Thursday 3 June 2010

May Competition results, VIP+ changes & Non-VIP ad problems solved.

Thank you to everyone who filled out the survey yesterday, some really great feedback on how things are going is always good to here. I have noted down all of the possible suggestions that were made, so your idea may be implemented in the future.

First thing, changes to VIP+
- Packs are now a full month (31 days) rather than 21 days as before. Current players who bought them at the 21 day rate I have compensated with some extra free days. (please remember though VIP+ is in BETA so changes can be made where i don't have to compensate because changes are expected, I'm just too nice).
- Tried to reduce the text on the page as people seem to be confused by the concept & updated the layout of the page a little bit.
- Got rid of the 100 day VIP day minimum for it, it is now possible to have 1 VIP day and 1 VIP+ day, but you still cannot have more VIP+ days than VIP days.
- You can now trade plasma for VIP+ days

Now onto the may competition, thank you for everyone who took part, here are the results:

6866 gems - Loki Black (333226)
6754 gems - Grand Duchess Gabrielle (233579)
6703 gems - .hack//Shhac.â„¢ (1893)

And the below top members will get a free plasma for taking part:

6665 gems - Rez (153767)
6320 gems - Raven Oleander (157479)
6176 gems - Ileene Ryu (197369)
6063 gems - Tancman (248616)
6002 gems - Akroma (260038)
5974 gems - Jane (222557)
5963 gems - Moon Raven (311006)
5900 gems - Lady Aestolia Silverfalls (172014)
5837 gems - LSD (89035)
5767 gems - Moriha Raven (89607)
5736 gems - Xiola (212025)
5730 gems - StarLitFire18 (205042)
5672 gems - Redeemer Shadowblade (209605)
5672 gems - Shar Atreides (275708)
5651 gems - °Kinky Sookie° (272511)
5586 gems - CrimsonLust AKA Mrs X (45459)
5579 gems - ädriel -¤OuP¤- (217745)
5559 gems - Dark August Night (85300)
5551 gems - Gabriella DeathWish (216733)
5498 gems - Sanguine.Lullaby (193268)
5373 gems - Elocin (157293)
5276 gems - ~Morgana DeathSpirit~ (283916)
5221 gems - Constantine DeathSpirit (96705)

Trading off your gems will come soon & the June competition. Thanks to everyone who took part.

I have been using an ad company which fills in ad views when the big ad companies have no ads to show. These are generally low paying ads but they fill in the empty inventory, I've heard some complaints about popups etc going on with them, so I have completely removed those ads. When there are no ads to show (non vips) you'll see a text ad advertising VIP. I don't want to annoy members with popup ads that get snuck in for the ad companies profit and without my permission. I'd rather get nothing and have happy players than low paying popup ads which i didn't want in the first place. So hopefully you non-VIPs shouldn't have anymore problems with that.

The xbox 360 competition will close on Monday where a random winner will be chosen, please get your last entries in now!

Oh, and the random person to get $50 pack for the survey is.....Gabriella DeathWish (216733)

Have a good evening,


Anonymous said...

Sounds Great! Thanks for all you do!


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what I can get with gems.


Anonymous said...

Thx for the plasma Ash! Bring on the next comp!


Dark Vixen Faize (95835) said...

Congrats to the winners. :)

Anonymous said...

... didn't you say we'd be able to do something with all these bloody gems we collected?

DarkAsh said...

"Trading off your gems will come soon & the June competition. Thanks to everyone who took part."

Rez said...

Gratz to the winners.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! and Thank you Ash for getting rid of the pop ups! My computer thanks you. [:

~Marie Cassius (367714)

Anonymous said...

congratulations to all who took part and especially the top 3 gem hunters! was a great competition and overall i thoroughly enjoyed it. so thank you ash for keeping us entertained and out of trouble.

M~R - 311006

Anonymous said...

sorry and how rude of me ... thanks ash for the plasma!!! you didn't have to give us others anything yet you did so thank you for that :)

M~R 311006

Anonymous said...

Congrats for the top 3 gem hunters, but I think Rez (153767) should get an honorable mention, maybe even a small prize for stopping at 6665... one more gem would have been to cliché... Just sayin.

Rez said...

Heh. Thanks for the mention. :)

Anonymous said...

I suggestion I forgot to put on the survey:

Ability to trade rubies between players, like equipment.

Gabriella DeathWish said...

THANKS ASH!!!! As always love you Rock!!!:)
Congrats, to all that worked so hard in this comp.:)
Big Hugs and Thanks again Ash <333's

Anonymous said...

Oh, thats great, but i do have something else to say, On the voting, Our we suppose to get 150 turns, cause im only getting 140
~ Lady Miyo of LongShadow

Anonymous said...

Bullshit fucking conspiracy this is sooo fixed

6866 gems - Loki Black (333226)

Anonymous said...

Wondering what the deal is with the gems now, there was mention of a use after the competition, trading them in for something....

Anonymous said...

When you feel like you want to scam even more $ from these silly kids are you going to create a new feature.... vip + + (2 plus) days?... - Just curious! lol

Rez said...

What are you on about?
Oh & I'm not a silly kid. I'm a silly adult. :p

Anonymous said...

congrats to all you deserve it:)

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

The one thing that makes this a great statement Ash is your caring about your members! :) So few people have that quality, and it's one I admire! Thanks for making sure that we're happy ... and not putting the pocketbook ere that principle Ash! You ROCK!!! *grins*

Anonymous said...

thx 4 deh menchion!

Killer kitty said...

i was wondering when ur going to make it so we can trade our Gems for other stuff?

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