Tuesday, 31 March 2009

HATE SOMEONE!!?! Then delete them!! (This goes out the Rain Of Love haters too!!!)

You people make me sick.

Rain Of Love is an AMAZING IDEA, why the hell was it so hated? Nothing to do it really being a prank... never got so many blog comments haha, took ages reading through them laughing my ass off...

To most of you who believed it, jokes on you. Silly people.

Anyone, i was quite offended with the amount of HATE i got on that thread. Joke or not, that's not on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hate someone? I sure have a lot of hate in me now... click here ... and get rid of 1 person you hate. I'm going to choose one of the haters of Rain Of love... took me ages to set that up. Damn you. You can only delete ONE person (not me of course so dont try), make it count.

ReignOfBlood moving on to new opportunities with 'Rain Of Love'....

Vampire only appeal to a small amount of people out there, wouldn't you agree? But everyone loves, right? With the extra server space we are going to have i thought i'd try and tap a different market which is more popular than vampires. 'Rain Of Love' is just the start of the development phase that ReignOfblood is moving into...

This just the beta stage... the name is also tempory, we think adding flowers will also increase player volume, we are thinking of the name... Rain Of Flower Love.....

We all love love, right?

Let me know your thoughts on this idea.

Hope you vampire lovers still decide to stay and play :)

have a good day,

(We love peace, not war!)

Friday, 27 March 2009

Easter VIP time & RoB getting re-branded?!

RoB is growing faster than i am upgrading the hardware to support it, it's like a wild goose chase. So i'm going to make one major upgrade (AKA adding 2 more servers onto the current 2 servers), instead of just adding a stick of ram to the current servers (which are all maxed out with 8gb), i'm still waiting on a price for this, but the estimate wasn't pretty. So as it's Easter time i've put on a Easter plasma pack special to help raise extra funds for this.

Also over the next week RoB will be going through a rebrand... more info on that closer to the time.

Enjoy the small updates as i get time in between coursework, just over a month left, yay =]


Wednesday, 18 March 2009

150k signups, new market, & new VIP payment option

ReignOfBlood just hit it's 150,000th signup! How cool is that? Not long ago was it when we hit 100,000! Thanks to everyone who has been telling their friends and posting their links on myspace and facebook and other places =]

I hope you have all joined the RoB fan club over on Facebook, want to try and build a community over there and hopefully get some new players interested.

Also another thanks for everyone who took part in the small Skype survey that i did, got a good range of results to use in my uni project =]

For those who have not noticed, the market has had a face lift and you can now sell your weapons and armour on there too!

Uni work in slowly getting done... should be free within a couple months, woo!

I've had a lot of people ask me about paying for VIP via pre-paid visa card, it seems the paypal wil not accept this, so i have set up a google checkout button at the bottom of the VIP page where you can pay using your pre-paid visa card there. (if you pay using a normal credit/debit card and prefer google you can use that instead). But because i have to add Googles purchases manually there will be a delay of up to 3 days depending on the volume of purchases.

Have a great week =D


Wednesday, 4 March 2009

500 online & other stuff.

Tonight RoB reached it's record of 500 players online! Excellent stuff. With the continued growth i'm having to keep making hardware upgrades, next is 2GB RAM in each server, downtime will be very minimal so you don't need the worry. The growth of the game recently simply blows my mind.

I've been pretty bogged down with Uni work the last couple weeks, and will be for a couple weeks to come. Thank you all for your patience, and i promise lots of awesome updates and new features when i finish education (finally).

I'm off to Cardiff (wales) tomorrow so i won't be back until Monday, having a weekend off ^^

Check out the following if you haven't already!

Enjoy the week

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