Wednesday 5 May 2010

Coven forums updated

Huzzah! The coven forums have been updated to the new forum version I created for the regular forums. I have spent the last few hours upgrading it and testing it, but there may be some bugs still in there, so if you find any please let me know!

The only thing different with this is that there is no default board. Which means the coven owner needs to add some boards before the coven members can start chatting on there, so coven owners get over there and add some boards!

Access to the old coven forums can be found at the top of the new coven forum page, and you'll be able to access them for a couple weeks which gives plenty of time to copy over quest/help info etc. I'm afraid there is no easy way to transfer to the new forum system other than copy/paste.

I see a lot of people have decided to take part in the May competition, it's funny that I can see who's winning and you cant. Gotta love the power, right? I indeed agree that waiting 3 days before to see the leaderboards is not enough, so I've decided to change it to a week before the close date. So a week before the competition ends you can see where you stand in your quest for gems.

I will tell you this though... There is only 100 gem difference between #1 and #10. It's going to be close.

Oh and congratulations to Shadow Cat for somehow winning second place on the lottery twice in a row. I must admit, just watching the lottery outcome is exciting.

Enjoy what's left of the week.


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Mrs Hopalong said...

Alot of work for the owners of covens have... :| Thanks ash... :|

Ravyn Alexion Darkbourne (214404) said...

Oh my god! At long last the coven forums are improved! Just in time too seeing how I just made my own coven :D Thanks a ton Ash, this has been the most anticipated upgrade for me since the new weapons system! Also, as for the May competition, I would love to know where I stand because I know I have a good handful of the precious GEMS! Course, that would give the Ravyn too much power aye? Mwhaha

~R.A.D. ~"The Bio Guy"

Emelia said...

Yay! Finally it's all fixed. *Huggle teh Ash.*

OuP said...

Same can go for you Ash..... To tell everyone 1st and 10th place is 100 gems apart will only get people to waste more turns in the underground :P

Dark Vixen Faize (95835) said...

AHHHHH!!!! a lot of copy and pasting to do!! But I love the new forums they needed to be done.

Anonymous said...

can i be in this coven????

[Sergeant Twizz™ Dément] (59875) said...

Ash, thanks for making me have to do more work. Pfft! -k- I had all my coven stuff up and now.. I have to go, copy and paste it. But eh, I can't complain, it all looks awesome and way better than it did. Congrats again for making RoB look better. <333

Anonymous said...

I'm the only one left in my coven<,. nocturnal nemesis>.. so can i become the leader of it or start it over or how do i create one of my own?'s a shame what happened to them and i don't even know what happened to them but i really would like to start my own coven and would like to call it THE BLOODNITE MOONZs

this is $l@$her from nocturnal nemesis...please respond briefly

Guildythewicked said...

This is not the place for things like that. Please fill out a help ticket.

As for the new forums, they look great and it a wonderful opportunity to clear out crap without having to delete them. ;)

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