Friday 7 May 2010

New Wants Market & a chance to win an XBOX 360!

A very good evening to you all,  I'm sat here tonight and already on my 3rd can of Monster. I know it's pretty well known in America but it's not been around here in the UK for long, and my god Its so much more nicer than red bull.

Back to business... Last week whilst i was just chilling eating my dinner (fun I know) I was thinking that it would be cool to have a place where you can tell people what you want instead of enquiring over the forum.  So I proudly present... the WANTS MARKET. You'll see a slight layout change in the Dead City where there is dedicated market square for the market, this & 1 more thing coming up.

Cut the crap, what is the wants market?
It's a place where you can post listings to other players of what you want for the price you want to pay. It is currently only available for Plasma, AP & Points. (There are no current plans to add equipment to this). You go on there & add a listing. We'll use plasma as an example. You tell the system how many plasma you want and how much you want to pay for each plasma, the system takes the money (plus a 1% fee like the market hehehe). It'll stay active for a 2 weeks (same as the market listings) where other players can go look at it and decide whether they want to sell you the plasma for that price or not. There is a minimum cap for each currency to stop people wanting plasma for $1 etc. Go and check it out at the Dead City and let me know what you think of it.

Now onto the next bit.... WIN AN XBOX 360!
XBOX 360! XBOX 360! XBOX 360! XBOX 360! XBOX 360! XBOX 360!

Remember before i ran those $10 competitions for iTunes vouchers etc? Well I've decided to up the game and give away an Xbox 360 console as the prize! Even if you don't want an Xbox, you can sell it , eat it, or whatever you feel. For those who think I'm stupid, I am prepared. The Xbox will be bought in the winners country and shipped to them direct, so I will not be sending UK Xbox's to Australia etc.  The price to enter into this competition:

$10 pack = 3 plasma & 1 entry

The competition will end on the 9th June where one random winner will be picked (same system as the lottery) to win the prize. The more entries = more chance of winning. First place will win the Xbox 360 console and 2nd place will win 365 days VIP & 100 days VIP+, 3rd place will win 180 days VIP and 21 days VIP+

Good luck to all that enter.



Anonymous said...

that market sounds useless without equipment and rubies on it

Anonymous said...

so you lose the money after 2 weeks if no one sells to you?

Aftershock "Spot" said...

Is this going to be a working xbox or one of the 45% which fail?

Anonymous said...

Sweet deal!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not worth the market piece. There'd be things such as plasma for 100 and whores for plasma. It'd be to immature.

Anonymous said...

Lol Monster isn't that great. Though it is a hell of a lot better than Red Bull...

I will say this. Try for the off brands. Here, there's Full Throttle, and 180.

It is a pretty sweet deal though. Too bad it wasn't just before Christmas. ;P

Anonymous said...

Give me your money! Give me your money! Give me your money!

"Well okay. At least i get a reach around. But can we not spoon afterward this time?"

Monsters are addictive ;)
Plasma is Crystal Meth!!
Juice Springsteen! Drink Plasma and you'll feel like a fighter jet made of BICEPS!

Asmodeus said...

I would by the pack for the entry for the 360 but i have every system from super nintendo and on. I really dont need a new 360 as for i can fix it if it breaks. throw somthing more into it and raise the price then ill think of buying it

Lady Smoke said...

Too bad I just blew my paycheck on the Band Hero for the Wii. I'd totally buy some packs lol


Anonymous said...

lol new zealand got monster before UK? :O its been here for ages

Anonymous said...

Try Chai Tea Monster or Russian...they have better flavor and kick than the green, blue or whatever...or Venom brand, if you're into energy drink that is :|

Anonymous said...

Nice one :D

lets go get me some buy offers for $1

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