Thursday 28 June 2012

Revisted: Points

New Points Page & offers
A lot of people dislike the points system, but there are others who love it. The key is to fill them out with an email address that you don't use (I.E not your primary). Following this guide will let you have a much more positive experience with them.

For those who like the points system, you'll be happy with some of the updates I've made to them:

- New daily turn bonus incentive - The first offer you complete every day will give you +10 extra turns included with the points. This will give small incentive for people to fill out at least an offer a day for an extra small turns boost.
- 2 new points companies have been added, which replaced companies 3 and 4 because nobody was using them (they were pretty rubbish)
- The 2 new points companies have the highly suggested VIDEOS, where you simply earn points by leaving videos on in the background.
- Fixed a couple RoB-Lite layout glitches
- Re-wrote some of the explanations and disclaimer
- Gave it a little face lift

And to celebrate the new points updates....

Double Points Weekend
That's right folks, until Sunday night enjoy double points on all our point offers!

Pet Botting
I wanted to add a little something on a blog last month about the pets, but decided against it, but as it keeps happening I've decided to now.

I appreciate the QP you earn from the pets is awesome, but I didn't spend time creating a side game that enhances your main character for people to cheat. I am actually astonished by the amount of people we've caught botting the pets. You really really really shouldn't even waste your time doing it. You'll lose your pet, you'll lose all the stats it earned you AND MORE, and last but not least, you'll be jailed for an uncomfortable amount of time. When you get caught, you will wonder why you even bothered. Thanks to everyone who helps report suspects, & thanks to the ACT team dealing with them.

Todays downtime
Sorry about the downtime early this morning, a nice loud text woke me up to alert me about it at 6am, but all was sorted soon after that :) For the few tohs missed here's a promo code: downtime28june

Enjoy the weekend,


Alchemist said...

Thanks Ash. Now its time to complete those offers

Boudica Night Tigress said...

Thanks for righting the downtime Ash! Thanks even more for getting the cheaters in the pet arena! Tosspots! As always ... you ROCK! :)

Darquesse said...

I agree with bou :)

Darquesse said...

I agree totally with Bou :)

Sofia Marie Animus Night Calypso said...

Thanks, Ashie! You're the absolute BEST!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Now about my pet turns I lost out on?
Jail the buggers some of us work hard at pets

Anonymous said...

Jail for cheaters in Mt Tilia ... the rest of us spend a great deal of time there and it was a wonderful addition to the game, abuse is sickening :-(

Darion Lancaster said...

Seriously. The pets system is fantastic. I don't know why people would cheat it, it's not like it isn't obvious to everyone (not even just ACT) what's going on. Woot to a fun system that gives great benefits and a lot of thanks to Ash for taking the time to have made it! Now, off to brush off my por... er, throwaway emails for some points.

Anonymous said...

Is it weird that I have no idea what botting is? I feel like such an anti computer geek. And I'm ashamed :(.

anyways, Woo, double points!

Anonymous said...

I tried to complete some of the offers a little bit ago, and i never got them.. I did what I had to do, all i needed was an email, and then click the link in my email, but i never got the points...

Legion White Tiger said...

ACT Rocks. :)

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