Thursday 28 June 2012

Revisted: Points

New Points Page & offers
A lot of people dislike the points system, but there are others who love it. The key is to fill them out with an email address that you don't use (I.E not your primary). Following this guide will let you have a much more positive experience with them.

For those who like the points system, you'll be happy with some of the updates I've made to them:

- New daily turn bonus incentive - The first offer you complete every day will give you +10 extra turns included with the points. This will give small incentive for people to fill out at least an offer a day for an extra small turns boost.
- 2 new points companies have been added, which replaced companies 3 and 4 because nobody was using them (they were pretty rubbish)
- The 2 new points companies have the highly suggested VIDEOS, where you simply earn points by leaving videos on in the background.
- Fixed a couple RoB-Lite layout glitches
- Re-wrote some of the explanations and disclaimer
- Gave it a little face lift

And to celebrate the new points updates....

Double Points Weekend
That's right folks, until Sunday night enjoy double points on all our point offers!

Pet Botting
I wanted to add a little something on a blog last month about the pets, but decided against it, but as it keeps happening I've decided to now.

I appreciate the QP you earn from the pets is awesome, but I didn't spend time creating a side game that enhances your main character for people to cheat. I am actually astonished by the amount of people we've caught botting the pets. You really really really shouldn't even waste your time doing it. You'll lose your pet, you'll lose all the stats it earned you AND MORE, and last but not least, you'll be jailed for an uncomfortable amount of time. When you get caught, you will wonder why you even bothered. Thanks to everyone who helps report suspects, & thanks to the ACT team dealing with them.

Todays downtime
Sorry about the downtime early this morning, a nice loud text woke me up to alert me about it at 6am, but all was sorted soon after that :) For the few tohs missed here's a promo code: downtime28june

Enjoy the weekend,

Tuesday 19 June 2012

A few little things

Voting Sites
I notice a lot of people post threads saying that a voting site is down, although I appreciate you letting me know, there is nothing I can do about. Just don't worry about it and try again tomorrow. If a site has been down for 4+ days then it will be worthy of reporting it because I'll simply remove it. Recently there has been one voting site that was reported to be an "attack site", this kind of stuff you must report ASAP. There was a site last week with a malware warning and I simply removed it from our lists, and they're not getting it back either. So thank you for reporting that.

And a few little updates & bug fixes
  • Coven co-owner bug - A player now gets a news notification when they are promoted to co-owner in any coven.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed disbanded covens appear on the top coven pages.
  • A new same IP permissions page has been setup with new rules and a checkbox agreement form. The link to this has been updated on the ticket page, help page and login page. All currently active permissions are still accepted, and you will not need to re-apply for permission if you already have submitted a permission application in the past.
  • Only non deleted current friends now shows on your friends lists (removes all the broken image non existent players)

Any requests for any interesting events this weekend maybe? :)

Enjoy the week :)

Wednesday 13 June 2012

Boys Vs Girls Event Results

Boys Vs Girls Event Results
This has been a pretty fun event I think, and as unpredictable as it was (at the start), I am not all that surprised at the result. The funny this was - over the first day or so when the scores were hidden, I was watching them and the girls were only a couple thousand ahead of the boys, then after that the gap slowly increased. Even with these current scores, I'm still pleasantly surprised how close they are.

Final result:
Boys: 187,713
Girls: 221,158

So the girls win by 33,445 wins (+17.8%), a good effort by everyone I think. All the girls that took part get 100 free turns and 5 free QP!

Although this was kind of a "test event" as I really had no idea how this would go (its one thing knowing the ratio genders of active players, its another thing to work out who would take part or not). So for statisical information only, I did a blood count. And the results? Very interesting.

Total blood earned by the boys: 20,706,332
Total blood earned by the girls: 19,910,840

As you can tell, it's a lot closer with a difference of 795,492 (+4%). So maybe the next boy vs girl event should be based on blood? Let me know what you think in the comments and/or the feedback thread for this event.

And as always, thanks for everyone who supported the game and bought a special plasma pack, and to everyone who took part in this event.

 Hope you enjoy the rest of the week :)

Thursday 7 June 2012

-Boys VS Girls- 5 Day Event

Boys Vs Girls
An interesting concept was discussed in the forum this past week, and having heard covens do this in the past, I thought it would be a bit different and a bit of fun to create a game wide Girls Vs Boys competition.

Things are going to get steamy.

It's time for some pure girl vs boy killing showing off.

There will be two tallies, wins and blood. Whichever team gets the most wins will win the event, and a turn & QP reward will be given to everyone on the winning side who takes part. A blood tally will be taken, but for information purposes only. The current score will remain hidden until Saturday evening where the event section in the Dead City will display the current scores right until the end of the event.

What counts as win? An attack win. Being attacked and losing does not count as a win for the other side. The only wins that count are wins that you initiate (Players attacked must be rank 2+ to count). A win is counted no matter who you attack you, it's about the total wins each gender gets as a total.  TIP: You want as many as turns as possible, don't forget to vote every day and make full use of potions.

The event will kick off at MIDNIGHT tonight (game time) and continue to MIDNIGHT evening of Tuesday.

Little plasma boost
Throughout this event we'll have a small plasma sale too. Up to 25% extra plasma on all the standard plasma packs! Click here to get yours now.

Have fun & good luck!

Wednesday 6 June 2012

Bloody Weekend Event Over

Royal Bloody Weekend etc
Thanks to everyone who took part in the weekend's events. Double blood is now over and everybody who has sir or dame in their name (as of writing this blog now) has been giving 100 turns. The plasma lottery was drawn and you can find the results right here.

The applications for the quest writer is now closed also.

More to come, enjoy the week,

Saturday 2 June 2012

Royal Bloody Weekend

Royal Bloody Weekend
To celebrate the Queen's Jubilee weekend (as If it isn't everywhere already), I thought we'd join in on the UKs public holiday by having have a Royal Bloody Weekend, which gives double blood until Tuesday!

To add a little bit of extra fun, kind of like the pancake event, start your username with "sir' or "dame" this weekend, and come the end of the event of Tuesday, all players that take part will be given a free gift! (I.E "Sir DarkAsh")

If you missed the blog about the Vadenhill updates and Sunday's plasma lottery, please click here to get up to date.

Enjoy the weekend,

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