Sunday 1 August 2010

July competition winner & August competition announced

Good evening,

The secret July competition was how many times you went through the login process over the past 2 weeks. Pretty sneaky eh?

Here are the top logging in-ers:

- Prinz (288503)
- Ven (391385)
- BlackStar (356990)

The plasma will be heading to your accounts very soon! Congratulations.

Now lets move onto the August competition shall we?

A Reign Of Blood advertising Youtube Video

This months task to come up with an interesting and engaging YouTube video. Why? For shits and giggles. You don't need to be a video editing pro to win this competition. A few examples of what you could do:

- Using screen capture software to do something interesting
- Filming some sort of advert with a camera
- Podcast type advert
- Image slide show

You'll be judged on uniqueness, creativity, originality and awesomeness. Do not use any copyrighted material! The name "Reign Of Blood" and the URL "" must appear somewhere in the video.

1st place gets 100 plasma
2nd place gets 50 plasma
3rd place gets 25 plasma

The competition ends 6th September. In order to enter, you need to have or create a Youtube account, upload the video and send the link to the rob-bots (ID 2) blood letter account with the subject "AUG VID CONTEST".  If you want to enter but not sure how to do this, I'm sure other players on the site or coven members will guide you how to make an entry.

Good luck & I wish you all the best,


Ravyn Alexion Darkbourne (214404) said...

Really did not expect it to have been that simple! Oh well, it is video-creation time.

Aeris Choiseul Yagami said...

I might actually try this! Haha

Deamon Whispers said...

Damn I voted My ass off completing every vote for almost three weeks :d haha
o well the votes were worth it :d

Congrats to the Winners

Boo(Mitch) said...

Can I use one I already made a year or so ago? XD

Mentaly_Unsound(Alucard) said...

Will this be used for advertising? Should I be worried about any sort of copyright material? I have alot of ideas but alot of them would pull in material from shows or anime, which if you used for advertising the site, could not be displayed under copyright law. So, should all this be completely original or can we use material from shows, music, movies?

Anonymous said...

really ash a video

Anonymous said...


MiZz RoZziE said...

I guess I will await September competition as I am no techno wizard.

Anonymous said...

i like the last one a lot better.. makinga video.. for a text base game seem little slow.. you should make it fair like for use normal ppl..

Anonymous said...

"Do not use copyrighted material and the name "Reign Of Blood" and the URL "" must appear somewhere in the video."

Can you Clarify Please? Are you saying that Reign Of Blood Should appear? Or Not? It is after all Copyrighted: © 2006-2010.

The way it is worded sounds like we should NOT Use Reign of Blood or the URL or any other Copyrighted material. ;)

Anonymous said...

Quit being a smartass, the wording was too difficult for you in a text based game, or what?

Anonymous said...

I was not being a smart ass... I was genuinely asking for clarification: Jagoff!

Vexxed (361501) said...

^ Shh.

And I like this idea for the August comp. Good luck to all, and have fun!

Rez said...

It all seems pretty clear to me.

"Do not use any copyrighted material! The name "Reign Of Blood" and the URL "" must appear somewhere in the video."

Basically don't use any work that belongs to someone else without their permission. As Ash owns RoB and wants this video made, I think it's safe to assume (as he says "Reign of Blood and the URL must appear...") that he gives us permission to use the name & link.

Why do people have to make everything seem so complicated when it's not? Read properly & it's quite clear.

C.S.S. said...

I like this idea of making a video. It's an interesting way to see what people come up with. Hopefully the videos will be posted for all to see so that we can see all the amusing stuff people come up with. Although I won't be participating I will however cheer everyone on :)

†Lady Isobel Gray† said...

-Sighs- If only I knew HOW to make a video...Though, I'm surely no video-making nerd. I'm more of the novel/story writing kind of person, oh well. Good luck to the ones who are doing the Contest, though!

Anonymous said...

"Why do people have to make everything seem so complicated when it's not? Read properly & it's quite clear."

It may be clear enough to someone who speaks English as a primary language, but there are players from all over the world here, and English may be a 2nd language for them.

Rez said...

They manage to understand it well enough to play the game though eh?
So they get the bit about the 100 plasma right? Easy enough. They get that they have to make a video advertising RoB.. check. They get all the rest of it and they can respond legibly in the comments.. it's just that part about 'not using copyrighted material' that is the problem?

OK... yeah you're right. :D

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