Monday, 5 December 2016

Some RP Updates

Today I have some updates that focus on the RP side of the game. I hope you enjoy them.

More Control Over RP Characters

Today I have updated your RP characters to give you even more control over them.
  • You can now order all the fields in any way you want
  • Added Nickname to the field list 
  • You can now make RP characters private, friends, or family only
  • Personal notes (only seen by you) added to RP characters, is searchable
  • View list of what forums your RP character is part of
  • Mass order character by name, last edited, created
  • Made it clear how to hide unwanted fields

Thanks to Karina for writing up new descriptions for all the fields, they have been added in.

Finally, you can now create folders and organise your RP characters into them.

New RP Panel

The RP Panel has been given an updated look to make room for these new features.
There is a new search bar which you can use to search character names and personal notes on characters. As well as quick access to your character folders and more.

Plasma RP Boons

I've had the idea of having RP VIP for a while, it's been suggested and talked about over the last couple of years, but I've never really been able to come up with a concept for it to be worth it. But last month I introduced Plasma Boons, and I believe that is a better system is tackle this approach.

Today, I am introducing a new Plasma Boon relating to the RP features of the game. All RP based Plasma Boons will all cost just 1 Plasma each. The new Boon is called 'RP Character Customs', which allows a further 5 custom RP character fields.

You'll find these Boons on the Dead City Plasma Shop page.

Blog Updates

I have added in the option to allow blog posts that are linked to your RP character, to show up as if your RP character had written them. If you want this, simply unlink the blog, and re-link it, and then the option for this will be displayed.

RP/Social Missions

I have also added 24 new missions which include profile rating, blog rating, RP character rating, and giving karma. That's a pretty easy 24 QP!

General Bug Fixes

  • If you have over 10 characters and no longer have VIP days, you'll get the warning why only 10 of your characters are being listed, and not all of them.
  • Fixed an error with the next 25 link on the character directory.

Please report any issues as always.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Coven & Gym Updates

Coven Updates

One of the biggest suggestions made in regards to covens is to have the ability to save your progress and contributions to a coven, letting you leave for a while.

This is now a free option for everyone to use!

When leaving your coven,  you'll be given an option to save all your stats. This allows you to join another coven, mess around in there, and it not effect your previous coven stats. When you want to go back to your first coven, all the stats will be restored.

Gym Updates

The Dead City Gym is probably one of the most visited places in the whole game, so today I have made it a little better by making a few tweaks here and there.

More Motivation!
Firstly, I have increased the amount of motivation and added a new option to earn more. As you can see in the screenshot below, your basic free motivation is now 30, up from 25. VIP vampires get an extra +20,  and VIP+ vampires get another +20. Of course, there is the extra 25 if you have the new Gym Motivation Plasma Boon, and finally, if you got at least 100 PvP wins yesterday, you'll get an extra 25 motivation today.

Some of the other changes I have made to the Dead City Gym are listed below.

  • Refined and improved the overall look of the Gym
  • Added a brand new training guide page, showing all you need to know
  • Claim motivation page now gives full breakdown
  • Motivation now defaults to the motivation you have, not turns
  • New label below each training method to show what you're expected to result
  • Added 24 motivation based missions (count starts today)
  • Motivation claimed added to Misc Stats page

I have manually reset everyone's motivation for today. So if you have used it already, you can go use it again! The early bird indeed gets the worm.

Token Reminder

I know some of you are rather forgetful. And that forgetfulness can sometimes lead to frustration. I'm talking about your quest tokens. If you're distracted, you may miss the deadline to claim them and then they're gone forever. Your grandmother could be cooking a delicious dinner, your favourite football team could be scoring the winning goal, you come back to RoB and completely forget to cash them in. But now, at 11pm game time, you'll get a notification to remind you to use your credits before the hour is up. This is completely free.


Thursday, 17 November 2016

Game Store Updates (Part 3)

Part 1 & 2

If you missed part 1 of this update, where we updated the game store, introduced the new currency RED, you can click here to read about it. If you missed part 2, where we introduced brand new subscription packs and payment options, and Plasma Boons, you can click here.

RED Updates

To start with, I've made some small changes and tweaks to RED and the RED related pages.

  • Added the ability to sell RED for Plasma on the Auction Market
  • Added the ability to give RED as coven quest rewards
  • If you're in the EU, packs now show at the correct inclusive VAT prices
  • Various bug fixes and label errors have been fixed

Subscription Updates

Thank you for the positive feedback on the new subscription packs and new payment method. I've made more changes and enhancements based on feedback so far.

  • Subscriptions can be now be initiated through the mobile site
  • You can now setup subscriptions for other players (not via Paypal)
  • Paypal option has been added along side the new payment option

I know a lot people who are happy with using Paypal, so I've taken the time to add the option to subscribe though Paypal again. So there are now two payment options you can use to subscribe to any of our subscription packs. You can now subscribe to packs for other people, although that's limited to the new payment method due to Paypal limitations.

Click here to check out the new subscription packs and the rewards you get <

Apple Pay 

For those who are on the latest version of Safari on a Mac, or play using an iPhone. Apple has released the ability to use Apple Pay over the web, and I've teamed up with our current provider, Xsolla, to accept Apple Pay here on Reign Of Blood. If you're on a Mac or iPhone, you'll see Apple Pay option pop up on the list of payment methods on your basket page. From there, you can choose Apple Pay as an option and quickly pay using your iPhone fingerprint or your Apple Watch. Android Pay has yet to be released for the web, but I'll be sure to add it if they ever do.

Xsolla/SMS Changes

Xsolla have updated their payment systems, and I've spent a while setting it up for Reign Of Blood. The new system has a brand new look, and is much easier to navigate through all the payment options. The new system is mobile compatible, and even more secure.

Because of the mess SMS charging is, the way I had it setup was you buy RED with SMS and then use that to buy packs. With Xsolla's new system I can happily now let you just buy packs as standard with SMS, rather than having to use the previous more awkward method. I know some people who live in certain countries will be happy with this, as its their only payment option.

They also politely, but firmly, asked to update their logo on the payment page. Better oblige!

New Plasma Boons

4 new Plasma Boons have been added. Power Hour Warning and Power Hour Spy have been added to go along side the current Power Hour Log. Also Gym Motivation 1 and Minion Hunger Notice. Click here to see view the Plasma Shop for more information.

Mobile Updates

As I have said previously, you can now subscribe to your subscriber packs on mobile. Both payment methods are available on there, just like the desktop, as well as Apple Pay for the regular packs if you're an iPhone user.

And what's more, I've added a direct debit/credit card payment option to mobile, using the same company as the subscriptions, as the company I'm using on the desktop don't support mobile on their current system.

And finally, as I have upgraded to Xsolla's new payment platform, which is mobile compatible, I have added the ability to pay with Xsolla on the mobile site.

Other Changes

I've made a bunch of small tweaks and bug fixes. The basket summary now reflects correctly what pack you're getting, especially for VAT packs. I've also made very clear that all payments are secure and that we don't see or store any of your payment details. (I have no desire getting into that!) I have also fixed that annoying glitch when taken to the desktop thank you page when on mobile.


Friday, 11 November 2016

Blood Thirst 8 Coven Special

Blood Thirst 8

It's time for another Blood Thirst contest. But this time, we're going to have a coven special. Head over to the Dead City to enter the contest. The Blood Thirst contest will run as normal, but you will earn coven exp as well as all your other rewards for the coven you're in.

The contest will begin at Tuesday 15th November and last for 48 hours. You must enter before Sunday 14th, as that's when the teams will be assembled.

This will be last Blood Thirst in this format, as the next time we have one, I'll be shaking up the format a little bit to try and introduce something new and fresh.


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