Saturday 25 February 2012

Valentines event summary

I hope you all enjoyed the Valentines event, heres a summary of the event.

Love was given a total of 105,362 times, which cost a total of $263,405,000. That's a lot of love spread around during this event!

Loved 10000 times - Teodor Lucescu (479147)
Loved 5005 times - Paulie`s Pancake Penguin (350376)
Loved 4069 times - Aerith Gainsborough (306935)
Loved 2787 times - Parasitic (242932)
Loved 2663 times - Lilura Mohana Gealtach™ (155172)
Loved 2658 times - Midnight Hellfire Sainte (331928)
Loved 2645 times - Blood stained Pancake (149026)
Loved 2393 times - Evanthe (476518)
Loved 2317 times - AoN honeybadger (164945)
Loved 1649 times - Claire Marie Morgan (475381)

Most Hearts
Here is the top 20 players who got the most hearts from the event:

610 hearts - Queenie Happy Lil Killer (218258)
610 hearts - AoN honeybadger (279182)
589 hearts - Teodor Lucescu (479147)
576 hearts - -.†.Deamon†Whispers.†.- (163379)
572 hearts - Alina Lucescu (474051)
567 hearts - Morganika Bellator (93008)
565 hearts - AoN honeybadger (164945)
556 hearts - DarkPrincess~Diluculo (242927)
544 hearts - ~Dementia~ (301114)
540 hearts - Silent`s Snow Angel (245967)
540 hearts - Belinda le Mort (548975)
535 hearts - AoN Shar MysticBlade (531921)
533 hearts - SilentNoise (239571)
532 hearts - Raine Versilius (256896)
526 hearts - Tsipar Hardkiss (304719)
525 hearts - Cole Ethan Jourdain (345551)
514 hearts - Nightshed (540327)
512 hearts - Dark Vixen Jourdain (95835)
510 hearts - Crim Diluculo Butterfly (350047)
509 hearts - Zero (552874)

Love Or Hate?
The votes are in from the love or hate hut... here are the results:

1103 love valentines day
334 hate valentines day

The Reigning Couple
The Reigning couple, which collected the most hearts:

Total hearts: 1175 - AoN honeybadger (164945) and AoN honeybadger (279182)

The top 8 or so were really close... so many couples fighting it out!

[ Click here to view the full results ]

February competition
Remember, the February referral competition ends in just under a week. Click here to check it out.

Hope you enjoyed the event!

Wednesday 22 February 2012

Pancake event summary

$20 pancake pack
The $20 pancake paypal button has been fixed, so you can now buy that pack again, sorry for the mess up.

Pancake names
I am amazed how many people took part in the pancake name event! Every other players name had pancakes in it, it's pretty amazing to see. Everyone who now has pancake in their name is about to be given 10 free pancake flips, use them quick!

Buying pancakes
For information purposes only, the player who spent the most on pancakes was
Kiss MY Pancakes BITCHES (279182) who spent a total of $20,470,000 on pancake mix. The total money taken out the game with this feature was: $220,700,000


Thanks to everyone who took part and/or bought a pancake pack in this event, I hope you all enjoyed it. Remember, the Valentines stuff ends Friday, so get what you can out of that also!

Some people were a bit confused about this event, over here in the UK, Tuesday 21st Feb was shrove Tuesday, which is also called, pancake day! What's even better, today is Ash Wednesday.

Have a good one,

Monday 20 February 2012

3 Day Pancake Event

It's that time of year again... Pancakes!

From today to Wednesday evening (along side of the Valentines event) we will have a 3 day pancake event.

What does the pancake event include?

$20 (usd) pancake pack
On the buy VIP/plasma special there is a new pancake plasma section, but it comes with pancake flips too!

Pancake flipping
In the fun & games section of the Dead City, you'll see a place to go flip pancakes, you can get pancakes from pancake pack (above), or you can buy some from the IG shop. If you can cook and flip your pancake successfully, you can eat it!

Pancake names!
Stick "pancake" in your Reign Of Blood username somewhere, every player who does, on Tuesday night, will get some free pancake flips! Let's get pancake crazy again! For an example, check out my profile. The best names may even get further bonuses!

You must have the word pancake as it shows there, no fancy lettering, extra letters, or accents etc. When I apply the free flips, I will search for users with "pancake" somewhere in their name.

Valentines Event
All the valentines event, including the plasma special, will end Friday night. At this time, the Reigning Couples will be announced, so please make sure you've got all your heart bonuses, traded your roses and sees & completed the quests by then.

Have a good week!
~ Dark Pancakes

Tuesday 14 February 2012

RIP Guildy

To add to the ever growing list of Reign Of Blood players who have passed away, tonight we lost our dedicated forum moderator Guildy Nemo`s Panthera (56502) to cancer. Most of you have been following her situation and giving her support on the forums.

Here are the pictures of the flowers we sent her from everyone on RoB, which she got and enjoyed in time.

May she rest in peace.

If you missed the blog this morning about todays new events, please click here. You can also read up on all the events if you've missed them here

Everyone has been given a VIP, so you enjoy the rest of today as VIP if you're not already.


Happy Valentines Day

Love or hate?
Do you love valentines, or do you hate it? Head to the Love Or Hate Hut at the bottom of the Dead City to cast your vote.

A leaderboard has been setup to show the top heart finders and top rose traders. The couples quest leaderboard isn't going to be available ;)

Love token
For those who are lucky enough to catch the $10 pack (whilst they last) you'll be able to trade the tokens you get in those packs for even more goodies.

500 errors
Noticed a lot less 500 errors recently? (Hope this doesn't jinx it)

I hope you all enjoy the valentines event features.

Have a great week,

Saturday 11 February 2012

Valentines Event 2012

Valentines VIP & Plasma special
Naturally the special of VIP and plasma is now on! Check out the buy VIP page for more information. There are also special deals on the ultimate game card, and the new Paysafecard and Onebip payment methods. Packs come with extra valentines goodies too! Don't forget, you can also gift these special packs too.

Valentines section of Dead City
You'll see at the bottom of the Dead City all the Valentines day events and features that are described in the blog post.

Give Love
Give love is a feature for everybody. A "heart" number has appeared on everyone's profile that displays a number of how many times that person has been "loved". Sending someone love costs $2500 and of course you cannot love yourself (in this feature at least). It doesn't do anything, just a bit of love sharing is always nice.

Valentines quest 1
A simple quest the requires you to find out something for a special reward ;)

Valentines quest 2
When you recieve the winning message in battle "You tore out xx's heart", it adds to your heart tally! This quest rewards extra when you tear out so many hearts.

"The Reigning Couple" quest
(I love the name of this quest, too) Enter this quest with another vampire and it will tally both of your ripped out hearts, and the top heart rippers will win.

Custom news message
For a small(ish) fee, you can send someone a loving custom news message which attached is the heart icon.

As well as getting roses to trade for cool stuff from the special plasma packs, you can also earn roses by finding and collecting seeds from Greenwood & trading them at the rose shop.

These idea were taken from a variety of people who gave us ideas on what to do for this event, so plasma will be given to all of them!

Oh, and it's our ACT member Sinara's birthday today, go spam her comments with birthday wishes.

Share the love & enjoy the weekend

Thursday 9 February 2012

VIP monthly rewards & new payment methods

VIP Monthly Rewards
As well as all the already great benefits you get from being VIP and VIP+, there's now a little extra!

On the first of every month, all VIP, VIP+  and subscribed members get something free.

- VIP members get a random turn reward
- VIP+ members gets a bigger random turn or QP reward
- Subscribed members gets a free plasma

So being VIP, VIP+ and subscribed gets you the most extra goodies (I am aware you can only subscribe through Paypal and not the other payment methods, for that I can only apologise)

On the new stats page, you'll notice a "VIP rewards?" section, clicking that will show you what rewards you will be earning every month.

(Please note you need at least 3 VIP or VIP+ days to get each bonus respectively). 

New Payment Options
I can finally and proudly present 2 new payment methods for you all to get your fix. A new mobile phone company, and a new prepaid card company.


Some of you might already be aware of OneBip, one of the most popular online mobile phone payment processors. It works kind of like Paypal, you create an account, add a balance to your account using your phone/sms, and then you can use that credit to spend on RoB goodies! These specific packs have been added next to the current other mobile phone preocessor we currently support. OneBip supports some countries MobileFirst does not, so hopefully now we have a wide range of country support for everyone. Click here for more info.


At the end of last year, Wallie sold out to Paysafecard, and instead (for some reason) migrating all their merchants, they made them all re-apply for a Paysafecard, it has been a long process, but we're finally there and are now accepting the popular Pre-paid card sold all over the world. For more information, go the pre-paid card page on the buy VIP page.

Paysafecard works a bit differently than the ultimate game card and Wallie, instead of having the different packs, you buy a "paysafe balance" pack, which gives you a credit in your account, from that credit you then buy packs. It's quite a good concept, and may push this across other methods later on, let me know what you think.

Paysafecard is available in the UK (£), around Europe (€) and the USA ($)

Please give feedback or report any problems with these payment methods here.

February competition
To fully get the new referral system up and running, this months competition is a referral competition! Click here for more information and prizes.

And thanks for all the great comments on the previous blog.

Enjoy the week, lovey dovey stuff to come.

Friday 3 February 2012

Reign Of Blood through the years

As we're soon be entering the 6th year of Reign Of Blood, I thought I'd take a second and take a quick look back on the previous years homepage layouts, just for old times sake. Here's the collection I have. For those older players, doesn't it bring back memories? Can't wait to see where the next 6 years takes us. What will the next new layout look like, do you think?

P.S I'm so glad so many of you are loving the minions, new achievements list, new stats page layout & everything else.

More to come this weekend,

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