Sunday 29 May 2011

Extra turns for the rest of May & toolbar campaign

For those what were on, RoB was down for about an hour this morning. The giant evil 503 was upon us. Thanks to our Facebook page likers you can all have the turns you missed from the top of hour with the promo code: may29down

Lottery jackpot

So the lottery rolled over AGAIN this weekend, the jackpot is currently over $330million. Someone is going to be rich next weekend, good luck all.

Charity packs
For a final push of Cancer Research UK charity pack sales, buy a charity pack  now and get +10 turns an hour until the end of the month. Everyone can enjoy an extra +5 turns an hour until the end of the today. We've not raised as much this month, so hopefully this last push will get a bit more added to the pot.

Toolbar Campaign
People are loving the RoB toolbar. I want to get as many people as possible downloading and using it.

- A link to the RoB homepage
- A variety of quick links to the most popular pages
- A link to all of Robs social networks and this blog
- Dedicated toolbar search, search for anything in RoB from the toolbar.

There is also a [ Give Feedback ] link where you can give feedback and suggest features you'd like to see. If we get 200 active users using the toolbar, all toolbar uses will receive a nice juicy promo code to use.

[ CLICK HERE to download the toolbar for free

There is no chrome version yet, for which I apologise. There is currently no release date for a Chrome version. The toolbar works in IE and FF.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!

Thursday 26 May 2011

War no surrender bonus, lag update & players buying charity packs

War no surrender bonus
Have no wars left and want to declare more? By trading your month's white flag and paying a one off fee, you will lose your ability to surrender a war for 30 days, but have 1 extra war this month. This is to give incentive to those who are at war to fight through their wars, and reward those who do not surrender.

May Competition
Only a week left to enter the may competition, show us how you RoB! Click here for more details.

Lottery jackpot
Another lottery rollover last week, with the jackpot at around $160million. How much do you think it'll reach this week?

I made many efforts last night trying to find the source of the top of hour lag, involved testing wars, removing news items etc and for the inconvenience I apologise. We've done some software upgrades and things are looking much better! The 59 past lag (Which isn't too bad as you're not battling then) I have a solution for also. For the inconvenience you can have a promocode: lagsuckz

Charity packs
Got in game cash to buy charity packs? These guys are buying packs wanting your hard earned in game cash:

Naz Jeeves Asrai (243761) selling charity packs with offers $5mil +
 Vince (436225)  is selling packs too, shoot them a blood letter to see what deals you can get.

Current active Auction:

 Thanks for your patience & enjoy the weekend to come!

Friday 20 May 2011

Charity packs updates & couple other small things

Reset updates
As you know, the hourly reset now takes place at 59 past to remove all lag from when top of hour occurs, which is working really well. Of course now there is a slight lag when people are getting updated at 59 past (which used to be on the top of hour). I have now also (for those who play late) moved the main reset 5 minutes before midnight. As this is was getting in the way of that midnight hourly reset kills too. This is of course only a semi-permanent solution. The resets will stay this way because the feedback has been so positive about it. I have ordered a full scale analysis of the servers, so we're working on making the resets happen with less lag. Although the lag doesn't get in the way of the battles anymore, I feel it can be a lot less laggy still. With the recent boost of activity and new players over the last month, this kind of came from nowhere, but we're working hard to keep things fast for you all. Don't move around too much on the cooldown, as its meant to be a cooldown. Just take it slow and wait for ToH :)

What's coming up
This big update I'm working I hope will be a huge success. Hopefully it'll be with us by the end of the month to start on the 1st June. When it's out, I'll be working my way through the suggestion forum again and get some features & updates done that you guys want :) So if you want to see something in RoB? Now is the best time to suggest it. Stay tuned.

Quest removal
"Gambats House" quest has been removed. Please remove them from your coven guides etc.

Motivation Summary
I've had a few people tell me their motivation isn't adding properly. Being a VIP member gets you 35 a day, but then if you buy VIP+ and not use that motivation, you'll still have 35 the next day. The help keep the resets quicker, your motivation is reset ONLY if it at 0 at midnight. So if you use your 35 motivation on the day you get VIP+, you'll get the 50 next reset. I have added this note to the FAQ.

Selling Charity packs?
To help boost charity pack revenue I am giving people who post any Charity pack trades in the forum free publicity on this next blog. After posting, send me a blood letter with the subject "charity trade" with the forum link & I'll post it here next time. This can include buying potion credits for other players.

Player Charity choice
So we've helped out ActionAid (Poverty), British Red Cross (Japan Appeal) and this month is Cancer Research. We want to help out loads more, so I'm giving you, the players, a chance to contribute to charities you'd like to the site to support. Click here for the forum thread discussion & terms.

Sunday 15 May 2011

May competition & hourly reset update [reposted]

It seems like Blogger has failed a little, it seems to have deleted the previous blog, so here it is again.

New Accounts Page
The account options page has had a slight face-lift, instead of just lists of links, I've made it more organised.

May Competition
This month's competition is titled "My RoB Obsession". The task is to take a photo of where you play RoB, decorated, showing RoB pride. Players will be judged by originality and the showing of RoB pride. Upload your photos to Tinypic or Photobucket and blood letter the link to the RoB-Bot.

We will probably display some of the best ways, although we'll make sure we blur out any "personal" information on the screenshots/photos you might have missed as best we can before publishing.

The top prize is 50 plasma, second prize is 20 plasma, 3rd prize is 5 plasma.

(P.S having the RoB toolbar might score you some good points)

Hourly Reset Changes
As you've probably already noticed, I've made some changes to the hourly reset. The main problem the thousands of players getting updated and everybody fighting for kills at the same time. In my effort to help the problem, I have moved the hourly reset 1 minute before the actual top of hour. So at 59 minutes past everyone is revived, but in that minute also, you cannot attack, attack, suicide etc. I've called it the "cool down period".  This allows for everyone to attack pretty much lag free when the actual top of hour comes along. It's been a huge improvement and people are getting a lot more kills in. If you don't fully understand this, don't worry, from a basic player point of view nothing has changed, you still can attack fresh people on the top of hour, just now, it's less laggy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Please remember that CANCER RESEARCH UK is our charity this month. Almost every body is affected by Cancer one way of another, please buy some potions, get good boosts, and help a well needed charity at the same time.

Hope you enjoy what's left of your weekend

Thursday 5 May 2011

New Charity Of The Month & last months summary (Competition winners too)

This months charity : Cancer Research UK
They have saved millions of lives by discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. With our help, they can save a few more. Show your support by buying any of the charity packs or any of Trik's potion credits. You can also feel free to make a direct donation right here.

Last month's charity was The British Red Cross (Japan Appeal), we raised $295.20. Thanks for all your support, they'll be very grateful.

New Potion
I have added a new potion credit potion called Forever Alive, which lets you use the VIP quick heal as often as you want within the one hour time frame. This is capped at one per day. This will be much liked to those trying to zoom ahead with the Spring Valley achievements.

April Competition Winners
Quite a few entries this month, some good, some pretty shocking! I have norrowed it down to these three which I found most entertaining. Enjoy the plasma!

1st -   Edward Koi Cytes Crusnik (435946)  [ Image Link ]
2nd - Fat Bastard (350047) [ Image Link ]
3rd - Je T`Aime Shadow Kissed (204694) [ Image Link ]

Here a few more I found entertaining that didn't make it into the top 3.

[ Click to view ] [ Click to view ] [ Click to view ] [ Click to view ] [ Click to view ]

I hope you enjoyed the Easter Events and are enjoying the coven quests, thanks for the feedback so far, it's good to know my hard work is appreciated :)

Thanks everyone,

Monday 2 May 2011

Coven updates including coven quests!

I've spent the spare time over the last week (around the "come-back" project) to do some updates to the covens. Here are the changes I've made so far:

New Layout
I've updated the layout a bit which helps make most of the space available. The user options going down and the staff menus across is actually much better when you get used to it :) Oh, and I worked on the layout within a couple random covens with fancy profiles to make sure it has maximum compatibility as possible (Some layouts might mess up a little, so a little editing will be needed on your part, sorry about that). The layout includes and new link layout, main information in a table at the top, coven news made easier to read and a welcome to header at the top. I have also formatted some of the info on the coven stats page.

Coven HTML/CSS block
Every now and then I get a blood letter saying something like "I can't quit my coven because the leave link is hidden". So I've added an option on the account page which allows you to disable the coven HTML on the main coven page. (Works just like profile safe mode.) This also is a benefit to mobile users.

Donating mass equipment
It's now much easier to donate mass equipment to the coven. When you go to the donate to armoury page, it will list all your unequipped equipment and check boxes next to each name, check the ones you want to donate, then click donate.

Donating Potions
The coven exp & blood potions can now be donated to the coven (both the IG potion and the credit potion). I have also added a new coven staff option for just dealing with giving out these potions.

Disband Coven
You can now, as a coven owner, leave a coven without having to give it away. Using this disband option will close the coven permanently.

Coven Quests
I've seen the idea of coven quests suggested for a while, so I've come up with this system.

Set Quests
These are quests set by me which can be completed DAILY by all coven members. All completions give the coven exp. There is no personal bonus.

Coven Owner Set Quests
The coven owner can set coven exp quests (although you can't have them both quest sets active at the same time). The coven owner will dedicated $X into a pot and at a first come first serve basis, the vampires who complete the task set by the owner, will get the cash. When the cash is gone, you can now longer accept or complete any active quests, until the coven owner adds more cash to the pot. (if you accept a quest, complete it and realise the pot is empty, and it goes past midnight, you won't get rewarded.)

Easter Events
The Easter event will end on Wednesday, so make sure you get all your tasks in, chocolate traded etc. The plasma special will also end on Wednesday. Don't get excited, but I've added a 6th egg.

New charity will be added in the next few days.  All potions sales until the change will still contribute to the Japan Tsunami fund.

Random tips!

Random Tip: Looking to get 500 GW energy and stuck on 499? The system will only give you 2 energy if it won't take you over your 500 cap. So use 1 energy, and you'll get your 500 max.

Random Tip #2: A lot of people don't know this, but if you browse the forums a lot, there is an option on the account page which lets you change the amount of posts to be displayed on each thread before clicking "next X posts".

Please report any bugs with the new features :)

Hope you had a good weekend,

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