Friday 26 October 2012

Introducing Coven VIP & Weekend Events

I have people come to me, maybe a couple times a month, saying "OMG Ash [this site] is doing the exact same kind of updates as you" or "OMG Ash this site has opened and it's just like RoB". I go to check it out, and I'm just amazed. It really is awesome knowing that I've made Reign Of Blood at the top of the game, as it were. Putting any possible future lawsuits aside, it fills me with joy knowing I'm doing something right. Wouldn't you agree?

Anyway, back to business...

New Payment System
I'm glad so many of you are enjoying the new payment system features. Which include a new direct credit/debit card option, the new cart system, and being able to buy all the regular packs with the ultimate game card and OneBip. Thank you to everyone for your continued support, the Halloween special will continue on until the first week of November.

Coven VIP
As you can now see on the new VIP page, a new section at the bottom of the "Equipment & Extras" tab. This section includes quick access to buy a house VIP credit, and now, a coven VIP credit. A coven VIP credit allows you to increase any covens VIP that you're in by 30 days. The current features of coven VIP (more will be added in time) are:

+ Coven Advertising System has been removed, and instead, the ad sections now just selects a random coven VIP for free advertising.
+ The current scores of wars are displayed on the coven page.
+ 25% off buying another war
+ 25% off relics

What else would you like to see as a coven VIP feature? (Don't say bank interest). Click here to post your ideas. Aside from VIP, there have been a couple small changes to the coven page too.

Halloween Double Turns Pack
On the Buy special VIP & Plasma packs page, you'll see an even more special pack that's available only this weekend. Anybody who purchases this specific pack will get double turns until Sunday evening (Maybe even Monday morning if I'm feeling really generous). Head over to the buy VIP page to get yours now!

Double Blood Weekend
Everyone gets double pvp blood this weekend! How many times do you think you can rank this weekend getting double blood?

Achievements list 5 #13
For the older players, and some of the newer players who are interested, the final secret on achievements list 5 #13 has been unlocked by someone! It's completely up to them if they wish to share or sell the secret, good luck to everybody else hitting that point :)

Thanks, & enjoy the weekend :)


Anonymous said...


BabyG said...

Look I am new to RoB .
Mom has been here for years,
First thing she had me do when i
moved ,was join the game.
RoB is awesome , I have asked friends
to join. Yes ,RoB is a great place to
come,get away from RL for a wile.
Like Mom always says and yes she does RL.
Just have fun and play ,enjoy life.
lawsuits, You will be the victor . lol
So ,We do appreciate every thing you do Ash.

Boudica Night Tigress said...

As always Ash, you ROCK!!! Thanks for everything you add, give and I agree that being the top when it comes to vampyre games also ROCKS! Sad too that others must "copy" as they've not the imagination to create their own. Knock 'em out Ash! *grins*

sweetangel said...

this game is the bomb i was playing other vampire games but i got hooked on this one it is truly the best

Cara said...

We love you<3

Twick `r Tweets said...

I love this! Not having to manually track wars is great! I can't wait too see what other goodies may be added to Coven VIP. As always, thanks so much Ash. RoB truly is a great place to come and have some bloody good fun!

Anonymous said...

Another great holiday celebrated and enjoyed by RoB !!! Lawsuits??? pffft You have great documentation and half a mil "witnesses" ... lol ... as the proverbial saying goes "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" !!! *Pours champagne to toast future success*

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