Sunday 30 December 2012

Thank you for 2012

Thank You For 2012
As another year comes to a close, I'd like to take this chance to thank all our players for playing and supporting Reign Of Blood over the past year(s). 2012 has been another great year for RoB, and I look forward to that power continuing. I'm really excited about next year.

Another thank you to all our staff members who work keeping the game play fair, and the community running smoothly, to leave me with the time to continue developing the game for all our players.
Xmas Events
The Xmas events and plasma special will end on the 2nd Jan. So you have a couple more days to enjoy the goodies and the special deals.

What To Expect In 2013?
I recently put out a quick poll for players to give a bit of feedback on what they'd like to see next on RoB. I've sat down the last couple days and written out the next 3 month plan with ideas/changes from my head, and ideas made in the suggestion forum, and the feedback from the poll. (Yes, I read every reply).

I've got a pretty good overall feel of the direction to take, and how much time to allocate to different tasks, and I think you will all be pleased with the majority of updates over the next few months.

Some of the future features/updates include more RP features, continued development on our mobile site, explaining and fulfilling empty parts of current features, smoothing out any glitches, and lots more.

2013 is going to be an even better year for RoB, I'll make sure of it.

Enjoy the rest of the year!

Monday 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

We Survived

Well who would have guessed that the world wasn't going to end on Friday? I'm kind of lost on what to do now, as I was expecting to perish [/sarcasm] I hope you all enjoyed the day event, activity was sky high! The free collectible and 2 QP has given to all vampires that survived the day.

Merry Christmas
This will be the final blog before Christmas, so I wish you all a merry christmas. I have given everyone 3 free candy canes.

December Competition
Some good entries for the Dead City Christmas song/rap. I've posted my favourites below, hope you enjoy them! (I've given out the prizes and candy canes to other ones I liked but didn't post)

Lucas Grimm (Fallen) (136635)

To all my little homies, down in the snow
Let string up some kittens, around dead city, yo.
I`m a badass vamp, with a whole lot a zest
Santa`s coming to town bitches, who would have guessed?

Whether you`re naughty or nice, everyone`s gonna be screwed,
The apocalypse is coming, wait, who is this dude?
He`s got a snow white robe, and he`s madder than hell,
"to hell with you all, your soul`s I will sell"

Now Santa was pissed, he was decking the halls,
"To hell with you Jesus, I`ll have your balls."
He cursed and he swore, and he kicked some son-of-god ass,
Mrs. Clause would be sad, she`d just been invited to mass.

So he adorned his foot upon his face
Santa was screaming, "how`s this taste?"
He begged and he cried, while all the kids cheered,
"To hell with the end of the world, Armageddon out here."

He ran and he fell, on his way back to dad,
Giving the world a new religion, maybe even a fad.
"Go home and cry", said Santa with glee,
I`ve had a lot to drink, and now I must pee.

He went to the urinal, to give it some juice,
when he thought to himself, "where was that noose?"
Sad and depressed, he drank and he drank,
until it was closing time, then his hopes sank.

He stumbled outside, and threw up in a bush,
he brought out his pipe, with a little purple kush.
Smoking and toking, as he laughed and he coughed,
he looked at his waist line, and suddenly went soft.

I`m a fat piece of crap, boy am I`m out of shape,
maybe next year I`ll dawn a new guise, a cowl and a cape.
Snuffing his joint, and getting his sack,
mrs. clause was complaining, he said "get off my back"

Hopping in his sleigh, and calling the reindeer by name,
he whipped them all soundly, as they stared down in shame.
Loopy on doopy, on tiny on Jim,
on bitey, on Janice, on Phyllis Diller and Kim.

He swerved and he hiccupped, as he flew out of sight,
Merry Christmas y`all, I got f***ed up tonight.

Damon Salvatore (616163)

`Stalking in a Vampire Wonderland`

Sleigh those things, are you listening,
Underground, gems are glistening
A terrible sight,
No juicy humans tonight,
Stalking in a vampire wonderland.

Gone away are the wise ones,
Here to stay are the covens
We declare a little war,
Win cause our power is more,
Stalking in a vampire wonderland.

In Spring Valley we can kidnap humans,
Then have them all for tasty midnight snacks
They`ll say: Are you insane?
We`ll say: No man,
But we`d love to suck you dry
When you fall down.

Later on, we`ll aspire,
To gain the rank, of top vampire
The blood`s never enough,
Being human is tough,
Walking in a vampire wonderland.

In Vadenhill we can harvest humans,
And dine on blood we`ve brought from other towns.
We`ll have lots of fun slaughtering humans,
Until the hunters try to knock us down.

Mortal blows, ain`t it thrilling,
Ripping out spines; now thats chilling
We`ll frolic and play, with blood on our face,
Stalking in a vampire wonderland.

Stalking in a vampire wonderland.
Stalking in a vampire wonderland.

Emalie Sweeney (51671)

Dashing through the blood in a one strike open kill
Over the hearts we`ll go, laughing to the thrill.
Bodies on bodies we`ll sing, making people die.
Oh what fun is to play, RoB tonight.
Ooo jingle kill jingle kill murder them now.
Open up the chest and bite down.
Jingle kill jingle kill I will win somehow!

Cutting off each head, taking out a jugular.
Oh no she beat me at the kill after all.
I revive, I revive, I got VIP.
I just need to Heal Maaagically!
Jingle kill Jingle Kill I will win next one.
I will use my 10 minute power and my Sword of Avalon.
Jingle kill jingle kill I will rip off your head.
When it is done I will be a level 10!

Have a good week & a great Christmas :)

Thursday 20 December 2012

End Of The World Day Event

Christmas Event
If you missed the blog about the Christmas event and specials, click here to get up to date. Also remember that the December competition ends in a few days.

End Of The World Event

So, on the 21st December 2012  the world is due to end (well, not really) so if our doom really is pending, why not go out with a bang?

Today only, enjoy:
- Double Turns
- Double PvP Blood
- Double Minion Exp
- Double Coven Exp
- Exclusive rare pack available for purchase with collectible, xmas goodies, as well as +5 EXTRA turns an hour for the day. (Only 100 available)

^ The above will begin tonight (Thursday 20th Dec 23:59 game time)
Edit: This event is now active.

If we all survive through to Saturday, you get to login and get a free collectible, a QP, and a few extra scratches on me.

In other related news, sun exposure will be at the highest today, so it's advised that all vampires put a really thick layer of suncream on.

See you on the other side :)

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Christmas Event

Christmas 2012 Event
Well it's that time of year again! Are you ready?

Dead City Xmas Scratcher
Say hello to Dead City's Xmas themed scratchcard! Every vampire gets 10 free scratches every day you login during this event. The scratches don't stack, so make sure you login each day for a chance to win some free stuff.

The lactose intolerant vampires just took a gasp at the "eggnog" heading, but fear not! Vampsant's shop has opened up at the Dead City, where he is creating eggnog for the masses. He is getting such large orders over the festive period, he needs vampires like yourself to go get him the ingredients he needs. He will reward something more usable in return for your efforts.

Candy Canes
We simply cannot have a Christmas on Reign Of Blood without candy canes. Candy canes can be eaten to give you a nicely sugary stat boost. Get your hands on candy canes by making Eggnog!

You all get 2 free candy canes on me :)

VIP & Plasma Special
The VIP & plasma special is now up and running! Enjoy a bargain over this festive period. Each pack comes with extra free festive goodies & premium spins at the scratchcard place.

Thermoden Updates
Thanks to the people who gave constructive feedback for the shields. I've taken the constructive criticism in and decided to make a couple changes. First off, if you've already unlocked the ability to have a second weapon, the fee to unlock the shield is reduced to just $5million (from $15million). If you've already paid to unlock the shield, the difference will now be returned to you.

Secondly, people have given feedback on the steep prices of the shields. That's simply because of the premium of the much higher block%. The top shields give more block% than any basic weapon (not including adding rubies because they have no effect in slot 2) than any weapons critical% total. So at the Thermoden Shield Warehouse, there are now two sets of shields, one list that adds purely defence, and the other list (including the premium) adds defence and block%.

I said in the previous blog that shields were available to sell back at the resell store, it turns out, I forgot to update that part. This has no been done. You can now also buy and sell shields on the market.

You can continue to give feedback on this thread.

Game Age Errors
Some of you may have noticed game age etc not updating at the end of the day. This is due to the pure volume of things getting updated, and as more people play, it creates even more stress on the servers. I'm working on spreading out the resets to reduce the chances of queries not executing, sorry for any inconvenience.

December Competition
Remember the December competition is up. I want you to write a Chrstmas song about the Dead City. Click here for more information. I will showcase a bunch on the Christmas Eve blog, the winner gets 20 plasma. But for everyone song I do showcase, the writer will get a free plasma too!

End Of The World Event
Login this Friday for some extra goodies in a special one-of-a-kind end of the world event. More info to come :)

Have a good week :)

Tuesday 11 December 2012

New Thermoden Shields!

Thermoden Summary
I introduced Thermoden back in March, (doesn't time fly?) and to my surprise, it's reason for creation has far succeeded my predictions.  Thermoden was created to give, at a nice cost, weapon upgrades, the ability to equip and second weapon, and equipment renaming. To date, to my amazement, Thermoden has taken $11,450,000,000 out of the game economy (To compare, that's around 1/4 of the total money in game at the moment!!)  Which is indeed still impressive as I've seen games in their trillions. So to expand this success, here are some new updates based on your suggestions...

I'm sure you've noticed that empty unused slot on the equipment page? Well, that slot will is available for shield equipping.

Shield Warehouse
Parch has been working hard behind the scenes in order to get a bunch of shields made at the warehouse, and thats where he puts them on sale. The shield warehouse shop is now open at Thermoden. Parch, a resident of Thermoden, is currently the only vampire with the skills to make such equipment. There will not be a shield shop opening at Dead City.

Parch has no use of the shields after you buy them, but you can sell them to the Dead City reseller store for half their value.

As with the second weapon, you need to pay a fee to unlock the ability to equipment a shield, and you can only equip a shield if you have not got a second weapon equipped. (Works both ways, if you have a second weapon equipped, you cannot equip a shield at the same time.)

The defence tests on your homepage will now also take your shield defence into account, and finally, shields have the same exp and level up system as the weapons and armour.

Parch's Unlock Store
The unlock store now has the option for you to pay to unlock the use of a shield.

Parch's Shield Enhancement
You've learned the ability to use a shield, you've bought a shiny new shield, and you want to give it a one time upgrade? Well you can at the shield enhancement store.

Parch's Rename Store
You can also rename your shield, just like with your weapon and armour.

Covens & Battles
Don't panic! Shields can be donated to covens. I've opened up a nice little slot for them in your coven's armoury. The top of the battle pages also now shows your shield if you have one (instead of your second weapon).

I hope you enjoy the Thermoden updates, and enjoy finding out whether 2 defence equipment works out better for you over dual weapons. For those that can afford such luxuries, will you be using a shield, or second weapon? Fire off your comments and thoughts on this thread.

December Competition
As it's the month of December, this months competition ought to be Christmas themed, right? Excellent! The task this month is to write a Christmas song/rap about the Dead City. Can be anything you like! Entries must be in by the 20th December, and the winner will have their song posted on the blog and win 20 plasma! Click here for more information.

Have a good week,

Friday 30 November 2012

A Few Tidbits

New Social Network Updates
We've updated our social networking pages to reflect our awesome new homepage design.

- Our Facebook Page
- Our Twitter Page
- Our Google+ Profile

I sometimes release promo codes and offers via the above networks, so it's well worth following us if you use any of them. (Also good places to check when we have downtime)

Game Updates & Fixes
Spent the day doing some fixes and small updates, these include:

+ Blood letter link added after a member is kicked from a coven
+ Can now kick a vampire from a coven with ID instead of just the drop down
+ Pet ID added to pet profiles
+ You must be rank 3 to post blog comments
+ House forum links added to the forum board page
+ You can now view your sent blog comments
+ Blog post status (private etc) now appears on blog lists
+ When editing a blog, the default privacy setting is now correctly displayed
+ Moved the blood letter delete link, and added a confirmation screen
+ You can now remove yourself from other peoples family lists

+ Fixed a small coven leaving glitch
+ Fixed the "next 20" page link bug on battle reports
+ Viewing another vampire's battle reports now shows the attacking vampires only and the correct result. The [View Report] link has been removed.
+ Fixed the win & stalemate showing at the same time glitch for both PvP battles and pet battles.
+ Fixed a glitch that sometimes didn't make the random daily task reset

Downtime Recently
We've had a couple spells of downtime over the last 24 hours. We are continuing to closely monitor them. We just can't trust computers to work all the time these days eh. Promocode: 30thdowntime & 30thdowntimetake2

Update: The problem was one of the servers RAM. We have now replaced it and all should be working fine again!

Double Turns Weekend
I asked yesterday what people would like to be treated to thing weekend. And the general majority wanted double turns. So enjoy double turns until Sunday night!

Have a great weekend :)

Thursday 22 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Login Problems

Believe me when I say it annoys me more than it annoys you (the people who its happening too) when I hear about a problem that I can't replicate myself in order to fix it, most recently, the login issues. Alas, it is now resolved! If you're interested on the problem and how it was fixed, you can read it on this thread.

This brings further good news...

Dual Login Is Back!
Now that the the login problem has been resolved, the dual email  & ID login is back! Sorry for teasing with this; bringing it back, then taking it away. Hopefully it's here to stay this time ;)

Thanksgiving Event
Happy thanksgiving to everyone who's celebrating! Are you taking part in our daily Thanksgiving zombie turkey quest? You should be, click here! I have also given you a place where you can tell us all what you're thankful for.

Black Friday Special
The Black Friday deals are up on the Buy VIP page. You have until Saturday evening to grab yourself some cheap VIP and plasma (along with some free zombie turkey heads too!) The rare pack is currently up now too, you should go grab one before they sell out.

If you missed the results of the good vs evil event, you can catch up with that right here.

Enjoy the rest of the week :)

Tuesday 20 November 2012

Thanksgiving Event & Black Friday Special Week

Good vs evil event
Thanks to everyone who took part in the good vs evil event. There was one clear winner, and that was GOOD with about 10million more blood over their evil enemies.

35,509,130 blood
25,330,979 blood

Everybody who took part with good alignment has been given 100 turns and 5QP!

Dual login removed
Due to login problems we were having, I have put back the separate email and ID login scripts. That seems to have fixed the login problems that a minority had. The mobile version of this is still active, though. On another quick note, there are a very select few players who are getting randomly logged out, is that you? Please post here with details so we can fix you.

There is one more small 'image' to change on the homepage, which will be complete soon, hope it doesn't scare too many of you! So glad the majority of you like it :)

Stubborn lottery
As some of you reported, the lottery didn't run on Saturday night. I got the error: (CRON) ERROR (setreuid failed): Resource temporarily unavailable.
Instead of running it manually, I just decided to let everyone keep their tickets, and it'll run next week for an even bigger jackpot.

November competition winner
A big thanks to everyone who submitted an idea. There were loads of them! Lots of good ones too, It would take too long for me to reply each one with a thanks, so thank you everybody! Moving onto the winner... (It was so hard to pass up on the idea of searching for Turkeys, plucking them, and making colourful pillows for vampires to sleep on, you know who you are.)  The players who contributed to the final idea have the plasma shared between them. Thank you.

Thanksgiving event


The thanksgiving event is now up and running! Want to take part?
Click here to read about the Thanksgiving quest

Black Friday Special
To go with the Thanksgiving event, the Black Friday plasma is now up and live! Click here to view the bargains we have on offer. The special and thanksgiving event will end on Saturday night!

Enjoy the week!

Friday 16 November 2012

New Homepage Layout

New Homepage Layout

It's been a while, so I thought I'd update the homepage a little bit. I know everyone hates change (although I don't mind it from time to time), but in order to create a more modern & better looking gateway into RoB, I've had a new look for the homepage made. It has the same layout as before, but with a new cleaner look. That way everything is where it used to be (with a few small adjustments), and it just looks better. Hope you agree :)

UPDATE: The dual email/id login has been removed. It now is what it was before.

Good Vs Evil Event
The results are currently displayed at the bottom of the Dead City. One side is clearly winning at the moment, but a comeback by the losing team would be good to see! The event ends 10pm Sunday night.

November Competition
Remember on the 18th of the month, the November competition will be closing! I look forward to reading all of your ideas :)

Enjoy the weekend!

Sunday 11 November 2012

Good Vs Evil Week Event

Good Vs Evil Event

Just like the previous Boys Vs Girls event I've decided to try it from a different angle. Good VS Evil alignment. The Boys VS Girls event I've been pretty got balanced on how to fairly run that event, but now we're going to try out and test a good vs evil war. (Alignment is altered at the DC Statue)

The count will be based on BLOOD. Although the win count will be calculated for statistical purposes. To win, you need to suck more blood than the other team.

Information & general rules:

- Blood will count for your alignment team every PvP attack win you make.
- The blood it says on the screen is the blood that will count (includes all potion boosts)
- Whichever team has the most total blood at the end of the event will the prizes.
- Rank 1 accounts do not count at all.
- If your alignment is 0, your kills will count for neither team.
- The event will end Sunday 18th November evening at 10pm game time.
- There will be a section at the bottom of the Dead City with a few stats, although the decision to release the current scores will be made later in the week.

The event will kick off at 10pm game time TONIGHT (Sunday 11th November).

Good luck to everyone, and I very look forward to how this event will play out.

Payment System Questions
I've had a few blood letters where people would like to buy the old set pre-paid card packs as well as using the new cart system. They are still available! If you scroll to the bottom of the BUY VIP page, you'll see some text and links that will link you directly to the Pay Safe Card page, the Ultimate Game Card page and the Onebip page, just as they were before. You can use either that or the new cart system.

November competition
The competition entries need to be in for the 18th November, so there is enough time for the preparation for the events.

Enjoy the week :)

Monday 5 November 2012

Event Conclusions

Sandy Support Pack
First off, thanks to everyone who purchased a Sandy pack. A total of 62 you did, and I'll be donating £195 ($310) tonight. It's good to know we have players that care about the issues in the world. These kinds of things are the best way to fun-raise, let people get stuff they want in return of a portion of it going to a good cause.

As for all the anonymous haters, you're free to do your part by donating $10 directly (Just click here). If you didn't want to purchase a pack through RoB where I decided I would donate 50% of the proceeds to the good cause, that's absolutely fine.  I hope you do decide to donate directly instead :)

Halloween Event
The Halloween event is now over, thanks for all your support, and I hope you enjoyed the zombie rewards. A total of 462,071 zombies were killed! I look forward to the next event.

October Competition Winners
1919 killed ScryptLord SpawnIscaribot (41184)
1919 killed +aNtIX_XdEpReSsAnT+ (66455)
1919 killed Mr. Death (70268)
1919 killed Pyretta D`Oreb (70807)
1919 killed Reokan (73133)
1919 killed Duke Danse Macambre (85239)
1919 killed Sathyr Amaranthus (92445)
1919 killed Lanslow Kreeg (96913)
1919 killed Lothar Blackfang (106438)
1919 killed War (137469)
1919 killed Lady Kailee Adryn Hawker (137559)
1919 killed animal (140606)
1919 killed Lady Airabeth Moon (147278)
1919 killed Kiworuso Darkhold (150525)
1919 killed Lilura Mohana Gealtach™ (155172)
1919 killed Black Widow (155523)
1919 killed †Deamon Whispers† (163379)
1919 killed Sabbath (176925)
1919 killed Aislinn Genevieve™ (192423)
1919 killed Ileene Night Aestus (197369)
1919 killed nemo (204391)
1919 killed Caislyn Struevre Aestus (210419)
1919 killed Arch Aestus (236669)
1919 killed |ñƒ€®nãL †HÈ †ÖÄW LørÐ (242222)
1919 killed Parasitic (242932)
1919 killed Dreamweaver (248485)
1919 killed Sir Tristan Blazziirel (249547)
1919 killed norazina, the metal girl (255855)
1919 killed zerohatemachine (274529)
1919 killed Rilee Rae Price (275708)
1919 killed †Payne DeathSpirit† (283916)
1919 killed Bex Pierce (283954)
1919 killed The Dispatriot (284566)
1919 killed •†Soulful•Sin•Mauvaise†• (298209)
1919 killed Bloodflame Diluculo (301884)
1919 killed Mynxie-Lynxie Minoptra (311006)
1919 killed Mikkala (311519)
1919 killed Lesath ShadowLight (339349)
1919 killed Simon Kestrel (348793)
1919 killed Crimson D Butterfly (350047)
1919 killed Indoorlurker (377171)
1919 killed ~Rowen D`Artigo~ (390348)
1919 killed Sierra Rojo Tancette (390959)
1919 killed Gideon (392232)
1919 killed Adorian Tepes (404313)
1919 killed Errdegahr Venorik (415642)
1919 killed Brock (416014)
1919 killed THE DREAD PIRATE YUKI (431052)
1919 killed Shaula (434750)
1919 killed Sirocco (441156)
1919 killed Jessy Gontier Devereux™ (473503)
1919 killed Midnyte (474051)
1919 killed Zandra HateMachine (476518)
1919 killed †TOAW†CaliX†CainE† (491221)
1919 killed Crimson the Salamander (515088)
1919 killed Jamsha D. (519622)
1919 killed Michael (522259)
1919 killed Revalth Minoptra (523102)
1919 killed Michael Rahl Whispers (523379)
1919 killed †TOAW†Shar†MysticBlade† (531921)
1919 killed Ruka Urushibara (533754)
1919 killed †Halexander†The†Great† (537162)
1919 killed Vordred (539830)
1919 killed Christian Aestus (554806)
1919 killed Poseidon H.S. Blackheart (561280)
1919 killed Mayhem Pierce (563941)
1919 killed SisterGrimm D Argantael (567078)
1919 killed Melisande (570113)
1919 killed Kora Phuri Dae Semele (571220)
1919 killed Kuruoshiki Oni (583012)
1919 killed Foamy (586647)
1919 killed MillionsKnives (591953)
1919 killed John (593502)
1919 killed Vampire Pickle (593590)
1919 killed xxaphrodyte (600045)
1919 killed Abby (605888)

Above are listed all the top zombie killers of the month, each of you get 5 free plasma!

November Competition
Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I want to run a small-ish event to celebrate it for our foreign players. Think up a small event for RoB to run over the Thanksgiving days, and the top idea will earn you 10 plasma. Click here for more information.

More to come.


Thursday 1 November 2012

Hurricane Sandy Appeal

Hurricane Sandy Appeal
I'm sure everybody has heard of the disaster that Hurricane Sandy has caused. As the majority of our players are situated in the affected countries, I've decided to do something little to help.

A lot of people are doing their own thing, so this is mine. I've decided to have a dedicated plasma pack, that will also unlock double turns for you until Sunday night for just $10. Which 50% of the money raised from the pack this weekend will be donated to the Red Cross Sandy Appeal.

The pack is located on the specials page, on the front page of our RoB item store. There is no limit to how many you can buy, but you can only unlock double turns on your account once. You are able to buy it for other people.

Halloween Event & Special
Just a heads up that all the Halloween events and special will be removed Sunday night, so make sure you get all your zombie brains used by then!

More coming up.


Friday 26 October 2012

Introducing Coven VIP & Weekend Events

I have people come to me, maybe a couple times a month, saying "OMG Ash [this site] is doing the exact same kind of updates as you" or "OMG Ash this site has opened and it's just like RoB". I go to check it out, and I'm just amazed. It really is awesome knowing that I've made Reign Of Blood at the top of the game, as it were. Putting any possible future lawsuits aside, it fills me with joy knowing I'm doing something right. Wouldn't you agree?

Anyway, back to business...

New Payment System
I'm glad so many of you are enjoying the new payment system features. Which include a new direct credit/debit card option, the new cart system, and being able to buy all the regular packs with the ultimate game card and OneBip. Thank you to everyone for your continued support, the Halloween special will continue on until the first week of November.

Coven VIP
As you can now see on the new VIP page, a new section at the bottom of the "Equipment & Extras" tab. This section includes quick access to buy a house VIP credit, and now, a coven VIP credit. A coven VIP credit allows you to increase any covens VIP that you're in by 30 days. The current features of coven VIP (more will be added in time) are:

+ Coven Advertising System has been removed, and instead, the ad sections now just selects a random coven VIP for free advertising.
+ The current scores of wars are displayed on the coven page.
+ 25% off buying another war
+ 25% off relics

What else would you like to see as a coven VIP feature? (Don't say bank interest). Click here to post your ideas. Aside from VIP, there have been a couple small changes to the coven page too.

Halloween Double Turns Pack
On the Buy special VIP & Plasma packs page, you'll see an even more special pack that's available only this weekend. Anybody who purchases this specific pack will get double turns until Sunday evening (Maybe even Monday morning if I'm feeling really generous). Head over to the buy VIP page to get yours now!

Double Blood Weekend
Everyone gets double pvp blood this weekend! How many times do you think you can rank this weekend getting double blood?

Achievements list 5 #13
For the older players, and some of the newer players who are interested, the final secret on achievements list 5 #13 has been unlocked by someone! It's completely up to them if they wish to share or sell the secret, good luck to everybody else hitting that point :)

Thanks, & enjoy the weekend :)

Wednesday 17 October 2012

New Payment System & Halloween Event

New Payment System
After a lot of hassle, months of negotiating and setting up, I finally have a brand new payment system for all your Reign Of Blood goodies. The 2 main new features are:

+ A cart system!
Add multiple items to a cart to buy all at once instead of buying packs individually!

+ Accepting credit and debits cards DIRECTLY
You no longer just have to use Paypal or Google Wallet (Formally Google Checkout). Just add items to your cart, checkout, and just put your card details and you're done. Paypal and Google are of course still available for use.

Other features of the new payment system:

+ New and cleaner layout
+ More clear pricing structure
+ Price per unit costs displayed
+ All packs available to buy are on the page now
+ Ultimate game card & OneBip mobile phone payments can now be used to buy the regular packs using the new cart system.
+ Old pre-paid game card and mobile specific packs are still available (links at the bottom of the page, and this is also including PaySafe card, which is the only payment method not available on the new cart system) if you prefer to keep buying those instead of the regular packs.
+ The gift system has also been removed, although to replace this, anybody can add a custom news message to every purchase (when buying for someone else). This will be useful for gift messages, confirmation of any deals for the pack etc. This has been asked for quite a bit.

To add to the excitement, the Halloween special is now up too! Click here to check it out!

Any problems? Please send me a blood letter and I'll help as quickly as I can.

I hope you like all the new payment features, for more information, and to give feedback or ask any questions, please view this thread.

Halloween Event
This was loved so much last time... so here we go again!

A zombie horde has again broken through the gates of the Dead City, we must put our differences aside and fight together to stop these drooling zombies from destroying our city. Everyone has a chance to search & kill 100 zombies a day. When you do, you get a nice little reward! Head over to the Dead City to check it out.

Trick or Treat is back also! Once a day you can take a chance to get a free reward, or if you're not so lucky, you might lose something!

And of course, as mentioned above, the Halloween Plasma special is up!

October Competition
The October competition is announced later than usually because it is to be based off the Halloween Zombie Event. Extra prizes for the 10 zombie slayers at the end of the event!


Friday 12 October 2012

Double Turns Weekend

The Man Flu has killed me this past week. Turns out trying to code when having coughing fits doesn't work too well. I'm pretty much stable again now though, so sorry for the delay with any updates. The new feature-ish that I mentioned in the last blog is in the final stages of testing, have to wait for some reporting information so I can see what's going on. More on this later.

I have been spoiling you lately, but I thought you all deserve some extra turns this weekend! Double turns until Sunday morning for everybody!

Oh, and on a more personal note, in a few months, I'm going to be an uncle for the first time! Well done baby brother, well done.

More coming up!

Saturday 6 October 2012

Double Blood & Points Weekend

I've got some new stuff coming up, but as always, have to wait on other people to get their ass into gear before I can launch it. (You'll see why next week)

So I thought that this weekend everybody can enjoy:

+ Double Blood
+ Double Points (points page)

Edit: this event is now over.

Enjoy the weekend :)

Monday 24 September 2012

RoB Mobile ALPHA

Mobile Website Development (ALPHA)

A long time ago, we had something called "RoB Mobile", for those who remember, it was pretty terrible, so I ended up shutting it down.  After several recent suggestions about a mobile version of RoB, and the ever increasing of mobile on the internet overall, I've decided to pick up development on the idea again. I know that over 19% of players actually login at least once a day on their phones, so I think this is a good direction to go.

Bookmark on your mobile:

This feature will run an open alpha testing phase as I slowly develop more features onto it. I want to make it clear, making a mobile version of a site is not as simple as just copying and pasting all the code and make it  "mobile friendly", it needs to be built up from the ground to make it as fully compatible as possible.

It launches in alpha testing mode today with the features:

- The ability to login to RoB (Helpful, right?) Email and ID combination
- Checking your blood letters
- View a basic stats page
- Train your turns at the gym
- View your recent news and battles
- Game updates page for just the mobile site updates

I currently do not have access to test (at this moment) on devices other than iOS. So any feedback on any non-Apple mobile products (on the thread below) will be much appreciated. (Closer to completion, I will of course, get access to, and test on several different devices)

I've opened a mobile duscussion thread right here, I'd like your feedback, thoughts, suggestions and insights on the direction you want me to take with it. I am actually really happy and excited about where this could take us.

Plasma Lottery Winners
Thank you to everyone who entered the plasma lottery this past week. You can see the full details right here, the list of winners are below:

First place: Ender Odin Animus (387685) [50 plasma]
Second place: prettyhatemachine (164945) [40 plasma]
Third place: SisterGrimm D Argantael (567078) [30 plasma]
Forth place: Rock (411030) [20 plasma]
Fith place: SFC Solomon `AG` Durkee (491256) [10 plasma]
Six place: Lady Blackwidow Michaelis (379559) [7 plasma]
Seventh place: Atar of Mesopotamia (258957) [5 plasma]
Eighth place: ~Elegantly Enraged~ (596142) [3 plasma]
Ninth place: Ashton F. Pierce (309260) [2 plasma]
Tenth place: Lesath ShadowLight (339349) [1 plasma]

Everyone who had at least 1 entry has been given a free plasma!

Few Small Updates & Bug Fixes
I've spent a few hours doing a couple suggested suggestions and fixed a few bugs:

+ Blood letter forwarding - You can now forward a blood letter using the new forward blood letter link
+ Removed the floppy disk icon and replaced it with plain text to make it more clear you can save individual blood letters.
+ Pet training now has the quick "Train x more turns" buttons like regular training does.
+ Chat rules and emote code guide are now displayed on top of the chat pages & removed the old dead chat rules links.
+ Made the change avatar link on the blog center not misleading.
+ You must be rank 10 to get through the portal page to access Vadenhill.

Enjoy the rest of the week :)

Saturday 22 September 2012

RAHP weekend? Sure, Why Not

RAHP Weekend
Sometimes I don't need to have an excuse to be kind and generous. Getting a da ja vu? Yeah, me too. I won't be around for much of today and tomorrow either, damn family obligations again. So I thought I'd run RAHP (revives at half past every hour) until tomorrow night.

Plasma Lottery
This will be the final reminder for the plasma lottery draw that will happen on Monday night. Click here for the prizes and entry details.

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Plasma Lottery Week

Double Turns Weekend
I'm glad many of you enjoyed the surprise double turns weekend. I actually let it run into the early hours of Monday morning, you guys are so spoiled.

Plasma Lottery
It's time for another Plasma Lottery! All plasma purchases this week will come with tickets to enter the lottery, for a chance to win one of the 10 plasma prizes, all you have to do, is top up your plasma! Click here to view the plasma packs, and click here to view the plasma lottery page.

Some cool stuff coming up, stay tuned :)

Saturday 15 September 2012

Double Turns? Sure, Why Not

Double Turns
Sometimes I don't need to have an excuse to be kind and generous. I won't be around for much of today and tomorrow, damn family obligations, and I'll feel bad and all out of sync. So I thought leaving you with double turns until tomorow night will make me feel a bit better inside.

Enough of the crap! Enjoy 40 turns and hour (30 for non VIP) until tomorrow evening. Use them wisely ;)

Have a great weekend,

Monday 10 September 2012

Quiz Night Results

Quiz Night Results
Thanks to everyone who came along to the quiz last night. The room was packed and it was a lot of fun! Was very hard work trying to keep up with the floods of answers after every question that was asked. The vampires gave the most correct answers are listed below:

x7 Sir Galahad (206714)
x6 Jonathan DeLaRosa (411454)
x4 Mortiana SaDiablo (293358)
x4 Alexander of Scarmare (252462) 
x4 Audrey Jourdain Hardkiss (214750)
x3 Claws (83719)
x2 Tweetly Durkee (527431)
x2 Alexandra D.S.A. Belikov (51937)
x2 PLI`s Paulie (1893)
x2 Katherine Drake (236111)
x2 Lothar Blackfang (106438) 
x1 Naz Asrai (243761)
x1 Nataša Ivory (557332) 
x1 Lilah (545977)
x1 Errdegahr Venorik (415642)
x1 Ophelia V.B.S. Night (51937)
x1 Lily O`Connell Magnus (412239)
x1 Lilah (545977)
x1 Trixie DAFK Winterheart™ (447519)
x1 Karst`s pussy, Kierka (558120) 
x1 Phenora Draius (200242)
x1 Child of the Damned (144445)
x1 Darion Lancaster (203259)  
x1 Kaitlyn Duval (468693)

I've taken all the feedback of the quiz in, the majority enjoyed it, a few experienced some lag (although I didn't and my connection sucks), and a few complaints of people answering before they even see the question, just got to be quicker! Thanks again for taking part, it was a lot of fun and hope all the winners enjoy the QP. (Also for the people who stayed until the end, enjoy the promo code you got to use!) Maybe another one sometime? :)

Have a great week,

Saturday 8 September 2012

September 9th QP Quiz

This blog is a reminder for Sunday night's Quiz night. It'll start at 11pm game time (which is the same as the UK time). If you're not in the UK and still not sure what time that will be, head over to this site and type in London, England, in the search bar, choose 11pm on the London row and it'll show you what time that will be in your location.

More information about the quiz:

- There will be up to 10 different question group themes
- 50 QP will be guaranteed to be given away Sunday night
- 1 QP is to be given to the first person who answers a question correctly
- Late joiners are welcome, although you'd have already missed out on some QP.
- It will be hosted in general chat, so apologies to the disruption to the chatters who chat in there at that time.

I have started a Facebook event page, so if you're coming, join it!

I have promoted this quiz quite a bit (900 likes and counting) so hopefully we'll see a chat full of people fighting for the QP. If it's a success, I'd love to run it more often, and even maybe have quiz master staff to help run it. If not, somebody is going to get that 50 QP regardless.

I'll hopefully get to meet some of you who don't usually hang out in chat :) But for now, I'll hopefully see many of you there Sunday night.

Have a great weekend,

Wednesday 5 September 2012

August Winners & Sunday Quiz Night

August Competition Winners
Thanks to everyone who entered the August competition, my top 3 favourite are:

First:  DarkPrincess~Diluculo (242927)
Second: Ominous (93371)
Third:  Aerith Strife (306935)

Below are listed some other profiles I quite liked (in no particular order), you all get a free plasma too:

Celeste (427599)
Tizzy†Freakshow†Phuri Dae (127113)
Cara~Fidela (75781)
Brianne Invisible™ (82385)
Amena Diluculo Haze (331649) 
 The Clap (486781)

General Chat Quiz Night
Something I've not done before, and have no idea if it will be a hit, is a quiz night in general chat. Whether or not it's a success, I will be asking 50 questions and giving away 50 QP (1 QP per question) to whoever answers the correct answer first. So I invite on you Sunday night (9th September) at 11pm game time to join us in General chat for a chance to win yourself some free QP. Please spread the word! I'll be giving out the QP regardless :)

Enjoy the week,

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