Wednesday 29 June 2011

Comeback feature: PETS - Located in Mount Tilia

So, the Big July is about to start. Are you ready? (We know it's not quite July yet, read on)

Mount Tilia
Mount Tilia, just west of Ghost Town, is a place where vampires can home their pets. Pet fighting in the Dead City is forbidden, so all pet battles and tournaments take place over in Mount Tilia. You can get to Mount Tilia through the portal, as it's now a new location on our map.

Pets is one of those things that people will love or hate. Don't like them? Don't use them! They're not a compulsory part of RoB. You will however, be rewarded for using this feature.

Pets were originally added in May 2006 (Just a month after the site opened), but were subsequently removed a year or two later. Ever since then, people have been wanting them back. Without a good method of doing so, I haven't bothered... until now.

The pet tournament area located in Mount Tilia will open for battles within the first week of July. As a teaser, you can all now go buy and name your pets.

I do encourage you not to think too much of this until you see it in action :) It's pretty cool, and the rewards for using it is pretty tasty too (Although you won't see all this until it's open).

Thanks to Sirus for spending the last couple months doing the images.

Help For Heroes
The Help For Heroes charity campaign will end at the end of June. If you want to support this charity for a final time, buy any charity pack or potion credits from Trik's.

June Competition
The June competition will end midnight on the night of 30th June (Thursday). I will be staying up until midnight, and on the strike of midnight (game time) I will close the leaderboard and the winners will be revealed. Good luck to all the people who have entered.

Thanks & enjoy!


Josh Phuri Dae said...

Hey I'm newish, new features are always something worth trying :) I'm sure we're going to see some ridiculous pet names.

Pab said...

a cute idea.
but, when on a mobile you cannot "hover" over the four VIP pets, so I have no idea how much VIP is required for each one.
also, if one of these is bought and your VIP goes under that amount, do they become invalid?a cute idea.
but, when on a mobile you cannot "hover" over the four VIP pets, so I have no idea how much VIP is required for each one.
also, if one of these is bought and your VIP goes under that amount, do they become invalid?

Anonymous said...

i always wanted to have a pet!!!

Linus C. Tourettes said...

Cool stuff! Can't wait 'til all the pets features are up and running.

DarkAsh said...

If you click the pet and click "next stage >" If you don't have enough VIP days for that pet, it will tell you how many VIP days you need (for mobile users)

Nalla Nostradamus (adonx) said...

I just bought a pet and I can't wait to the feature is officially open. And josh is right there are gonna be some really ot of there names lol.

Mr. Boone said...

No dogs? Where are the dog fights? I mean, we can all be Michael Vick in this new feature! Lordy... Hounds? Maybe there's hope!

Anyways, I'll give it a try... If there's a significantly useful and purposeful training system established... I'll use it; if there's not, and it's rather pathetic like Greenwood etc etc... Then I won't. Let's see if Inquisitor can pull through.

However, is there going to be a way to alter your pet when you have already created one?... Or in name, type/species of pet? Special perks and incentives...? Is there going to be some addition to those who purchase plasma/VIP/VIP+?

I suppose I'll find out. As the rest of us will.

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Awesome Ash! Can't wait to get a pet ... *hehe* Cheers!

[†Dr. Twizz™†] (59875) said...

I love this already.

Pets! *squee*

Guildythewicked said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Guildythewicked said...

Mr. Boone: Hound = Dog. {facepalm}

Can't wait Ash.

Can't choose though. :(

Anonymous said...

Well, of course you have to buy it, wouldn't want to do it for free...

Anonymous said...

Pets ??? maybe... we'll see ... still need some of those blood gorged NPGs ... when are they coming ??? .....(avail Kills from R80 - R400 are severely lacking) ... PLZ Ash PLZ import some vamps !!! maybe a feature where we could Kill off-planet or something ?!?!?! You're creative, I KNOW you can do it !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Is there going to be a way to trade for a different pet or buy multiple pets? That's something that could be useful. :) I also think that we could buy a stronger pet using real money. Like with the Dark Rubies and equipment pack :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not seeing my comment so I think it didnt go through.
I like the pets. But is there a way to either trade for a different pet or buy multiple pets? I'd also like to see a pet you can buy with real money like the equipment pack and dark rubies

Shardy said...

wow , i did get a pet,, Ty ,
I like this pet battles idea a lot,, wooo
have fun an play hard, ...hugs...

evangaline grant said...

can we have more than one pet?

i like the pets idea i think it excelent

Michelle said...


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