Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Plasmalympic Games

I hope you all enjoyed our second Plasmalympic games! I see a whole load of you rushed in there to get the benefits. If you took part in the fencing, which you should have, you can click here to spend your gold. The gold prizes have been given out, and also more gold for the top players. You've only got a few days to do so, so use 'em quick!


Everyone loves quests and achievements. The only issue with achievements is they're BIG tasks that can take a while to complete. So, to go alongside achievements, I have created a Missions system.

Missions are essentially mini-achievements. They're tasks that be completed to earn QP. They are split up into different categories, and you can complete one from each category every day. (You'll see why that is when you check them out.)

You'll find the missions page on the "Game Quests, Achievements & More" of your home page.

And yes, more will be added over time.


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Plasmalympic Games 2014

Dead City Plasmalymic Games Returns

Due to the several requests I've had over the past few months, the Plasmalymic Games are back! You can now head over to the Dead City to enjoy the games for 1 week starting right now. The games that are open in this event include:

Plasmalymic Games

Here are the games available to play for the next week:

Weight Lifting - Use your turns to train your strength & toughness for better results than at the gym.

100m Sprint - Train your speed for better results than at the gym.

Shooting - Pick up a plasma launcher and shoot back at some humans. (Revenge is sweet!)

Archery - 5 free archery shots a day for a free random bonus.

Fencing Arena - Who says vampires wouldn't love to fence? A simplified pet style mini-game where anyone can take part will be available to play. You get separate turns every hour and can fence any other vampire who is taking part. Prizes will be given out for top level and top 'ego' gained. Small prizes will also be given to everybody who takes part. 

Plasmalymic Special

There's an awesome plasma special up with this event too, of course. Check out the Buy VIP/Plasma page for all the great offers. 

Enjoy the event,

Thursday, 10 July 2014

World Cup Final Bet

Who doesn't love a bit of gambling? I know you all do, and that's just looking and the billions that has passed through the lottery system! This Sunday will be the World Cup final (for those interested in football). I've setup a little betting page at Dead City for you to bet on who you think will win. The prize pool will be shared out to all the winners, and they'll be a few other prizes for a few random people too. (Probably through some free Vials out there!)

Click here to place your bets!

Best of luck,

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Double War Exp Rescheduled

Double Exp Rescheduled

Due to the mass confusion over the wars this week, the wars will not be double exp. If you would like to do a standard war this week, coven owners, please go to the War Of Covens page and choose tomorrow (any day this week) to war as normal (regardless if you've already chosen a date this week) using the big bold link at the top of the page.

Double Exp Next Week

NEXT WEEK's wars will be double exp. From Monday 14th July to Sunday the 20th July. If you've already picked your war for next week, that's when it'll be. If you'd like to change your day, please blood letter me. But you won't get the chance to join (as you did this week) if you don't choose a day by Sunday to war next week. Any questions? Just blood letter me.

Enjoy the week,

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