Thursday, 26 July 2012

Plasmlympic Games Event [updated]

The fencing arena is now OPEN! This, and the rest of the events, will end on midnight 12th August. All prizes and extras will be given out within a couple days after that.

Along with the fencing arena, the Plasmlympic boost is now active. Check out the bottom of the Dead City for more information. (All numbers are subject to change if necessary)

August Competition
In the spirit of the Olympics, we have an Olympics based competition this month. It's time to pretty up your profile in the theme of your favourite country! (Can be your own). Once you've done this, you can enter by posting on this thread. The top 3 profiles will win a nice plasma prize. Good luck all! (Thanks for the idea Elayna)

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Plasmlympic Event
The London Olympics begins on the 27th July and finishes on August 12th. So we're going to have an event, the Plasmlympics, to celebrate the Olympic games during the entire Olympic event!

Dead City Plasmlympics Games
There are several little perks and events happening at the Dead City:

  • Weight Lifting - Use your turns to train your strength & toughness for better results than at the gym.
  • 100m Sprint - Train your speed for better results than at the gym.
  • Shooting - Pick up a plasma launcher and shoot back at some humans. Who wouldn't love this?
  • Archery - 5 free archery shots a day for a free random bonus.
  • Fencing Arena - Who says vampires wouldn't love to fence? A simplified pet style mini-game where anyone can take part will be available to play. You get separate turns every hour and can fence any other vampire who is taking part. Prizes will be given out for top level and top 'ego' gained. Small prizes will also be given to everybody who takes part. 
The Plasmlympic boost
Using the features of this event will earn you Plasmlympic Boost. This boost will be used to give boosts that will be active during this event. This will unlock on Monday with the fencing arena.

Plasmlympic Special
There's an awesome plasma special up with this event too, of course. Check out the Buy VIP/Plasma page for all the great offers. (Mobile [OneBip] & Ultimate Game Card too)

There was something I wanted to get launched before this event came around (feels like months since I started to do this) but the negotiations are still happening, although I'm in the final stages. More information on this soon.

I hope you enjoy the event!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Boys Vs Girls Event - Round 2 Results

Boys Vs Girls Event Round 2 Results
For those that don't remember round 1 of this event last month, the competition was based on total wins, and the girls beat the boys by about 30,000 wins. I collected the total blood during that event too, and that was even closer than the wins, so this round was based on blood collected, not the wins.

Final result:
Boys: 21,222,234 blood collected
Girls: 20,090,921 blood collected

So the boys win by 1,131,313 blood (+5%), a good effort by everyone I think. All the boys that took part get 100 free turns and 5 free QP!

For statisical information only, I did the win count as well. And the results? It definitely showed people not killing like crazy and more on trying to get good kills for the blood.

Total wins by the boys: 157,960 wins
Total wins by the girls: 173,329 wins

As you can tell, the girls got more wins again with a difference of 15,369 (+9%).  Let me know what you think in the comments and/or the feedback thread for this event.

And as always, thanks for everyone who took part in this event.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the week :)

Friday, 13 July 2012

Few small updates & event update

Spent some time today just going around and tidying up some small things in between spending my time on bigger updates. I hope you like the changes.

  • New chat homepage - The first page you see when you click the "chat" link has been updated. The layout has been improved slightly and I have also added quick links to your house chats.
  • A new account options page preference - You can now turn off the "You've been attacked" notification that appears on the left.
  • The bounty pages now show at the top your total completed bounties, as well as the total bounties completed today.
  • "Shares sold today" now displayed on the Gravemarket page.

Boys Vs Girls Event
I know you think I'm just saying this, but the competition is really close at the moment. Last night it was neck and neck! Today, however, one team has drifted ahead just a little. The difference is around 2.8% (of around 25,000,000 blood drained so far), so as you can tell, it's very close. Tune in Sunday night for the results.

Really looking forward to see who wins this time!

Enjoy the weekend,

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Boys Vs Girls Round 2

Boys Vs Girls Round 2
Our first Boys Vs Girls event was pretty fun, so here we are giving it another go!

To make it a bit different this time, the count will be based on BLOOD. Although the win count will be calculated for statistical purposes. To win, you need to suck more blood than the other team.

Information & general rules:

- Blood will count for your gender team every PvP attack win you make.
- The blood it says on the screen is the blood that will count (includes all potion boosts)
- Whichever team has the most total blood at the end of the event will the prizes.
- Rank 1 accounts do not count at all.
- The event will end Sunday evening at 10pm game time.
- There will be a section at the bottom of the Dead City with a few stats, although the decision to release the current scores will be made later in the week.

The event will kick off at 10pm game time TONIGHT.

For those thinking making it based on blood would be unfair, check the results of the last event and this thread. There are so many factors to come into play with the events, I'm really looking forward to how this one will turn out.

Good luck & enjoy!

Monday, 2 July 2012

July 4th - 4 Day Event

July 4th Event
Starting from right now and ending in exactly 4 days, to help our American players celebrate the 4th July here we are giving everyone:

- Double PvP Blood
- Double Minion Exp

This will also satisfy those who can't get on much during the weekends and miss out on the majority of the weekend events :)

Plasma Special
Of course with any event follows a nice juicy plasma special. Extra free plasma in all plasma packs, click here to check them out!

July Competition
Another competition to get your estimate skills out. How much blood has the new NPC arena paid out since it started? Getting the exact correct answer will win you 100 plasma, or the closest guess will win 10 plasma. Click here for the thread.

Enjoy the week :)

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