Monday 25 May 2009

--New Competition-- & join us on twitter!

I've opened a Twitter feed for RoB, seeing as the whole world seems to be using it, I'll be posting on there smaller updates and just random what I'm doing that arn't worth posting a blog or update about. << Click and follow :)

Don't forget to join our Myspace/Facebook pages too, just check the bottom of each RoB page for all the links to all out external stuff.

Onto the Competition...
This competition is about creating a sign showing your love for RoB, in exchange for a juicy plasma prize of course! I want to make a page full of signs which can be viewed by all members, would be pretty awesome to have i think :)

For full info please visit :

Good luck :)



Anonymous said...

i use twitter to spam my link now and again

Nitemare said...

You want signs like as in pictures of us showing our love to RoB

DarkAsh said...

Yeah with you in it :) but keep the pics you make though!

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