Tuesday 29 June 2010

Last call for CW V1.2 ideas

Spot & I have come up with a list of features and changes to be made to V1.2. It will be the FINAL beta run, which means any changes are to be made now. So if there is something you want to see or anything tweaked head over to the forum and suggest it, or you'll lose your chance to contribute.

Remember that the special plasma pack 3 & 4 will come with 10% extra until the special ends on July 9th.



~Most Unholy~ Alchemist (316707) said...

Thanks for adding such an amazing new feature to the game. Kudos to you you two. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sacred effin' Trickster says wonderful job! I like the new changes.

Anonymous said...

Great job Ash and Spot! :3

-Fairah Montalvo

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Wowsie!!! lol Thank you both for working so hard on this great feature! :) Let the wars begin! :D This time Ash ... you both ROCK!!! *grins*

Anonymous said...

I still think we need to be able to view covens by tier.

Anonymous said...

A system that encourages covens to kick all the low-ranks, add high-rank players and to kill their own players... yes, what a great system.

Anonymous said...

yeah, this system sucks.. has a higher tier coven beaten a lower tier one yet?

Anonymous said...

at least this system puts buds to shame *evil laugh*


Anonymous said...

I think covens should be able to see who is winning instead of being in the dark until the end

DarkAsh said...

@above comment... you're kidding right?

Jho'nee Duvall said...

I would like a link like the at war coven for your own to keep the blood in house. That's a fast link to keep your rival off your members blood.

Gabriella DeathWish said...

Well done and Awesome job guys.

Anonymous said...

I have no doubts that things will work out right.

Thanks again Ash.

- One Proud Father -

[Twizz™] (59875) said...


Hey little morons:

"So if there is something you want to see or anything tweaked head over to the forum and suggest it"

Go to the damn forums.
If all you're going to do is complain about what's happening in the game, stop playing. :|
Nobody is making you stick around if you don't like it so much.

I am sure one of the points in this system was to make it so that ALL MEMBERS of the game were actively doing their part and NOT just talking in the chats/forums. Sure, socializing is fun and all, but that's about all most people here do.

I've gone into the rp chats and saw that most of them were low levels and had sucky stats...

WHICH isn't playing the game.

So hopefully, this will be a wake up call to everyone to get killing and training.
Actually play the game and have fun.
Ash doesn't work so hard on everything just to have you bitch about it and not even give the stuff a try.

I bet the people who are complaining are the ones who don't do anything. ;)

Starrynight said...

@Ash's comment above: No, I don't think he/she is kidding...what's the point of a surrender function if one doesn't know the status of the war?

Am I missing something here? If all you want is for everyone to buy more plasma to make up for the training they won't be able to do if they blow all their turns on battling, why not just come out and say so?

I'm also curious as to what you believe new players will think when they realize how little chance they have of getting anywhere in the game.

Anonymous said...

i say if ur gonna have coven wars make it a little more even so if your at war u can only attack people ur level/rank or 1 lvl below or any level higher having rank 83 attackin rank 12 is just retarded and un even

Anonymous said...

"I think covens should be able to see who is winning instead of being in the dark until the end."

You can see who's winning after 24 hours. Go to your 'Coven' page & look.

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