Tuesday 27 January 2009

Chill-out, babyyyyy

You should have noticed a new tab at the top of each page now! The 'Chill-out' tab. This is basically a place where you can kill some time that is not game related, it will take a few weeks to build up as people submit more stuff, if you have something you would like to submit, please do :) If you're a poet just launch all your stuff on their and get people reading it. I'll edventually get around to linking what you post to your profiles somehow too.

*New server* Will be ready and installed next weekend (week today). There will be a small amount of downtime, but not much, I'll let you know closer to the time.

As for the staff i wanted a couple weeks ago, it was to help me and other current staff to approve all the submited stuff, at the moment there is videos, jokes and poems, more stuff will be added, so if you think of something that would be cool to have, use the suggestion forum.

If you have yet to apply for this job and want it, please do! (Blood letter the RoB Bot (2)) If you no longer want to have this job you know now what it is please send a blood letter also saying you wish to withdraw your application.

Another thing i have done is got rid of the site closing at reset... going to see if this helps with anything, but a message will appear at the top of the screen when the reset cycle is in progress, meaning the site may be slow at those times!

Some other little stuff & bug fixes as usual coming up...

Enjoy the week :)



Anonymous said...

Thank you ash the coven I just made is mainly for writers and poets so I love this Idea

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Cool! Question. How/where do we now view the Top Vamp/Top Coven/Strongest Vamp info?

Anonymous said...

what about lagging from rob?!

DarkAsh said...

Read the blog and you will know about what i'm doing about RoB lagging.

And the Dead city you can view the top vamps page.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can u blood letter me a list of possible Jobs Ash.. I reli like to get more involved..

Am looking to start a little sumfing totally diff frm wat your doing on anti bullying and some other stuff, but i wud like to gain sum exp and poss sum loot along the way to help me set up..
Wnt happen yet, still have alot to do to mak it poss 1st.. but wat ur doing, Great job bro..
I love the game and site.. keep it up..
Maybe we cud both calaberate our sites in the near future,hopefully if all goes well on my side that is..lol

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