Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Part 3 - Faith Stones

New Equipment Type: Faith Stones

Our waists are so empty and lonely. So, I figured it's time we utilise this wasted body space and get some benefit out of it. What do you say?

On your equipment page, you'll notice a new box across the middle which is currently an empty belt. Everyone has a belt equipped. But to make the belts actually useful, we need to take full advantage of the 4 slots available on your belt.

What goes into these slots? Well, that's Faith Stones. (Created and sold at Dead City).

You've been praying hard for many years now. Many, many years. Now it's finally time to put some use to that good or evil flowing inside you. Each slot has an alignment requirement, as well as other requirements as the slots progress. Funnel your good or evil into Faith Stones and equip them into your belt for a choice of several different boosts.

The Faith Stones
The Faith Stones themselves give a variety of boosts. Kindly enough, you can choose what boosts you want. The boosts range from PvP Blood, PvP Coven Exp and NPC Blood. It's totally up to you how you want to arrange your boosts. Keep in mind, your faith stones require some attention, which are detailed below.

Belt Slot 1
The Faith Stones that can be equipped in slot 1 only require hitting alignment milestones.

Belt Slot 2
In slot 2 they require alignment and mission completion milestones.

Belt Slot 3
In slot 3 they require alignment and reputation milestones.

Belt Slot 4
In slot 4 they require alignment and 'Finish Them' milestones.

Your Faith Will Be Tested
Faith Stones don't run on love (or hate) alone. You need to keep them powered up by praying at the Dead City statue. Yes, that is something the majority of you do every day, but that's part of the fun. The result of prayer determines how much power your faith stones get. Once you've done your daily prayer, the faith stones will be active until they end of the day. When tomorrow comes, pray again and see what happens!


Over the last couple months we've seen several updates to our equipment range here at Reign Of Blood. Starting with adding "sharpness" to our equipment, to give an optional boost should you keep up with the repair of your items. A whole new bunch of shields added, the ability to equip a shield in your old weapon slot 1, the option to fuse rubies into shields, and finally a brand new equipment type that utilises alignment, Faith stones.

Of course over time it will all continue to be tweaked and enhanced with feedback, and of course added to the mission lists.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Reign Of Blood 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday, Reign Of Blood!

On the 27th April 2016 Reign Of Blood will be celebrating 10 years of existence.  That's a really really long time for anything to exist, especially a game website. I again thank you all for allowing me to continue to do this and for supporting the game in the many ways you do. Wouldn't another 10 years be magical? Can't wait to watch it grow and expand even more.

Starting the cool 10 theme, I today have for you...

Achievement Lists 10

For all you old timers, achievements list 10 is now active for your completion. You'll find a link to it on the other achievement list pages. This should keep you occupied until the start of next year. There a few achievements with a new twist this year, so check it out.

10th Birthday AP Rage Event

I think its time again for the infamous AP Rage Event. It only comes once or twice a year and really gives you a way to boost absolutely everything. The AP rage event will begin at midnight tonight and start from Tuesday 26th April all the way until Tuesday 2nd May.

The AP Shack is located at Dead City where you can use AP (and still get the stats) but get loads of battle bonuses and boosts for free along with it.

Birthday Special

And of course, to top it off, a delicious VIP & Plasma special, which you can find right here.


Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Blood Thirst 6 Results

Blood Thirst 6 Results

The results are now ready for the 6th Blood Thirst contest.

I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for taking part. You can claim your prizes right here.


Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Blood Thirst 6

Blood Thirst 6

It is time for another Blood Thirst contest.  This time we're going to merge all 3 categories we've played with. PvP Wins, PvP (and NPC) Blood, and PvP Finishes. For full information you can visit the Blood Thirst page. It will run for 48 hours on Sunday 18th April and Monday 19th April. You must enter by midnight on the evening of Friday 16th April.

VIP+ Special

For the next 48 hours, there will be a limited time special on the $10 VIP+ pack. Get free plasma and potion credits for each one purchased. See the VIP+ page for more information!


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