Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Superior Support

Waiting for things suck. You have to wait in the dentist office, for Space Mountain, even have to wait to pay a parking ticket. You also have to wait for me to get back to you when you have a question, query or bug report. I check my blood letters and tickets a throughout the day, but there have been times when you might have sent me one just after I checked, and your problem can go unsolved for hours, even more so if its bed time for me. (As most of your are American, the time zone difference can be a pain for some. Just remember game time is my time.)

I do spend the majority of my day in front of the computer screen, but when I'm in the zone coding or thinking, I tend to focus on that until my mind snaps out of it. Then I'll check my blood letters.

I hate it when I have to wait. So now, it'll happen less to you.

Whenever I get a blood letter or a new ticket is submitted, I get a little tap on my wrist. So within seconds (as long as I'm not asleep or otherwise impaired), I know your blood letter or ticket is waiting for me, and the next available moment I have, I'll check it out and get back to you.

Edit to add: I have also added this functionality to when coven or house mass blood letters are sent. This will get the approval times reduced also.

This will allow me to get back to you as soon as possible, keeping wait times down.


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Back To Business

As I said in my the last blog post that I'll be taking a little holiday for my birthday, I'm now back and in full swing. So to get started, lets do a summary of the AP Rage event.

I have a lot of blood letters and forum posts to go through, so keep an eye out for the game updates page for when I fix and make changes that needed over last couple weeks.

AP Rage Summary

An amazing 54,332 AP was used during the AP Rage event. An all time record! As promised, you can go to the Dead City to collect your rewards.

Starting  Friday September 16th, the reward of a one-week event will begin. A new post will be made on the game update page to what the boost is for that day every midnight of the week.


Sunday, 28 August 2016

AP Rage Event & Special

It is that glorious time of year again when the AP gets flowing. We had a record amount of AP spent on the last AP rage event, and I want to beat that record this time! The end of August I celebrate another year of my life, and pass that high spirited generosity in a form of an AP event to you guys. I am going to go away for my Birthday, but I'll be available to contact for support as always. But I'll leave you with this AP rage event in the mean time.

AP Rage Event Overview

For those who do not know, the AP Rage event is an event usually ran no more than twice a year. The AP Shack opens up at Dead City where you can trade your AP for stats (just like normal) and get extra free boosts in the process. The boosts range from extra blood, coven exp to more stamina and turns. You can head to the AP Shack now, but it won't open until the event begins.

Extra Rewards

If the whole game hits the total AP use numbers below, extra rewards will be given out at the end of the event to everyone who took part (and spent at least 25 AP). The rewards have been increased from last year!

10,000 total AP used: 10 QP
25,000 total AP used: 2 Free Potion Credits
50,000 total AP used: Special 7 Day September Event For All
100,000 total AP used: Collectible

VIP/Plasma Special

A delicious special is of course available full of Plasma, AP and collectibles. You can check out what the packs have to offer right here. They'll only be available for a week!

The AP Rage event will start on Tuesday 30th August and end 5th September.

Enjoy, and see you soon

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Summer Blood Thirst Contest

Blood Thirst 7

Summer is upon us (in the northern hemisphere) and those closest to the equator are really feeling the pain. While a lot of things are still going on in the background, I think it's time for another Blood Thirst Contest.

The Blood Thirst page has opened up at Dead City ready for you to enter.  You must enter and get at least 50 PvP wins in order to qualify for prizes. The cut off date for entering will be Friday 12th August. The teams will be assembled on the 13th August, and the 48 hour Blood Thirst will begin Sunday 14th August.

View the dedicated Blood Thirst page for more information on the event.

Best of luck to all that enter!

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