Sunday 24 May 2009

Covens are now open and improved!

The new covens are now open! I have spent the last week re-coding the back-end-code of the covens, making them faster and more efficient, a couple new features i have thrown in:

  • Staff page - A page where you can view all the coven members that have coven staff powers.
  • Invite option - Instead of people spamming bls and comments (which will become a bannable offense) i have made a custom invite feature where any coven member can invite any member of the game to join the coven they're in. It's done on a separate page so its not as annoying as getting a blood letter or comment invite when they're not wanted.
  • Item return - If and when you get kicked from a coven any lent items will be returned to the coven.
  • More orgasnised - Everything is now orgasnised into groups, so you can find what you want quickly and easily.
  • New update - The coven welcome message is now the coven announcment section, where coven staff can post any updates to the coven.
  • Accept vampires - Coven staff can now see how many people have applied to the coven instead of it just saying 'new'
  • General information page has been added to give people an overview on how covens work and what they are.
  • Relic prices have been increased.
  • New staff code - because of the way i have re-coded the covens, all staff had to be reset, so coven owners will have to set their staff again, sorry! (coven rank, list names & colours still remain though). Co-owners need to be set again aswell.
I think that's everything.....anyway, now everything else has just been tidied up and the back-end code made more effient. they should run much better now.

Any bugs please post in the bug forum. Click here

Now my little sis wants to go cinema to watch Night in the museum 2, fun stuff lol

Have a good one.


The level advance is not there because it's now done automatically. When a member battles and wins when the exp is over the max, the coven will level.


Sosa the Terrible said...

Hurray! I'm so happy. Thank you Ash for considering some of our requests in your upgrade. Yeay! I don't feal so Terrible anymore.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Ash and good job!

Shadow Stalker said...

I 'm just wondering why it was deemed important to put the price of the relics up by adding a 0 to their price? $3000-$30000 and $5000 to $50000 a big increase for the smaller covens while probably unnoticable to the big covens.

DarkAsh said...

It has been increased due to the economy, even to smaller covens, it is easy for person to get $30,000. You can sell one AP for 100k.

Anonymous said...

and i didn't lose my playlist. Nice ^^

Anonymous said...

one more thing i forgot to tell u i have rated your game Ash on some voting sites this game is on the place number 1 ok

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Ash, good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Well done Ash!!! Thanks for all the improvements in the Coven areas for staff, and the easier invite system. No more feeling horrid for rejection! :) The ability to sell and buy relics, despite economic hardship for some, is nice as well.

As a total newbie to rpgs, I have voted faithfully and noticed also that RoB has moved (within the last two weeks since I joined) to being within the top 10 on all voting sites with few exceptions, and in many cases has moved to No. One!!! Well done Ash, well done!!! I am thrilled with the game, the people, and ease of use. *smiles*

Have fun at cinema with lil Sis and thanks again for all the improvements! Fare thee well m'Lord . . .

Anonymous said...

Those new prices to use relics are rediculous! Wayyyy to high. I own a young coven and there is no way we can afford that, yet the higher level covens that is just pocket change. 30-50k would bankrupt smaller/poorer covens. You could have at least upped the amount of money you get for winning a coven battle if you were going to raise the relic prices. So much for me being able to level up my coven :( I will say everything else looks really good though, I just think that those relic prices are way too high.

Anonymous said...

or better yet have the price of the relic determined by the current rank of the coven. That way they can be affordable to the new covens and as the coven grows, levels up, and gains more money, so does the price of the relic

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of work accomplished. Thanks Ash....Night at the Museum 2...went to see it last night...Although not as good as the first..still great!

Khalin said...

(coven rank, list names & colours still remain though)<---Coven ranks are gone list names and color remained, but ranks did not. Now, tell me about the movie Ash

DarkAsh said...

FYI - The level advance is not there because it's now done automatically

Anonymous said...

"•New update - The coven welcome message is now the coven announcment section, where coven staff can post any updates to the coven."

How annoying. I kept my coven informed of any changes/updates using the announcement section which meant I didn't have to constantly change the layout in the welcome message. Bring back the two separate sections!!!!!

Apart from that, the rest looks good.

With regards to the relic prices being raised, perhaps the cost of buying a coven should have been raised instead.

Super_nub said...

No more annoying coven invites.



Revan Fios said...

Great job, Ash! It's nice to still have pic and a few embed options with the coven code. I for one have leadership of a small coven, and I don't mind the expensive relics; it gives me something to motivate my coven members with the allure of a relic upgrade! Thanks!

Lucidious Rage said...

Well done Ash, Thank you for listening to your community and including some of the requested changes. I'm very impressed at this point by your flexibility and being in tune with your community.

I'm still very interested on the next round of changes which I presume will be the profile code, etc.

What are your thoughts on that at this point?

Thanks again, job well done, fantastic work so far!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ash,

All changes seem pretty good, only exception is ...
Why can we no longer see who is online within the Coven on the Members page?

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