Saturday, 14 January 2017

Blood Thirst 9

Blood Thirst 9

It is time for another Blood Thirst contest! The contest where you're put into random teams, kill over a couple of days and get rewarded handsomely for your efforts. There are a few tweaks this time as I continue to improve the contest. These are:

  • Require 50 PvP wins today in order to enter
  • 150 PvP wins required to claim a prize during the contest
  • Prizes are solely based on your personal contribution, which is the same for everyone, but the rewards increasing based on your teams final position

The contest will start on Friday 20th at 00:01 and end Saturday 21st 23:55. That's the majority of 48 hours over those 2 days. You can enter from right now. Click here to view the Blood Thirst page for information on entering the contest. You must enter before the Wednesday 18th ends.

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Social, RP & VIP+ Updates

RP Updates Part 1

Just before Christmas, I introduced a whole bunch of RP updates, click here if missed it.

RP Updates Part 2

But there's plenty more where that came from. Here are some more RP updates.

More RP Characters On Forum Threads
You can now add 3 of your RP characters to a single RP forum thread! When you head over to the RP forum, you'll notice the new interface that gives you the option to add a new character (all characters must be added to threads again, but all previous posts will remain along with the character info). When a new character is added, you'll notice the box doesn't go away! And underneath that is the text box along with a select box to choose which character you want to post as. This also is applied to house and coven RP forums too. Finally, there is Plasma Boon which for a one off cost of 1 Plasma to add up to 10 characters to a thread.

RP Character Forum List
On the your RP Panel, when you view all your RP characters you will see a new 'Forum' link underneath. Clicking this link will show you all the RP, coven RP, and house RP forum threads you have added that selected character to.

Morph Into Your RP Character
For people who like to change their characters often, or like to RP in different characters, there is now a new option on the change username page to morph into one of your RP characters. Your username and avatar will update to your RP character's. And when you're done, you can go back to the change username page and simply go back (or choose another character). This will be extra useful for those who like to RP in chats in a different character.

Extended RP Panel
Your RP Panel has been extended to include house and coven RP boards too.

Social Updates

The social element of the game is important to a lot of people. People enjoy playing in their covens, houses and the like. They like to be engaged with other online vampires and vampires in their networks. Connections is key to keeping relationships alive in Reign Of Blood. So today there are some new social features and upgrades to help with that. For the lone wolves out there, fear not, none of this is compulsory and can be pretty much be ignored so you can continue your day.

The Welcome Panel 
For the ongoing quest to fit more content in the same amount of space, I've made some changes to the login process (which you have probably already noticed).

That game updates you've missed will  now be presented on a page earlier. The page that welcomes you after you've logged in. This allows more room on the first page see after that for content.

What I call this new page, is the welcome panel.

This page is split into two main sections. One section is dedicated to starting your day, which includes many quick links to the most popular areas of the game. And the second is a social area showing what the other vampires of the Dead City are up to.

This section shows things like your online friends, family,  & coven members,  other online vampires, and some activity feed content.

New Social Panel
Your social panel has been given a whole new look, and a whole new wad of content.  It has a brand new look, and includes useful features like online friends, online family members, recent blogs, and a previous of status updates.

I have also gone through and made some enhancements to the pages, and also fixed some bugs including letting you know you've hit your house member limit, rather than them just not showing.

Blood Letter Folders
You ask, you get! I have added the ability for you to add BL's into folders. You'll see a new Folders link at the top of the blood letter page, and you can add entire letter threads into them when viewing a blood letter.

And finally, I've added some new order by options on the house directory page.

VIP+ Updates

Today I have also introduced a few new perks for being a VIP+ member.

  • VIP+ members can now give 7 Karma a day
  • Have up to 50 player notes
  • Repair all equipment at once with one click
  • Slightly higher chance to get a Vial Wheel win
  • (Made it clear that you see all Wheel times on To-do, and can be in 20 houses)

I hope you like these updates,

Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 In Review

Happy New Year!

Top of 2016

The top players of 2016 have been revealed! Here's a little extra for those at the top. The top 5 players of each of the 4 categories (pvp wins, blood, wheel spins & coven exp) will be rewarded with (Queenie will be rewarded with the most being high on them all):

1st Place Prize: 500 RED, 20 WP, 50 QP, 10 Plasma,  #1 2016 Collectible
2nd Place Prize: 250 RED, 15 WP, 30 QP, 8 Plasma,  #2 2016 Collectible
3rd Place Prize: 100 RED, 10 WP, 20 QP,  6 Plasma, #3 2016 Collectible
4th Place Prize: 75 RED, 5 WP, 15 QP, 5 Plasma,  #4 2016 Collectible
5th Place Prize: 50 RED, 3 WP, 10 QP,  4 Plasma, #5 2016 Collectible

Top 30 players in each category will also get 10 RED, 2WP, 10 QP, 2 Potion Credits (remember, these rewards stack, and if you're on multiple top 2016 leaderboard, you'll get these multiple times). Thanks for playing this year, and enjoy the rewards! Click here to view leaderboard.

2017 Begins

2017 has now begun, and that means a fresh new top of year leaderboard. The Current Top Players page will now display the top of players of this year going forward.

RED Lottery Results December 2016

The RED Lottery results for December 2016 have now been drawn randomly. The jackpot at the end of the month was 2048 RED. There are a total of 20 winners, and top 5 were:

1st place was Alegna McClellan (520460)  winning 682 RED
2nd place was Devereux Tantalus Nex (680995) winning 341 RED
3rd place was ~Mad Vlad LaVey~ (463334) winning 256 RED
4th place was †ÆÐELÞRYÐOM† `Xii (316141) winning 155 RED
5th place was Lady Death (5) winning 103 RED

To find out if you were in the top 20, click here to view the full draw information.

The jackpot has been reset ready for this new month. Another draw happen at the end of January, so start shopping on Amazon through Reign Of Blood this month to add to that jackpot.

2016 In Review

2016 is over, but before we look ahead to 2017, lets take a quick look back over 2016 and highlight just a small selection of the changes/updates for the year. 458 updates were posted throughout the year on the game updates page.

  • Loads of new equipment updates including sharpness bonuses, luck stat, and new ways to use shields with weapons, using rubies in shields, and new Faith Stones.
  • 'The Weekly' quest added to further reward those who do daily quests every day.
  • RoB Mobile had a load of upgrades and new features over the year.
  • New random WP rewards for being on the Activity Feed.
  • Over 100 new missions.
  • Coven overhaul including new look, quest streamlining, VIP features, management & more.
  • Game store updates including the new RED universal currency.
  • Plasma Boons feature added, and brand new subscription packs and payment method.
  • Gym updates including more motivation.
  • Loads of RP and RP character updates and enhancements.

I look forward to what 2017 brings us, and don't fret, the pipeline is tasty.


Monday, 26 December 2016

Christmas Event Roundup

RED Lottery

Did you get Amazon gift cards for Christmas? Don't forgot to use them through Reign Of Blood to add to the RED Lottery prize at the end of the month.

All players that login on the 29th, 30th, and 31st will get to claim a free entry. All those who have claimed Amazon purchases will get extra entries which will be shown the RED Lottery page. The draw will take place and results posted when I do the year's roundup.

Secret Santa

189 gifts were given in this year's fresh new Secret Santa feature. That's 189 very generous vampires. All the gifts have been randomly given to all the other vampires who gave a gift.

The most generous gifts given in each category were:

Alegna McClellan (520460) gave 20 Plasma
†Annie†Smith† (708095) gave 300 RED
Dimitril Aerinil (203351) gave 30 AP
Alicia De Winter (691240) and Bituin Apolake Malicsi (537467) gave $10,000,000

Turkey Fencing

The top turkey fencing in the ego, wins and level categories will be rewarded with:

1st Place: 10 Plasmalympic Gold
2nd Place: 8 Plasmalympic Gold
3rd Place: 5 Plasmalympic Gold
4th Place: 4 Plasmalympic Gold
5th Place: 3 Plasmalympic Gold

Everyone on the leaderboards get 2 Plasmalympic Gold for all 4 categories.

You have 5 days to claim your gold (until Jan 1st). View the leaderboard here.

The year is very nearly over! I hope you enjoyed this year's Christmas event.

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