Thursday 15 July 2010

Abusing the free turns & voting system

First off, there is a reason why I've put a blog link on the top of the pages this time. The reason is because I want your attention. I had several blood letters and help tickets over the last week asking "Where has my coven life gone?!?!". I post these blogs to keep everyone up to date on what's happening on the game, if every time I post a blog you read it you'll know everything that is going on. A new link (&box on the default layout) pops up on the right when there is a new blog post, doesn't take a couple minutes to read  and it will save our time and your time when things look odd or a certain change has been made.

Moving on...

Some people, and you know who you are, abuse the voting system. The turns you get from voting are not FREE turns, they are rewards for you supporting the game by voting for us on several top sites. Unlucky for you, I've teamed up with a couple voting sites (obviously not going to tell you which ones) that have agreed to give me a list of successful player IDs that fully complete their vote. As from now, when you click a vote link your id and that vote site is stored in the database, I can then cross reference with one query to see find the players who are voting and the players who are not. If you are indeed one of the players who are not fully completing the vote, why is it fair you get some turns too? It's not. So when you're caught, this is what will happen to you...

You'll lose getting turn bonus for voting. I hope you agree its not fair on the people who dont support the game and dont fully vote should get the same turn bonus as those who do.

If you missed the info about the coven relics & July competition, you can read that blog here.


Some edits...

If it says "you have already voted in the past 24 hours" you wont get punished for that. The same with code errors, although it should always work, so try again. And its not everyone, just the people who abuse it will lose the turn bonus from voting. 

You don't need to worry, if the site does not load, or something goes wrong, it doesn't matter. Don't worry. It'll be analyzing the data over a long period of time, as long as you have a average ratio of completed votes, you'll be okay. This isn't something I want you to worry about, its just a warning to the players who don't vote at all. This is to catch people who don't vote at all, so don't worry if the sites mess up etc.

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