Wednesday 27 November 2013

Underground Updates & More

I wanted to have all this out to you last week. But I've been as a sick as a dog, and now feeling mostly better to get this out to you today.

Weekend Double Charity Pack

Thanks again for everyone who bought a double weekend charity pack the weekend before last. We raised $320, which has been donated to the British Red Cross' Typhoon Haiyan Appeal.


I started a poll last weekend which a lot of you gave your feedback. Thanks for that. Every time there is a poll, I hope you all give as much feedback as possible, as I do read each and every one. There were a few things that either have been misinterpreted or misunderstood, so I have reached out to a few people's feedback I felt needed to be addressed.  There was some very constructive feedback. Thanks again for taking part. It can only make RoB even better than it already is.

New War System Proposal

Love it or hate it, the war system has been a continued debate for quite some time now. I've thought up a new system, which i think will be a bit of fun, and put some enthusiasm back into wars. Click here to view the thread and to give your feedback. We're making some good progress, I think.


One of the downfalls of having a popular online game or website, is that it tends to become the target for spam. Recently we've had a few people attempt to spam blood letters and comments. I've built up a quick system to deal with spam. When a spam post is reported, ACT & I have a quick one button system that removes all their sent blood letters and jails them automatically.

I have now extended this to comments. So comments now come with a report spam link which acts the same as the blood letter link. If you ever get a spam post, please report it so we can clean it up as quickly as possible, thank you.

Paypal Updates

Some people preferred the old Google Checkout payment method because they accepted pre-paid gift cards. Paypal yesterday announced that they are now accepting pre-paid cards too! (I'm positive Realex does, but now it's even better Paypal do now as well.) It took them long enough, but at least they accept them now.

Thermoden Updates

Thermoden was launched over a year ago now. Its success is far greater than I anticipated. It took a hell of a lot of money out the game, and at the same time, gave people great equipment boosts.

Today I am happy to announce a few updates to Thermoden:

  • The layout has been updated to fit the same style as Dead City
  • Some of the prices have been adjusted
  • New 'EXP ENHANCEMENT' section. This allows you to pay to level up your weapon and armour past the 50 cap (depending on your rank).

New Underground

Ohhh the underground. One of Reign Of Blood's first features, but not one of the most loved. The underground has been a place of turn sucking adventure for years, and all to complete that pesky achievement.

Well good news! Firstly, the underground has gone under a bit of a facelift. It now looks a lot better than it did before.

Secondly, for all those that have completed the 2000 step underground achievement, you can enter: The Underground Level 2.

What's so great about level 2?


It's free to walk around level 2. FREE. You can walk around the 300x300 level 2 and it won't cost you any turns. If you choose to explore a certain area, that will cost you a turn. You'll be able to find all sorts down there, and more stuff will be added over time.

Coffin Homes

Claim a section of level 2 for yourself. You can pay a fee to own a certain location of the level 2 underground (for example: 100x99). Here you can have a coffin. It doesn't have to be your main home, but it's a part of the underground you can call your own. Other vampires walking around the underground level 2 can come across your home, and take a look whilst passing by.

Coffins are used to store some things that are only found on level 2. Things that are not safe for you to carry around for too long.

Coffin locations are unique. Once someone has bought a certain location, nobody else can have it. So if there's a certain location you'd (I.E 69x69) you better get down there quick!


Don't think because you've bought a piece of real estate below the underground that's the end of the story, oh no. Other vampires can raid your coffins and steal some of the contents you are storing in there. It costs 3 turns per raid, and gives the itchy vampires who love a bit of theft to be a bit naughty.


Can't have any underground updates without throwing in some new quests.

  • Home Sweet Home
  • The Giant Key
  • Gold Pot Of Silver
  • Gold Pot Of Silver II
  • Gold Pot Of Silver III
  • Key Damage
  • Key Damage II
  • Key Damage III

This all gives a great future for the underground, as well as plenty of opportunity for further expansion. As you could probably figure out, there's some stuff left open here. Head over to the underground to check it out.


Sunday 17 November 2013

$320 Donated To Typhoon Haiyan Appeal

Thank you

A big thanks to everyone who bought a special double weekend pack. I decided that $5 of each pack would be donated to the British Red Cross' Typhoon Haiyan Appeal. Even though the pack was a last minute thing, my target was 50 packs sold. 64 of you decided to get a pack in the short time frame the pack was open for the double weekend goodies. That's $320 (£200) that has just been donated.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to allow me to be able to do this. As I said before, I know we have some players who live over there, my thoughts are with anyone effected.

Thank you

Saturday 16 November 2013

Double Weekend Charity Pack

I'm sure you've heard Philippines have had some major bad luck recently. This may be a vampire game, but there is a real world out there and sometimes there are people that need real help in times like this. As I've done before, I'd like to run a little something to help do our bit. I also know we have some players who live over there, my thoughts are with anyone effected.

Double Weekend

I've released a rare pack tonight which comes with all the awesome stuff as well as extra double rewards. These double rewards will last until first thing Monday morning. $5 of every pack bought will be donated to the British Red Cross' Philippines appeal. Alternatively, you can donate directly right here. Hopefully we can sell 50 packs and get at least $250 to donate this weekend.

Get your packs right here.

Thanks for your support and enjoy the weekend.

Thursday 7 November 2013

Fountain Of Awe & More

Halloween Event

I hope you all enjoyed the Halloween event at the end of last month. You can still view the top zombie slayers right here. Thanks to everyone who bought special packs, and thanks to everyone who joined in the fun by doing up their profiles.

Payment Changes

As I've said in the last blog post. Google Checkout is shutting down on the 20th of this month. I have now discontinued them. I recommend you now use REALEX. Realex is our recommended payment method because it is the fastest payment processor, and it support all the payment methods that Google did. We've had a few Onebip problems, and their support is less than useless. I've managed myself to work a few fixes to make it work. But if it's still not working for you, please contact me. If you have ANY questions regarding payments, please blood letter me.

NPC Updates

NPC arena is a great way to earn some blood when some good kills are taken by other vampires this hour. Due to the demand for more ways to earn blood a while back, the NPC Werewolf Arena was added to help, and the over the lifetime of the feature so far has given out 1,169,098,334 blood. Over a billion blood. People sure do love slaying those NPC werewolves. A few updates have been made to the werewolves, which include:

  • High ranks! Powerful wolves up to rank 3000 have been added
  • A new cleaner and less cluttered layout
  • New stats box which shows your NPC stats and total overall blood earned
  • Highest NPC wins and losses have been added to the top vampires page

Fountain Of Awe

The overall goal of Reign Of Blood is to rank up, increase your power and to have some fun doing it. I want you to rank up. I want everyone crazy high ranks. You get more money, you unlock more stuff, and even better, you're more blood for other vampires.

People are ranking pretty crazy high. I never thought when I started Reign Of Blood people would be in their thousands. Lots of people. So I decided I need to start creating some features for those top players, as well as creating further incentives for people to get up there.

Welcome to the Fountain Of Awe.

The Fountain Of Awe is a new location (via the portal) where high ranked players can use the fountains power to enhance a few PvP battle rewards even further. What's great, is they're free, and come with great rewards.

There are options there for vampires who are rank 100, all the way up to rank 2000. All the available options are displayed for everyone to see.

Includes: "Extract Extra Blood" and "Attack on The Dead".

Head over to the Fountain Of Awe, and meet Vestonia there for full details

Little Things

  • New player notes. Leave a note on people's profiles. (These are private.)
  • Workplace and bank links added to Portal. (To get them off every other location's page.)
  • List #4 - 6, 8, 10, 11 & 12 edited for balance. (QP given to all that completed.)
  • List #5 - 6 & 8 edited for balance. (QP given to all that completed.)
  • List #7 - 12 & 13 achievement activated.
  • 750 demon duration quest reduced to 600.
  • Whole bunch of new player & tutorial modifications added.
  • A new player newbie house added.
  • Fixed a general chat bug that wouldn't allow certain characters.

LOADS more updates coming, stay tuned.

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