new homepage, the more it grows on you. We've been playing around with it for at least a week and I really prefer it.  Its already proven to be a success with better conversion rates from new potential players.  Might make some more tweaks here and there but that top header is awesome and is here to stay!

I hope you're all enjoying the cheap plasma & using it at the new plasma shop? Yum Yum.

Take care,

P.S if you cannot see the new layout yet, clear you cache.

Thursday 5 August 2010

Summer server plasma special

Very unfortunately we've had some fraudulent  payments and they've all been reversed. It doesn't help seeing I have a huge ass server bill this month. So I've decided to run a 1 week summer server special!

So for 1 weeks you can get your hands on some cheap cheap plasma and VIP! Head over to the Buy VIP for further information.

In order to tempt you with a purchase, buying any of the plasma packs gets you until next Friday to use the PREMIUM gym which can give you up to x0.04 (instead of the current x0.03 max, but because non VIP max is x0.02 they get x0.03 max for using the premium gym) result for your turns. Everyone has access to this premium gym until 10am game time (6th Aug), but after that only for the people who purchase a special plasma pack will gain access to this premium gym.

Non-VIPs: x0.01 - x0.03 (instead of x0.01 - x0.02)
VIPs: x0.01 - x0.04  (instead of x0.01 - x0.03)
VIP+: x0.02- x0.04  (instead of x0.02 - x0.03)

The special will end next Friday the 13th (spooky). The premium gym will close on this date too.

More quests incoming very soon...


Tuesday 3 August 2010

Changing the way sessions work

Over the past couple weeks you might have been unexpectedly logged out. I know it happened to me a couple times, that is because when you hit the load balancer you get put on one of the many RoB servers. Your session is linked from your browser to that server, if that server goes down, even for a second, you'd get logged out. When you reload the page to log back in you'll get transferred to a working server. That has been happening every now and then as one of the servers kept crashing and the people on that server were getting booted.

You can't stop servers from crashing, but what we've done in order to stop this is to store your session data somewhere else. So no matter what server you're on, you won't get booted if the server goes down, you're simply moved to another server without the session data going down with it. You won't even feel it.

If you have any more logging out problems from right now, let me know.

Did you know? $73,065,485 is the total amount to date that has been taken out of the game due to the 1% market fee. 


EDIT: The downtime just now was moving access from command line to my more appealing user interface so I can clearly watch how its working. It should be okay now.  Please don't report it or comment this blog with the issue. 

Sunday 1 August 2010

July competition winner & August competition announced

Good evening,

The secret July competition was how many times you went through the login process over the past 2 weeks. Pretty sneaky eh?

Here are the top logging in-ers:

- Prinz (288503)
- Ven (391385)
- BlackStar (356990)

The plasma will be heading to your accounts very soon! Congratulations.

Now lets move onto the August competition shall we?

A Reign Of Blood advertising Youtube Video

This months task to come up with an interesting and engaging YouTube video. Why? For shits and giggles. You don't need to be a video editing pro to win this competition. A few examples of what you could do:

- Using screen capture software to do something interesting
- Filming some sort of advert with a camera
- Podcast type advert
- Image slide show

You'll be judged on uniqueness, creativity, originality and awesomeness. Do not use any copyrighted material! The name "Reign Of Blood" and the URL "" must appear somewhere in the video.

1st place gets 100 plasma
2nd place gets 50 plasma
3rd place gets 25 plasma

The competition ends 6th September. In order to enter, you need to have or create a Youtube account, upload the video and send the link to the rob-bots (ID 2) blood letter account with the subject "AUG VID CONTEST".  If you want to enter but not sure how to do this, I'm sure other players on the site or coven members will guide you how to make an entry.

Good luck & I wish you all the best,

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