Monday 2 May 2011

Coven updates including coven quests!

I've spent the spare time over the last week (around the "come-back" project) to do some updates to the covens. Here are the changes I've made so far:

New Layout
I've updated the layout a bit which helps make most of the space available. The user options going down and the staff menus across is actually much better when you get used to it :) Oh, and I worked on the layout within a couple random covens with fancy profiles to make sure it has maximum compatibility as possible (Some layouts might mess up a little, so a little editing will be needed on your part, sorry about that). The layout includes and new link layout, main information in a table at the top, coven news made easier to read and a welcome to header at the top. I have also formatted some of the info on the coven stats page.

Coven HTML/CSS block
Every now and then I get a blood letter saying something like "I can't quit my coven because the leave link is hidden". So I've added an option on the account page which allows you to disable the coven HTML on the main coven page. (Works just like profile safe mode.) This also is a benefit to mobile users.

Donating mass equipment
It's now much easier to donate mass equipment to the coven. When you go to the donate to armoury page, it will list all your unequipped equipment and check boxes next to each name, check the ones you want to donate, then click donate.

Donating Potions
The coven exp & blood potions can now be donated to the coven (both the IG potion and the credit potion). I have also added a new coven staff option for just dealing with giving out these potions.

Disband Coven
You can now, as a coven owner, leave a coven without having to give it away. Using this disband option will close the coven permanently.

Coven Quests
I've seen the idea of coven quests suggested for a while, so I've come up with this system.

Set Quests
These are quests set by me which can be completed DAILY by all coven members. All completions give the coven exp. There is no personal bonus.

Coven Owner Set Quests
The coven owner can set coven exp quests (although you can't have them both quest sets active at the same time). The coven owner will dedicated $X into a pot and at a first come first serve basis, the vampires who complete the task set by the owner, will get the cash. When the cash is gone, you can now longer accept or complete any active quests, until the coven owner adds more cash to the pot. (if you accept a quest, complete it and realise the pot is empty, and it goes past midnight, you won't get rewarded.)

Easter Events
The Easter event will end on Wednesday, so make sure you get all your tasks in, chocolate traded etc. The plasma special will also end on Wednesday. Don't get excited, but I've added a 6th egg.

New charity will be added in the next few days.  All potions sales until the change will still contribute to the Japan Tsunami fund.

Random tips!

Random Tip: Looking to get 500 GW energy and stuck on 499? The system will only give you 2 energy if it won't take you over your 500 cap. So use 1 energy, and you'll get your 500 max.

Random Tip #2: A lot of people don't know this, but if you browse the forums a lot, there is an option on the account page which lets you change the amount of posts to be displayed on each thread before clicking "next X posts".

Please report any bugs with the new features :)

Hope you had a good weekend,


Lydea Mey said...

I can't even find Egg one.. now your adding another? *glares at ash*

Duke Danse Macambre said...

Well at least the quests should be interesting. :P
Happy about the donating multi gear, can we have the same for selling & secure trades?

Mania Virtutum said...

Lydea Mey, if you need help, BL me. I have Egg 1. (:


Anonymous said...

yeah I vote multi-secure trade too.. :-)

Anonymous said...

yeah i vote multi-secure trade too.. :-)

Anonymous said...

i love barney the purple dinosaur and im inocent im in jail

Anonymous said...

didn't find any

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