Friday 2 July 2010

Coven Wars V1.2 BETA released

Another big thank you to everyone taking part and giving us feedback on this new coven war system. We really want to make really fun and game changing.

I now announce V1.2 is ready for a BETA run. You have 24 hours to declare a war this round but the wars will last the full 72 hours this time.

Here are a list of changes to V1.2 as well as other changes:

# Added to profiles under coven stats "Total War Exp Earned"

# Added to coven stats in home "Total War Exp Earned"

# Add to Daily stats: "War Exp Earned"

# Coven rankings page now shows Top Contributors: Include "Top Total War Exp Earners" - "Top $ Donators" - "Top Coven Exp Earners"

# Tier added to coven war page, although not real time (see page for more info)

# If you have the home tab coven war box showing, it'll show if you're winning or losing the war there.

# Increase cost of Coven Relics (Cost = Coven level * 1000)

# Upgraded layout of the war archive (finishing off after this blog)

# Number of hours left in protection shown on the declare war page

# Added protection for covens to purchase which last for 24 hours (7 a month max) This is for covens who really don't want to fight or want to concentrate on a war they've started, of course it will cost quite a bit.
Prices are:
level x $2k
level x $5k
level x $10k
level x $20k
level x $30k
level x $50k
level x $100k

So once you've bought the level x $2k one, you'll have to buy the level x $5k one to do it again etc etc until you've bought all 7. It resets back to $2k at the start of a new month. You cannot buy protection if you're a live war which started by someone attacking you. You can buy protection if you're in a war with someone else that you've declared.

# Tweaks to the war exp tax when you attack a higher level coven
Tier:      war exp = covenexp * (100-tax)
same    0
+1        8
+2       17
+3       29
+4       42
+5       55
+6       90
+7       95
+8      100
+9      100
+10    100
+11    100
+12    100

For this BETA round your last attacked coven has be wiped, so you CAN attack the same coven again, but when we fully release it you won't be able to attack the same coven twice in a row.

I hope you enjoy the changes, we're hoping this will be the last BETA run of the coven wars so we can fully release this version. Of course if there is enough people wanting a change we may consider it plus any other tweaks we feel nessesary. Please as always give your feedback on this forum thread.

After the coven wars are complete there are lots of story quests ready to go, help videos being integrated, the automated mail deletion to be finalised, few coven updates & much more.



Alice Linton said...

I am getting a very good idea of what is going on here.

Anonymous said...

Definitely pleased with the way this system is heading. Thanks for listening to our ideas. ^^


Anonymous said...

backwards math

Anonymous said...

I've searched the blogs and forums, and I can't find whether or not zaps give war exp.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I've searched the blogs and forums, and I can't find whether or not zaps give war exp.


It doesn't.

Anonymous said...

thanks for making v1.2 happen on a U.S.A. holiday weekend. Im no help to my coven no access this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Good idea but new coven wars are just for the Plasma users covens... they raise their stats and then you have no chance to defeat their coven.

Maybe if you could find a way to stop those covens from attacking Non-Users then people may actually participate more... no point killing the lower members if you are fighting a losing battle (literally).

It will become a nice little earner for you as lots of people will get on the buying plasma wagon... but eventually i think it will greatly reduce the amount of people who bther to play this game.
The game is great apart from the Plasma whores!!

Spicy Song Cytes Fidela~Pierce (134701) said...

72 hours is way too long. 48 is long but do-able. Try waging a non-stop war or 3 days is hard on everyone. I recommend it be not greater than 48 hours

Anonymous said...

Sacred effin' Trickster is happy with the new changes and thanks adm. for listening.

Unnatural Instinct (385564) said...

I agree that the wars should not be more than 48 hours. Some people have no lives, and can use that as a huge advantage for them... But others have jobs and other such things going on... And can't be staying up for 3 days to wage a war...

Boo(69789) said...

I think it's bad because now we have to divide our turns AGAIN while in war, so if we wanna train, yet be useful, we're screwed over.

Wolfpack said...

all crybabies who whine about plasma whores, Independence day interfering or not wanting to battle at all should maybe not play a KILLING game but go back to Gaia Online or IMVU. you fail as ruthless vampires.

Anonymous said...

+1 Strength upgrade for $583,000 & 1 relic - [ Purchase ]
+1 Toughness upgrade for $583,000 & 1 relic - [ Purchase ]
+5 HP MAX upgrade for $583,000 & 1 relic - [ Purchase ]

Humans Are Tasty said...

All who rant about this being a "killing game" miss the point. It isn't the killing that some of us have a problem with. It's killing OTHER VAMPIRES, which isn't part of vamp tradition, and makes no sense. Enjoy the warring all you want, but we have the right to disagree.

Now if we also had were-beasts, and/or human vampire-hunters, and had wars between the species, THAT would be something really interesting... So, NO. Killing or being killed isn't the issue, imo.

Sex Machine said...

Yes all cry babies when getting beat always resort to "oh its for plasma ho covens" Somebody call 1-800-GROWSOMEBALLS...I love the new coven war system...Like my dad always says, War is where the creme rises to the top...all the shit sinks to the bottom!RAWR!!
*added note* I too think 72 hours is way too long, and 48 hours would be better! :)

Anonymous said...

was my total war exp on my profile supposed to be reset?

Anonymous said...

the daily war exp of mine didn't reset,but the war exp of the coven did.

Anonymous said...

I agree that a 3 day war is too long. If you get attacked a lot too, that means you're constantly at war, which makes it less exciting. "Oh, who are we at war with now???" I think the 48 hour war was a much better system.

Anonymous said...

now since the bug was fixed all the war exp from the first day was erased. I had at least 700,000 war exp yesterday, which now is 370,000.

Anonymous said...

first off people who are plasma dicks just do not want to put in the effort and time of playing the game and want an instant "look at me i am rank 15 and can kill rank 150's" those people are obviously very insecure in real life LOL LOL. but my point here is to say 72 hours is way to long and that is my only complaint to the new war system!!!! good job ASH

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