Friday, 29 April 2011

The royal wedding huh? Rather have double blood

So the Royal Wedding is today, the UK has a public holiday so pretty much everyone gets the day off. Need something to get your eyes off the TV screen? (Like you'd need such incentive) no problem, enjoy double blood for the day.

Missed the blog yesterday about the plasma draw winners and thank you letter from ActionAid? No worries [ CLICK HERE ] to catch up on that.


*Cheers to the government spending our tax money on it rather than giving people jobs... but I promised myself I wouldn't get all politcal*

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Plasma Birthday Draw Results

I want to say another big THANK YOU for everyones support over the past 5 years, here is the results of the plasma birthday draws (picked at random):

Free Draw
1st =  ~King Dante of Bloodmore~ (321155)
2nd = LadyWillowDeathScionflux (384798)
3rd = Evad the Impaler (481768)

Bday pack draw
1st = Tancman (248616)
2nd = THUMPER (53355)
3rd = Claire Luna (475381)

I recieved a letter the other day from ActionAid. Here it is: (Click to enlarge)

Another big thanks to everyone who bought charity packs! There is only a few days left on this months Charity, which is the British Red Cross (Japan disaster division.) Show your support and buy some of Trik's potions.

Thanks again,

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Reign Of Blood!

Happy Fifth Birthday, Reign Of Blood!
Today 5 years ago I opened Reign Of Blood to the world. It has been a wild journey, but I've loved every minute of it. Thank you to everyone who's supported the site in the last 5 years.
This one's for you!

The next 24 hours
+ Double Blood
+ Double Coven Exp

Mmmm cake. There is a link above the quick links drop down menu which will take you right to the cake, help yourself to a piece.

Plasma lottery draw
There are 2 today-only plasma lottery draws. One, is a free one! You get it from having a piece of cake. The other is explained below.

Birthday Pack
For 1 day only, there is a birthday pack available to purchase for $5USD. Today I added a "collectibles" section to the inventory. I was talking with someone and they said they would like a bunch of "useless" collectible stuff to remember the main points in the game they were apart of. So buying a pack will get you a (not usable) 5th Birthday Tee, 3 plasma & an entry into the second plasma draw (where the jackpot is bigger).

Note: If you're paying by Google Checkout, I guarantee your entry will be added before the draw.

The winners of the plasma draws will be announced in a blog  the day after. The Easter stuff will be taken off in a couple days, but the special will last for another week or so.

Thanks again for all your continuing support, here's to the next 5 years!


Log in tonight notice

Good afternoon vampires,

Just a notice that you should login tonight at around 9pm for a start of a key event. If you can't, that's fine, it'll run until 9pm tomorrow night. (Game time)

The Easter stuff will be taken off in a couple days, but the special will stay on for another week or so.

See you soon,

Friday, 22 April 2011

2011 Easter Event (Extra turn weekend too!)

We won, phew!
The vampires of the Dead City were able to hold back the robot horde... damn Skynet will think again before trying to take over the Dead City. Everyone who took part and got 50 robot kills in has been given an extra 2 QP! I also notice 110 vampires got a kill on the RoB-Bot, lucky for us, he was not one of them. Doesn't hurt to make sure right? Total robots killed was 17,753.

New FB Login
For those that missed it yesterday, you can now create an account with your Facebook account. But please DO NOT do this if you already have an account, as it will create another (unless your RoB and Facebook emails are the same.) You will be jailed for multi accounts.

Toolbar update
Alright, so I've been talking to the Amazon developer about the toolbar, I put forward to him about one of the key issues you guys had with the toolbar, and that was the drop down links opening in a new tab, I can now confirm they no longer do that! Good stuff. If you've not got the toolbar, you can download and install it on Internet Explorer and Firefox right here. (No Chrome yet!)

Easter Event
Extra Turns Weekend
Let's kick it off with a extra turns weekend! Everyone gets +10 turns an hour until Sunday night. Thinking of buying a special pack? Get a further +10 turns until Sunday.

VIP/Plasma special
I've been bombarded with "will there be a special?". The answer is yes. Go the BUY VIP/PLASMA page to get your hands on some bargain plasma and VIP.

Easter Egg Hunt
I have hidden 5 Easter eggs around RoB, find them, take them to the egg eater and enjoy the cool prizes inside! You all get 2 free eggs to start of with.

There seems to be an outbreak of non-turned chickens running around GreenWood (A humorous sight if you think about it) and they're stealing peoples eggs thinking they're theirs! What kind of vampire lets poultry get away with this? Go grab as many chickens as you can and bring them back to the Dead City and trade them in for chocolate! (It's not as silly as it seems)

Who says vampires cannot enjoy chocolate too huh? You get chocolate from the special VIP packs, and you also get them from the daily quests! Take your chocolate to the mixer in the Dead City to produce big golden eggs (which then you can open and find all sorts of treats inside.)

Don't let the chickens run around all smug like this....


Thursday, 21 April 2011

ROBOT ATTACK! [reinforcements] & new FB login

We're under attack!
 Today is the day, according to James Cameron, when the machines start taking over the world. Damn Skynet!

It seems we have a little robot attack of our own... go help defend the Dead City from these crazy robots who are wanting to wipe out our species!

Everyone needs to kill 50 robots each in order to help hold them back, don't let them overrun the Dead City! We need to defeat a total of 5000, if we hit this target, everyone who took part will gain extra QP after the event. We need to hit this target within the next 24 hours!

[ UPDATE ] The robot army has had  reinforcements, we now need a total of 10,000 total robot deaths to win!

New FB Login/Signup
Just a quick note to let you know you can now signup to RoB using your facebook account. But please DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use the facebook function if you already have an account here. If your facebook email is different than your RoB email and you login with facebook it will create ANOTHER account and you WILL be jailed for multi accounts. There is a warning page, so ignorance is no excuse :) [ To be fully released soon ]



Today is the day, according to James Cameron, when the machines start taking over the world. Damn Skynet!

It seems we have a little robot attack of our own... go help defend the Dead City from these crazy robots who are wanting to wipe out our species!

Everyone needs to kill 50 robots each in order to help hold them back, don't let them overrun the Dead City! We need to defeat a total of 5000, if we hit this target, everyone who took part will gain extra QP after the event. We need to hit this target within the next 24 hours!


Friday, 15 April 2011

Reset changes & new potions!

Top of the hour reset changes
As some of you are aware, there is a thread discussing different ideas on how to make the top of hour faster.  For now, I've decided to take everything off the top of hour reset except of course, everyone reviving. Everything else is given 2 minutes before. So basically:

58 minutes past each hour : + turns + Vadenhill feeds + MP
On the top of each hour : Everyone revived

This should speed things up a little. Notice any difference or not? Let us know on the above thread.

New Potions
As requested by the masses, a Vadenhill feed, Stamina & Greenwood energy potion has been added! (The Spring Valley stamina potions will stay for now, but might be removed to avoid confusion later)

New potion payment option
You can now also buy potions using the mobile first mobile payment company.

You can now buy VIP+ with the new mobile first company. (Available to players in the US, UK, Canada & Australia)

Lottery Jackpot
The lottery jackpot is going to be big again this week. We've not seen a big win like this for several weeks now thanks to last weeks $200mil rollover. It's currently sitting at around $425mil, and I have no doubt it's going to keep going up. Good luck everyone.

Please give feedback in the feedback forum as always!

Enjoy your weekend,

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

New custom quick links feature!

RoB Toolbar
I've been talking to the toolbar Developer and passed on some of your suggestions. Chrome is "coming soon", but can't actually set a date (This isn't my area of expertise!) I also suggested at least giving an option for the drop down menus to open in the same tab/window instead of opening in a new one. He said he will get that worked on. Remember you can give feedback on the toolbar by clicking the [Give Feedback] link on the toolbar itself. I've been asked a couple times if it works on the new Firefox 4, and yes, it does! Download the toolbar right here.

Grouped news pages
 As you've probably noticed, I added a "next 50" option on the news pages. Before it just displayed your latest 50, now you can go back through all of them. (Remember they still delete after 14 days).

Customisable links
This weeks big new feature - A customisble quick link section!

You know that left drop down menu? I'm pretty sure the majority of you use it every day. Now that is YOUR space to save whatever RoB links you want! To activate quick links, simply click the *edit links* link inside the drop down menu. That will wipe all the default links and leave it open for you to edit. Once activated, go onto any page you want to save, go to the drop down menu and hit *Add This Page* You'll then be taking to the edit quick links page, where you can edit the display names and positions of your saved links. You also have the option to move them up your list to position them however you want. What's better, is that this is available to EVERYONE!

Please report any bugs as always :)

Idea about new TOH system
ToH can be the most fun all hour. But can also be quite stressful. I have been thinking over the last few days and have a  solution to the hourly reset problems we have. I have typed it out all here, please give your feedback on the idea.


Monday, 4 April 2011

500,000 signups!

ReignOfBlood has just crossed HALF A MILLION total signups! Never in a million years  could I predict RoB at this stage! A big thank you to all of you!

Promo code: 500k

If you haven't checked out the RoB toolbar for FireFox and Internet Explorer yet, you can do so by clicking here, it's pretty cool. (I have contacted them about it being compatible with Chrome, they've yet to get back to me)

Thanks everyone! Hope you had a good weekend. Here's to another 500k!


Friday, 1 April 2011

$400 donated to charity, April fools "prank" & new RoB toolbar!

Action Aid - Charity Donation
Thanks to everyone who bought charity packs last month, we've raised $311.26. Which I'll add $88.74, which will be a total of $400 (£250) being donated.  Click here for more details on the donation. Thanks for all your support. Lets hope we can raise even more for Japan this month. Check out the charity packs and Trik's potion shop for ways to contribute.

Happy April 1st!
Last night, at midnight game time (Which ended at noon today), a new quest popped up where you could earn 100 plasma. I've never had so much fun watching people going crazy over something, some believed it, some rushing around getting as far ahead as they can, some people laughing it off, some people getting upset, some people getting frustrated, some people loving it. Isn't that what it's all about? Making you feel? What was more amusing was me feeding a hope that it could be legit. You had the choice whether to think it's a prank (mainly those who realised what the date was) and those that thought - what if it is a double bluff? What IF you could actually get the 100 plasma?

I can happily announce it was a double bluff. If you would have got to 25,000 steps you would have your 100 plasma and the loop would have ended. To my relief, nobody actually got there, was getting worried when people were getting step crazy. Thanks for being such good sports everyone :) The images going around with people getting the quest completed, and the ones saying they've done 100,000 steps, are all fake.

You could say I feel slightly bad about this, so you can all have an April Fool promocode: yougotfooled


Did you know - Over 500 players took over 100 total steps

New ReignOfBlood Toolbar
For those who've been here a while, a while ago I found this online tool to create a toolbar for your browsers. To sum it up, it was pretty awful. But now, I've found and created a better one. No ads, no nonsense, just the content I want on it.

- A link to the RoB homepage
- A variety of quick links to the most popular pages
- A link to all of Robs social networks and this blog
- Dedicated toolbar search, search for anything in RoB from the toolbar.

There is also a feedback button, please give feedback after install :) I'll add onto it whatever people want. I really like this thing and hope plenty of you use it, give feedback, and make it into a really useful tool. A couple earlier adopters have said they really like and it replaces some of their folder bookmarks. It is currently only supported on Internet Explorer and Firefox. No chrome or Opera support yet. No ads, no viruses just an awesome RoB toolbar.

[ CLICK HERE to download the toolbar for free ]

Enjoy the weekend :)

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