Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The evil 503 & new real time clock

The evil 503
I apologise for the recent 503 nonsense. We have found what is causing it, and taking several steps in order to stop it. I invest wisely into a good server back up system which backs up everything every hour without interfering with server performance. Because of this, we have made some server log changes to help prevent the 503s. They should happen a lot less (even at all now) but there a couple other improvements we'll be making to keep the game running as smooth as possible. Growing pains can be painful!

As for the midnight downtime last night, the server guys do apologise because inconveniently their mail server was doing a software update and they didn't get the notification. (They get notified as soon as the server is down). They have SMS alerts too now, so they're always in the know, keeping a close eye on RoB.

Real time clock
Oh yes, we have a ticking clock. It's quite mesmerizing too. If you don't like it, you can go to the accounts page and turn it back to the static clock.

People lurrveeee potions. People also lurrveee that a portion of the potion credit sales go to charity. Have an idea that would be cool for a potion? Trik is always open to new ideas. Click here to discuss.



Anonymous said...

No linky for Trik.

Love the clock ;)

Anonymous said...

<3 Keep em coming Ash! ~KK

†Izabetta Nervengift† (200221) said...

Thanks for helping with "the evil 503" as I called it earlier today in the forums, I was like wow, his title is just what I called it earlier lol. Anyways, thanks for helping with it, it is really annoying.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be funny to have an expensive love potion. The user to give another vampire's id and that vampire would then have a note on their profile that they're hopelessly in love with the user for a certain amount of time. Of course, to be fair, after the potion wears off the victim should get a free zap on the user. :P

SFC Army Guy said...

How about a money potion that gives more than 10% increase? For a level 50 player they would have to kill more than 1000 players within the hour (at their level or lower) to make the $15,000 back... just a suggestion...

~Most Unholy~ Alchemist said...

I'm learning more and more about this mysterious server guy.
Anyways keep up the good work [y]

pretty said...

i am watching the seconds of my life tick away. ty ash.

Anonymous said...

Love CLOCK !!! ... nice to know about the Server Back-up System too .... RoB on its Way to bigger and better "Everything" ?!?!?! Oh Yes ... hope so ... think so .... waiting for it .... Vladina

Anonymous said...

My eyes are going to be averting to the side of the screen constantly now as I'm wondering what the Hell is moving over there. >.>

Anonymous said...

I like the clock it helps me with the ToH especially when at war!Good job!

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