Wednesday 17 October 2012

New Payment System & Halloween Event

New Payment System
After a lot of hassle, months of negotiating and setting up, I finally have a brand new payment system for all your Reign Of Blood goodies. The 2 main new features are:

+ A cart system!
Add multiple items to a cart to buy all at once instead of buying packs individually!

+ Accepting credit and debits cards DIRECTLY
You no longer just have to use Paypal or Google Wallet (Formally Google Checkout). Just add items to your cart, checkout, and just put your card details and you're done. Paypal and Google are of course still available for use.

Other features of the new payment system:

+ New and cleaner layout
+ More clear pricing structure
+ Price per unit costs displayed
+ All packs available to buy are on the page now
+ Ultimate game card & OneBip mobile phone payments can now be used to buy the regular packs using the new cart system.
+ Old pre-paid game card and mobile specific packs are still available (links at the bottom of the page, and this is also including PaySafe card, which is the only payment method not available on the new cart system) if you prefer to keep buying those instead of the regular packs.
+ The gift system has also been removed, although to replace this, anybody can add a custom news message to every purchase (when buying for someone else). This will be useful for gift messages, confirmation of any deals for the pack etc. This has been asked for quite a bit.

To add to the excitement, the Halloween special is now up too! Click here to check it out!

Any problems? Please send me a blood letter and I'll help as quickly as I can.

I hope you like all the new payment features, for more information, and to give feedback or ask any questions, please view this thread.

Halloween Event
This was loved so much last time... so here we go again!

A zombie horde has again broken through the gates of the Dead City, we must put our differences aside and fight together to stop these drooling zombies from destroying our city. Everyone has a chance to search & kill 100 zombies a day. When you do, you get a nice little reward! Head over to the Dead City to check it out.

Trick or Treat is back also! Once a day you can take a chance to get a free reward, or if you're not so lucky, you might lose something!

And of course, as mentioned above, the Halloween Plasma special is up!

October Competition
The October competition is announced later than usually because it is to be based off the Halloween Zombie Event. Extra prizes for the 10 zombie slayers at the end of the event!



Gabriella said...

Awesome! Love the Zombies :P Thanks Ash for all the hard work & nice things you do for us. :)

Boudica Night Tigress said...

Thank you Ash! Your continued work to upgrade the game, give us more to do, and make everything more fun is something that I absolutely dig! *hehe* As always, you ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh TYVM for the Cart System !!! It's greatly appreciated and the direct credit card payment option .... Of course Halloween will be a total blast :-)

Gabriella said...

Yes I agree, the cart & C.C. added features is so great. It's nice to be able to grab multiple packs if you want in one transaction. It makes shopping not only easy and convenient, but fast as well. Love this feature. :)

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