Sunday 29 May 2011

Extra turns for the rest of May & toolbar campaign

For those what were on, RoB was down for about an hour this morning. The giant evil 503 was upon us. Thanks to our Facebook page likers you can all have the turns you missed from the top of hour with the promo code: may29down

Lottery jackpot

So the lottery rolled over AGAIN this weekend, the jackpot is currently over $330million. Someone is going to be rich next weekend, good luck all.

Charity packs
For a final push of Cancer Research UK charity pack sales, buy a charity pack  now and get +10 turns an hour until the end of the month. Everyone can enjoy an extra +5 turns an hour until the end of the today. We've not raised as much this month, so hopefully this last push will get a bit more added to the pot.

Toolbar Campaign
People are loving the RoB toolbar. I want to get as many people as possible downloading and using it.

- A link to the RoB homepage
- A variety of quick links to the most popular pages
- A link to all of Robs social networks and this blog
- Dedicated toolbar search, search for anything in RoB from the toolbar.

There is also a [ Give Feedback ] link where you can give feedback and suggest features you'd like to see. If we get 200 active users using the toolbar, all toolbar uses will receive a nice juicy promo code to use.

[ CLICK HERE to download the toolbar for free

There is no chrome version yet, for which I apologise. There is currently no release date for a Chrome version. The toolbar works in IE and FF.

Enjoy what's left of the weekend!


Tomas Mandon said...

And I hope we get the Chrome version of the toolbar soon.

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Superb Ash! Thanks for adding even more to make the game easier! :)

Rez said...

So no hope of getting the JUICY promo code for chrome users then. Yeah that seems fair. I'm sure they would use the toolbar if they could.

Norhede said...

The toolbar is very nice, I started using it almost immediately after signing up =)

I mostly use it for the offsite links though (FB, this blog etc), but I do find it to be very useful =) As for extra features, I'll be sure to post in the feedback thread once I've thought up something =)

Thanks for the promo code!

Anonymous said...

I have been using it since the day Ash released it.If you play a lot... it actaually works quite well...

Anonymous said...

For some reason when I click to download nothing happens. I've tried to download it a million times. :( Now I'm gonna miss out.

Andie (484974)

Anonymous said...

Sadly, since you haven't released a chrome version of the toolbar, I have no use for it then. I only use google chrome for my interwebs. =(

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