Thursday 20 May 2010

May competition leaderboard update.

Good afternoon,
I have updated the may gem competition leader board as shown below...

3649 gems - Loki McLovin (333226)
3515 gems - Grand Duchess Gabrielle (233579)
3460 gems - .hack//Shhac.â„¢ (1893)
3315 gems - Rez (153767)
3251 gems - Lady Aestolia Silverfalls (172014)
3019 gems - Raven Oleander (157479)
2927 gems - The Count (76085)
2899 gems - Xiola (212025)
2879 gems - ädriel -¤OuP¤- (217745)
2872 gems - Mr. Death (70268)
2851 gems - Moriha Raven (89607)
2850 gems - Ileene Ryu (197369)
2849 gems - LSD (89035)
2824 gems - Dark August Night (85300)
2815 gems - Moon Raven (311006)
2796 gems - StarLitFire18 (205042)
2795 gems - Zephyr`s MiZz RoZziE (283088)
2761 gems - Akroma (260038)
2743 gems - CrimsonLust AKA Mrs X (45459)
2734 gems - Tancman (248616)

*UPDATE* Gems now show up MORE OFTEN! There's no giving up now, we've got over a week left of this competition and now with Gems showing up more regularly it's easier for people to over take you.  The leader board has shifted a bit over the past few days and it's good to see people taking part.

The top 3 will win the 3 prizes as indicated before, but the top 17 people after that will also win a small extra prize. What will that be? You'll have to wait and see.

Remember also about the Xbox 360 competition which is ending in a couple weeks too.

VIP+ update - The upgrade to VIP+ link now appears when you have VIP days full stop, the fact you need 100 VIP days to upgrade to purchase VIP+ still stands at 100 VIP days. Although, I have given everybody 2 free days of VIP+ (to all that have over 10 VIP days) for a taste of the upgrade.

Thanks & Enjoy


Anonymous said...

cool stuff *aid*

Anonymous said...

Told you I was first mr alchemist!!!

Anonymous said...

That's great Ash! Thanks! :)

-Kira FireFangs

Anonymous said...

Fucking turn wasting fucking cunts ha

Ravyn Alexion Darkbourne (214404) said...

Good thing that the gems appear more often now. That way no matter what people might be able to exchange them for something better than those who stopped at a few hundred when they saw the leadership board (like me). Wish we could have a hint at what that trade-off might produce! :P

~R.A.D. ~ "The Bio Guy"

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ash! <3 Ithilwen (89492)

Anonymous said...

~touches gems~

Anonymous said...

i (probably wrongly) assume that the top 3 that win the epic prizes will not be able to trade their gems? cause thats kinda bs if theyve already won loads of stuff

Anonymous said...

Yea that would be kinda crappy if we could also trade them.


Anonymous said...

well...btw for what can we trade our gems?

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Good fun, more interesting underground ... and as always Ash, well done! *smiles* Thanks for keeping the game exciting and fresh! :)

Anonymous said...

It's a fix, Loki McLovin is leading.

Anonymous said...

pfft McLovin PWNS!!

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