Friday 22 April 2011

2011 Easter Event (Extra turn weekend too!)

We won, phew!
The vampires of the Dead City were able to hold back the robot horde... damn Skynet will think again before trying to take over the Dead City. Everyone who took part and got 50 robot kills in has been given an extra 2 QP! I also notice 110 vampires got a kill on the RoB-Bot, lucky for us, he was not one of them. Doesn't hurt to make sure right? Total robots killed was 17,753.

New FB Login
For those that missed it yesterday, you can now create an account with your Facebook account. But please DO NOT do this if you already have an account, as it will create another (unless your RoB and Facebook emails are the same.) You will be jailed for multi accounts.

Toolbar update
Alright, so I've been talking to the Amazon developer about the toolbar, I put forward to him about one of the key issues you guys had with the toolbar, and that was the drop down links opening in a new tab, I can now confirm they no longer do that! Good stuff. If you've not got the toolbar, you can download and install it on Internet Explorer and Firefox right here. (No Chrome yet!)

Easter Event
Extra Turns Weekend
Let's kick it off with a extra turns weekend! Everyone gets +10 turns an hour until Sunday night. Thinking of buying a special pack? Get a further +10 turns until Sunday.

VIP/Plasma special
I've been bombarded with "will there be a special?". The answer is yes. Go the BUY VIP/PLASMA page to get your hands on some bargain plasma and VIP.

Easter Egg Hunt
I have hidden 5 Easter eggs around RoB, find them, take them to the egg eater and enjoy the cool prizes inside! You all get 2 free eggs to start of with.

There seems to be an outbreak of non-turned chickens running around GreenWood (A humorous sight if you think about it) and they're stealing peoples eggs thinking they're theirs! What kind of vampire lets poultry get away with this? Go grab as many chickens as you can and bring them back to the Dead City and trade them in for chocolate! (It's not as silly as it seems)

Who says vampires cannot enjoy chocolate too huh? You get chocolate from the special VIP packs, and you also get them from the daily quests! Take your chocolate to the mixer in the Dead City to produce big golden eggs (which then you can open and find all sorts of treats inside.)

Don't let the chickens run around all smug like this....



Anonymous said...


~Most Unholy~ Alchemist said...

I love Easter... *Sighs*

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chickens? I don't think I want to know the reason... none the less thank you for the special.

Joshua DeLaRosa (292967)

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

roflmao ... Well you've given us plenty to play about with Ash for the holiday week-end! Thanks! And hope you have a wonderful holiday ... with lots of eggs, chocolate and hidden goodies! :)

Guildythewicked said...

The chickens should not be allowed to get away :(

But fun stuff Ash.

Vladina said...

Get me some o dem chickens ... mighty fine
Easter Dinner ~runs off with large size knife~

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