Sunday 5 March 2017

Revisited: War Of Covens

A warm welcome back to the Revisited series where I go back through game features that haven't been updated in a while, and give them new life and functions. For the foreseeable future, I will be working on the Coven Conflict system. The current conflict system exploded into our lives in mid 2015, and now its time to make some tweaks and improvements to the system.

Today, in this part 1, I will be focusing on the War Of Covens.

The war of covens is my favourite of the conflict system, and today there will be a load of new ways to earn war exp and the rewards to go with it, inspired by our Blood Thirst events. The most of February I have spent planning and coding a lot of it from scratch, so I hope you enjoy it.

If you've been following the forum thread on the subject, you'll notice that I have been hinting towards some changes that would help the biggest concerns about the conflicts. Firstly, the War Of Covens requires not a lot of extra effort, because you'll get War Exp just by getting in your kills, which some have labelled as "mindless". But, the biggest one is the amount of turns that is required. People are finding it hard to be able to enhance themselves and fight for their coven at the same time. I'm not one for making things easier for the sake of making them easier, but this has always been an issue due to the fact the conflict system use turned out different than was intended.

So today I have thought up a whole new War Of Covens system which is a concept that has not yet been used here at Reign Of Blood, and I do hope that people try and like it.

As I said above, the turn commitment to take part in all the conflicts is huge. So I have decided to take one of them, War Of Covens, out of that equation. In future parts I'll making updates to raids, skirmishes and invasions, and those 3 conflicts will be fought with your turns. But War Of Covens however, will not.

War Of Covens V2 Concept (Beta)

The concept of the weekly War Of Covens is as follows:

  • Coven chooses the day of the week they want to war this week
  • Before the war day is due, 'War Turns' are to be distributed
  • On the war day, enter a separate battle field to use your War Turns on vampires just like normal PvP battles
  • Earn War Exp for the kills. War Exp target bonuses, and random bonuses throughout the day will be in place to earn lots of bonus War Exp
  • At the end of the week, the scores are calculated and winners announced and rewarded

Let's go over some of that in more detail. Just as before, your coven chooses the day you want to war. Monday is excluded, so this will always be open covens to get together and sort out their week ahead. Due to the war turn distribution, you will no longer be able to declare on the day it currently is.  When the war day is decided, you'll then have the option to distribute War Turns to players in the coven. When your war day arrives, you coven members will be enter the 'Coven War Arena' to use your War Turns battling other vampires.

Your enemy list has been integrated into this system, use the link on the coven war arena and your enemy list links will link to the coven war arena.

The way to earn war exp has changed slightly. There are now several factors to pay attention to get war exp boosts, they'll be random boosts, and more. You'll get full information on the new War Of Covens page. (The all out coven war day has been discontinued, the only war day in the week will now be the war day your coven chooses.)

If your coven placed in the top 10 covens of the week, you'll earn coven exp and get hall of fame credits, which can be used for a vanity spot on the war of covens hall of fame.

As I've said, this will be a beta run for a while. So things may change, war turns  and rewards may be adjusted due to feedback and monitoring. We may break down covens into divisions based on average rank etc depending on how covens can compete. Plenty to play with.

I have added a forum thread for questions and feedback, so feel free to chip in and ask any questions.


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