Friday 29 May 2009

New login explanation & exploring new payment options for VIP.

Some people are not liking the "click here to continue" link when you login. Now, i wouldn't on purpose do things to annoy you, there is a reason behind it. I was over my friends uncles last week doing a bit of work on his website, i spontaneously (how naughty) decided to login and check RoB. I logged-in as normal, and a page came up saying "This page has expired" O.o, i refreshed the page and it worked fine. Tried logging-in again and it happened again.

It seems like *some* versions of interet explorer (Urgh) don't like the re-directs. As people are still set in their ways and using Internet explorer i had to take action... I've had emails saying that can't login, it turns out it was this problem. So now there is no re-direct anymore, just a simple confirm click which takes you into the site. What's funny is, i really didnt think 1 more click would matter. The amount of complaints i got from having to click one more time to get into a CLICKING links game i just found amusing lol.

I've also had a few emails with the request to add more VIP payment options. I am exploring two new options, mobile payments and surveys. Mobile payments i've had before but the fees are huge which means the most cost for you, so they were not that popular, but I'm searching around for more companies and seeing what is offered. For the older players you'll remember the points system, where you fill out surveys and get points rewards, (which you trade for vip days/plasma) if i can find a decent company with plenty of surveys for all countries, i might bring it back.

It's all talk though, my research could fail and find nothing, but for those frustrated that cannot get VIP because they don't have a credit, i am trying to find a solution for you.

Well on a personal note, I'm currently up in Birmingham with my Dad, going back home to Plymouth tomorrow, then on Sunday I'm going to crack on with the next update.

Enjoy your weekend!



Slitten said...

Doing surveys for vip would be awesome

BloodLust said...

I didnt mind the extra click..Why the crap would the rest of you find a second and a grain-sized of energy gone so bad??And yes...surveys for vip days and plasmas...uber awesome

†Helvienk† said...

Lol amazing, 1 click? Lmfao! any how hope Dads alright and you enjoy my home town.

Slitten said...

I enjoy my one click cuz i get a nice thank you for logging in :D

Anonymous said...

You rock Ash! Keep up the good work.

Revan Fios said...

I really like the idea of VIP for survey responses or a similar event. Perhaps it could also be done through QotD, perhaps with harder questions and a point system too?

Deity said...

For the Question of the Day, rather than dedicated staff, would it not be possible to have the question prepared, so it changes with the daily reset? Just a thought!

Mio said...

I tought of option trough Phone payment since most people have a phone and its easy.

Anonymous said...

why dun u make a deal with cherry credits?

its might help.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


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