Sunday 15 May 2011

May competition & hourly reset update [reposted]

It seems like Blogger has failed a little, it seems to have deleted the previous blog, so here it is again.

New Accounts Page
The account options page has had a slight face-lift, instead of just lists of links, I've made it more organised.

May Competition
This month's competition is titled "My RoB Obsession". The task is to take a photo of where you play RoB, decorated, showing RoB pride. Players will be judged by originality and the showing of RoB pride. Upload your photos to Tinypic or Photobucket and blood letter the link to the RoB-Bot.

We will probably display some of the best ways, although we'll make sure we blur out any "personal" information on the screenshots/photos you might have missed as best we can before publishing.

The top prize is 50 plasma, second prize is 20 plasma, 3rd prize is 5 plasma.

(P.S having the RoB toolbar might score you some good points)

Hourly Reset Changes
As you've probably already noticed, I've made some changes to the hourly reset. The main problem the thousands of players getting updated and everybody fighting for kills at the same time. In my effort to help the problem, I have moved the hourly reset 1 minute before the actual top of hour. So at 59 minutes past everyone is revived, but in that minute also, you cannot attack, attack, suicide etc. I've called it the "cool down period".  This allows for everyone to attack pretty much lag free when the actual top of hour comes along. It's been a huge improvement and people are getting a lot more kills in. If you don't fully understand this, don't worry, from a basic player point of view nothing has changed, you still can attack fresh people on the top of hour, just now, it's less laggy. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Please remember that CANCER RESEARCH UK is our charity this month. Almost every body is affected by Cancer one way of another, please buy some potions, get good boosts, and help a well needed charity at the same time.

Hope you enjoy what's left of your weekend


Anonymous said...

Damn you, Blogger! xD

Isabella Night said...

Sounds good. Keep the updates coming :)

Anonymous said...

Where is the new edition of Phantom Press?!

aakanksha said...

r u crazy

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