Friday 30 January 2009

Downtime this weekend.

Tomorrow(satuday) midday-ish (game time) the 2nd server will be installed and the database is to be copied across to that. There will be up to an hour downtime at the most (transferring + configuration + testing).

Just a heads up :) Should see some page load decreases and room for the expansion of RoB.


Tuesday 27 January 2009

Chill-out, babyyyyy

You should have noticed a new tab at the top of each page now! The 'Chill-out' tab. This is basically a place where you can kill some time that is not game related, it will take a few weeks to build up as people submit more stuff, if you have something you would like to submit, please do :) If you're a poet just launch all your stuff on their and get people reading it. I'll edventually get around to linking what you post to your profiles somehow too.

*New server* Will be ready and installed next weekend (week today). There will be a small amount of downtime, but not much, I'll let you know closer to the time.

As for the staff i wanted a couple weeks ago, it was to help me and other current staff to approve all the submited stuff, at the moment there is videos, jokes and poems, more stuff will be added, so if you think of something that would be cool to have, use the suggestion forum.

If you have yet to apply for this job and want it, please do! (Blood letter the RoB Bot (2)) If you no longer want to have this job you know now what it is please send a blood letter also saying you wish to withdraw your application.

Another thing i have done is got rid of the site closing at reset... going to see if this helps with anything, but a message will appear at the top of the screen when the reset cycle is in progress, meaning the site may be slow at those times!

Some other little stuff & bug fixes as usual coming up...

Enjoy the week :)


Friday 16 January 2009

*staff wanted* and server update.

First off i have made the payment for the second server, and should be ready and set up by next week. Hopefully you'll notice a huge difference...

For this new feature i described in my last blog, it is based upon user generated content. Meaning i need a couple new staff members that would like to help me check and accept or deny the submitted stuff. I'm not going to say what it is because it will give it away =P

But,  it will be just checking that the user summited stuff is not spam and then simply hitting accept.  It wont take more than a few minutes a day (depends how much stuff is submitted). But you must be active, and want the yellow checkmark - as this will be needed to done daily.

If you're interested, please send a blood letter to ID#2 to say why we should choose you!

Good luck ;)


Tuesday 13 January 2009

What's to come.....

The huge relief of handing some coursework in... then getting 2 more pieces thrown at you as the new semester starts! Isn't Uni fun?

Anyway,  few things coming up! I have had some people say to me there is not a lot to do in between resets other than sitting in the forums or chat, i agree. But the game is not built to be on for 24/7. But i know some of you do =P So i have come up with something to help pass some time, but i will take a couple weeks after release to build up... i know all you social people and a few others will like it! It'll be a great add on for the site.

Of course i still have the enemy & friends list to do as well as the odd reported fix here and there.

It is new server time! I am currently waiting on the price for a 2nd server to be added to RoB, i'll let you know closer to the time because there will be some downtime when it's being set up! that means only good things though, means a lot more people are playing!

have a goooood week =D


Friday 2 January 2009

Do you love Google? Support RoB!

RoB is overpowering it's QuadCore 6GB RAM server... so there is only one thing to do. Attach another server. Never thought i'd see it to be honest, but it's amazing how the site has grown. And I'd like to thank all of you for that :)

As i said, i need to get another server to attach on to RoB to dedicate all the SQL to, and then run apache and all the other applications on this server. (Don't worry if you don't know what that means). I'm not going to announce how much it will cost... but it's quite a bit. I want to go for paying yearly, because you get extra discounts etc.

Now i'm not going to go throwing up more ads, increasing the price of VIP or any of that crap. But one thing i would to ask of you all, is to search Google through RoB. We get a small amount of commision for every click and search made to Google through us, i have added a link to this search bar in the stats box and at the bottom of the page with the facebook/myspace groups (join them if you have not already =P).

All i ask is for your support to search Google through RoB.

I've had a couple people come to me and say, "another server, you mean there is going to be like a server 1 and server 2? 2 different version of the games running?". No, i'm not doing that bollocks. It just means the hardware of 2 servers will work together to run the one game you are playing. You will notice no difference. Other than even faster page loads :)

Doing this decreases pages loads and prepares RoB for the growth of 2009.

Thank you for your support, and i hope 2009 goes well for all of you :)

(link to search bar:

**UPDATE**  The RoB toolbar search is not linked to the Google search, we don't get anything for you using the toolbar search bar, you must click the [ Search Google ] link as use that only. Got told about this and just wanted to clear it up :)

Thursday 1 January 2009

Happy new year!

Welcome to 2009! (I think most of you are there by now).

Let's try and make 2009 a good year for RoB! Sometimes in the next couple days  i will be wiping the forums... they are loading slow due to the huge volume of inactive threads, so i'll be sorting that out pretty soon. I will have the new forums done next month some time (making new ones for another project and will just use the code for here, which is why it will take a month or so).

As  i said previously, the new enemy and friends list will re-done aswell.

Wish everyone the best in 2009 :)


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