Monday 2 July 2012

July 4th - 4 Day Event

July 4th Event
Starting from right now and ending in exactly 4 days, to help our American players celebrate the 4th July here we are giving everyone:

- Double PvP Blood
- Double Minion Exp

This will also satisfy those who can't get on much during the weekends and miss out on the majority of the weekend events :)

Plasma Special
Of course with any event follows a nice juicy plasma special. Extra free plasma in all plasma packs, click here to check them out!

July Competition
Another competition to get your estimate skills out. How much blood has the new NPC arena paid out since it started? Getting the exact correct answer will win you 100 plasma, or the closest guess will win 10 plasma. Click here for the thread.

Enjoy the week :)


Anonymous said...

Awww yeah. Thanks Ash!!

Alchemist said...

Yet again... You satisfy me ;)

Anonymous said...

Cool thanks ash!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Fun ... Love the extra blood and Minion experience and plasma specials are always yummy :-)

Anonymous said...


Sofia Marie Animus Night Calypso said...

Thanks, Ashie, for doing this...even though I'm Canadian and not American, it's still great!! <3

Shadow Stalker said...

Bugger trust me to be on holiday and stuck with a shitty mobile lol enjoy the fun guys

Anonymous said...

You know that, if your helping Americans celebrate the Fourth maybe have the contest start when they are all here and ready, not at reset.

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