Friday 28 May 2010

Changes Changes Changes

I posted a blog yesterday about the changes to the RP chats, i know i only posted it yesterday so some of you might have missed it, to read about that click here.

I've done a bit of twiddling around today. Some of the things I've done is added a new story quest "The Dead City",  2 new DAILY quests "The Battle II" & "The Feed". I have also done some more work on Spring Valley and Vadenhill. In regards to VadenHill I have given it's own section on the home tab page. You'll be able to see the feeds you have as well as your total feeds and the new today's feed stat. I've moved the invite friends section to the bottom of the page to make room for this. I have also added a VadenHill leaderboard similar to the Spring Valley leaderboard which can be found at the bottom of the VadenHill feeding grid.

A lot of people say you get killed a lot in Spring Valley, that's correct, you do. But what I have done is reduced the probability for you being caught by about a half.  This should please some people. I have also reduced your chance of finding a trap and getting killed in the underground too. Another change to Spring Valley you'll notice is the way the houses are displayed. You have 3 rows of houses instead of 2 so it doesn't stretch down the page as much.

For the coven owners & members, the coven advertising system seems to be a success, so I plan to leave that in. One small change I've made is your ad rank now only counts covens with currently active ads.

There is less than a week away for the Xbox 360 competition, please enter into that if you can.

As for the May Competition coming to an end this weekend, how are the top players going? Lets see...

5508 gems - Grand Duchess Gabrielle (233579)
5504 gems - .hack//Shhac.â„¢ (1893)
5454 gems - Loki McLovin (333226)
5285 gems - Rez (153767)
5045 gems - Raven Oleander (157479)
5000 gems - Lady Aestolia Silverfalls (172014)
4919 gems - Ileene Ryu (197369)
4753 gems - Jane (222557)
4713 gems - Tancman (248616)
4696 gems - Moon Raven (311006)
4647 gems - Xiola (212025)
4630 gems - Akroma (260038)
4596 gems - Mr. Death (70268)
4587 gems - LSD (89035)
4459 gems - Moriha Raven (89607)
4426 gems - Dark August Night (85300)
4397 gems - Shar Atreides (275708)
4367 gems - ädriel -¤OuP¤- (217745)
4336 gems - StarLitFire18 (205042)
4331 gems - Sanguine.Lullaby (193268)

It's going to be close, wonder who will slide ahead near the finish on Monday.

There are a couple big things panned, I am really looking forward to implementing them.

Enjoy your weekend,


Anonymous said...

How often is this going to be updated now?

Anonymous said...

Awesome Ash:) and thanks for reposting the blog:) -Aid

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA LOKI be slacking haaaaaaaaaaa


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making the changes in SV.

Anonymous said...

Does the Happy Dance!

Rez said...

Not dying so often in SV is great, thanks.
Good luck to all the Gem hunters, I don't think I'll manage to make the top 3 now, but well done those who are.

Guildythewicked said...

I love the new layout in Spring Valley!! Thanks Ash, all that scrolling was annoying. The less dying also makes it more attractive.

Ravyn Alexion Darkbourne (214404) said...

Hell yes, the humans won't be able to slit my throat and watch me bleed as much! Beautiful work yet again mate!


Anonymous said...

Well, this should help me in my SV quests. And i really HATE sv. other then that, soo many turns wasted on the gems. - K.A

Anonymous said...

haha ahhh they still beating my ass to a palp lol you sure it has been halved hahahaha not that i mind, i actually like the challenge otherwise it would be too easy. awesome job ash, you know how to please the people! thanks for all your hard work in RoB to ensure that we get to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Either Loki was slacking or Ash actually carried out his threat and isnt going to let him win now.

Anonymous said...

When did ash threaten loki? Anyway nice game I enjoy myself - Lucky Man

Guildythewicked said...

When Loki accused Ash of rigging the lottery :D.

Phone Sex said...

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