Friday 29 May 2009

The ongoing improvement to RoBs look!

I today also posted a blog about the reason behind the new login and exploring more VIP payment option which can be found here:

The reason for stating the above is because not many people come online each day and i have a new blog to post.

Onto now...

Dark August has kindly made a new top header image and background. It is now the default to all new members, and you can go into your account options and:

'"Change header image" > Default
"Background options" > Default

Change the above to get this new layout! Or can you can simply keep what you have got if you're happy with it. We understand everyone has different tastes, which is why we give you the option to chose what layouts you want to use!

It looks like:

(Click to enlarge)

A new navigation is also being tested to help navigation easier and at the same time allow more quick access to the main features of the game.

Hope you like it!


New login explanation & exploring new payment options for VIP.

Some people are not liking the "click here to continue" link when you login. Now, i wouldn't on purpose do things to annoy you, there is a reason behind it. I was over my friends uncles last week doing a bit of work on his website, i spontaneously (how naughty) decided to login and check RoB. I logged-in as normal, and a page came up saying "This page has expired" O.o, i refreshed the page and it worked fine. Tried logging-in again and it happened again.

It seems like *some* versions of interet explorer (Urgh) don't like the re-directs. As people are still set in their ways and using Internet explorer i had to take action... I've had emails saying that can't login, it turns out it was this problem. So now there is no re-direct anymore, just a simple confirm click which takes you into the site. What's funny is, i really didnt think 1 more click would matter. The amount of complaints i got from having to click one more time to get into a CLICKING links game i just found amusing lol.

I've also had a few emails with the request to add more VIP payment options. I am exploring two new options, mobile payments and surveys. Mobile payments i've had before but the fees are huge which means the most cost for you, so they were not that popular, but I'm searching around for more companies and seeing what is offered. For the older players you'll remember the points system, where you fill out surveys and get points rewards, (which you trade for vip days/plasma) if i can find a decent company with plenty of surveys for all countries, i might bring it back.

It's all talk though, my research could fail and find nothing, but for those frustrated that cannot get VIP because they don't have a credit, i am trying to find a solution for you.

Well on a personal note, I'm currently up in Birmingham with my Dad, going back home to Plymouth tomorrow, then on Sunday I'm going to crack on with the next update.

Enjoy your weekend!


Monday 25 May 2009

--New Competition-- & join us on twitter!

I've opened a Twitter feed for RoB, seeing as the whole world seems to be using it, I'll be posting on there smaller updates and just random what I'm doing that arn't worth posting a blog or update about. << Click and follow :)

Don't forget to join our Myspace/Facebook pages too, just check the bottom of each RoB page for all the links to all out external stuff.

Onto the Competition...
This competition is about creating a sign showing your love for RoB, in exchange for a juicy plasma prize of course! I want to make a page full of signs which can be viewed by all members, would be pretty awesome to have i think :)

For full info please visit :

Good luck :)


Sunday 24 May 2009

Covens are now open and improved!

The new covens are now open! I have spent the last week re-coding the back-end-code of the covens, making them faster and more efficient, a couple new features i have thrown in:

  • Staff page - A page where you can view all the coven members that have coven staff powers.
  • Invite option - Instead of people spamming bls and comments (which will become a bannable offense) i have made a custom invite feature where any coven member can invite any member of the game to join the coven they're in. It's done on a separate page so its not as annoying as getting a blood letter or comment invite when they're not wanted.
  • Item return - If and when you get kicked from a coven any lent items will be returned to the coven.
  • More orgasnised - Everything is now orgasnised into groups, so you can find what you want quickly and easily.
  • New update - The coven welcome message is now the coven announcment section, where coven staff can post any updates to the coven.
  • Accept vampires - Coven staff can now see how many people have applied to the coven instead of it just saying 'new'
  • General information page has been added to give people an overview on how covens work and what they are.
  • Relic prices have been increased.
  • New staff code - because of the way i have re-coded the covens, all staff had to be reset, so coven owners will have to set their staff again, sorry! (coven rank, list names & colours still remain though). Co-owners need to be set again aswell.
I think that's everything.....anyway, now everything else has just been tidied up and the back-end code made more effient. they should run much better now.

Any bugs please post in the bug forum. Click here

Now my little sis wants to go cinema to watch Night in the museum 2, fun stuff lol

Have a good one.


The level advance is not there because it's now done automatically. When a member battles and wins when the exp is over the max, the coven will level.

Thursday 21 May 2009

Enough of that... now some of this!

*Was slightly unprepared for the previous blogs uproar* Saying that, I'm going to push it aside for a bit...

I wiped my whiteboard clean today, and wrote my RoB to-do's on there, Jesus there is a lot... filled the entire board. I would love to take a photo and show you, but that would ruin any surprises i have coming up :P

Of course i am still powering my way through getting these covens finished, never realised how much code there was too them!

Someone mentioned in the last blog about new servers, yes correct i paid for and ordered 2 bloody huge servers to be added to RoBs current 2-server-network. That was in April! Had confirmation that they would be sorted and delivered by the 18th May... i have yet to get in contact with them. Apparently the supplier had a huge order from another customer that ordered first blah blah. But the answer is, soon. I want them installed as much as you did! A FASTER RoB is a BETTER RoB. Good news is my year subscription of them starts when they're installed so i'm not wasting money paying for...well nothing.

But rest assured lots of stuff is planned, and now i have finished Uni i do have extra time!

On an unrelated note, this blog is for all RoB updates/announcements etc etc. I have created myself a personal blog thing which is where i report not just RoB stuff, but everything i do, i thought I'd give it a try, never been much of a blogger but if you're interested the URL is:

If i get readers/followers I'll keep it up. See who finds my extremely exciting life entertaining lol.

Enjoy the week, i know i will!


Sunday 17 May 2009

Important upcoming changes to covens and profiles.

I'm sat here taking a break from revising for my last exam on Tuesday, it's not going to go well... but in other news, i have been working on the covens recently. Yes some parts, like the edit member and quitting have removed until the new version is done, please dont blood letter me asking when it'll be back.

The new version of the covens will be faster, more efficient and easier to use. That's the plan anyway, now the bad side is that all coven staff will get reset, meaning coven owners will have to go through and add all their staff again. Covens will not be reset or anything, its just the staff that will be effected by the new coven code.

The other bad thing is that HTML will not be allowed on the coven info page or main page (see below).

I'm afraid that this has to be for profiles too... HTML will be blocked. The reason for this? To increase overall game security. The changes made are listed below:

  • STILL ALLOWING CSS - CSS will still be usable in your profiles, which is what gives most of you the options to change the page around, add font colours etc etc. This will inputted via a seperate text box, so you'll still have all that.
  • BBcode (RCode) instead of HTML - Instead of using html tags like <b> </b> and <u> </u>, you will use [b][/b] and [u][/u] which is used in the forum and chat etc. So you can still format the page as before, URLs, image tags, bold, italics and others will be allowed, more info when it's done.
  • Final bad thing... - No more Youtube vids & Xat chats etc will be allowed to be embeded in your profiles. although you will be allowed to link to them via your profile.
  • Character limit - There will be a limit on words in a profile, to stop people filling it up with loads of crap which makes other peoples browsers crash, (if you're currently using internet exporer, get off it,

And the above rules will be the same in the coven info and main page.

I know it's a pain, but your security is more important i hope you agree.

I'll post again when the covens are ready and all the changes made to them.

Enjoy your week, and wish me luck for Tuesday!


Wednesday 13 May 2009

Education is almost over...

Had my first exam yesterday (was awful), got one more exam next tuesday and a presentation in a minute, as long as i don't fail that's the last I'll see of education! Can't wait. So from the end of next week updates will start again, i will be focusing on one new feature and work on the covens. As well as throwing in some extra time for friends/enemy lists which i promised a while back. Some of my time will also be spent going around all the pages on RoB and optimizing them geting them loading faster.

Had a message from the host saying that the 2 new servers that I ordered will be delivered on the 18th May, more about that when i know more!

Enjoy the week.


Thursday 7 May 2009

Server Downtime

We are currently experiencing some downtime, we are working on the problem and hope to bring RoB back as soon as we can.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Saturday 2 May 2009

Almost free.... so much to do!

So yesterday i handed in my last piece of University coursework, ever. As of next week, you will start seeing some updates on RoB again... i have some free time but i do have 2 exams in May which i should at least spend some time revising for.

Then after that I'm totally free :) I have a VERY long list of stuff that needs to be done/added on RoB, so I'll start working my way through that :)

Enjoy your week!

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