Wednesday 6 April 2011

New custom quick links feature!

RoB Toolbar
I've been talking to the toolbar Developer and passed on some of your suggestions. Chrome is "coming soon", but can't actually set a date (This isn't my area of expertise!) I also suggested at least giving an option for the drop down menus to open in the same tab/window instead of opening in a new one. He said he will get that worked on. Remember you can give feedback on the toolbar by clicking the [Give Feedback] link on the toolbar itself. I've been asked a couple times if it works on the new Firefox 4, and yes, it does! Download the toolbar right here.

Grouped news pages
 As you've probably noticed, I added a "next 50" option on the news pages. Before it just displayed your latest 50, now you can go back through all of them. (Remember they still delete after 14 days).

Customisable links
This weeks big new feature - A customisble quick link section!

You know that left drop down menu? I'm pretty sure the majority of you use it every day. Now that is YOUR space to save whatever RoB links you want! To activate quick links, simply click the *edit links* link inside the drop down menu. That will wipe all the default links and leave it open for you to edit. Once activated, go onto any page you want to save, go to the drop down menu and hit *Add This Page* You'll then be taking to the edit quick links page, where you can edit the display names and positions of your saved links. You also have the option to move them up your list to position them however you want. What's better, is that this is available to EVERYONE!

Please report any bugs as always :)

Idea about new TOH system
ToH can be the most fun all hour. But can also be quite stressful. I have been thinking over the last few days and have a  solution to the hourly reset problems we have. I have typed it out all here, please give your feedback on the idea.



Mastema of Wolfsblood said...


Carletta Johnson said...

I love the Idea of the custom links.

~Most Unholy~ Alchemist said...

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm mainly excited about chrome :-)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the custom links! Great idea!

Stefan Night (206620) said...

Awesome update Ash - I'm loving you more and more :)

Belladonna Darkstar said...

Custom links = awesome
New TOH sounds great...just have to see how it actually works out, but so far seems all good to me :)

Belladonna Darkstar said...

yeah just realized u haven't implemented the TOH change yet...guess that's why I thought it was going ok..lmao

Elphaba Reve said...

Woot! I am really excited about these new changes, especially since I tend to do things in the same order every time I get online. Also, I like the toh change. Lag is a bitch at toh, so it'll be nice to hopefully be able to attack and kill people faster.

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