Tuesday 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Love or hate?
Do you love valentines, or do you hate it? Head to the Love Or Hate Hut at the bottom of the Dead City to cast your vote.

A leaderboard has been setup to show the top heart finders and top rose traders. The couples quest leaderboard isn't going to be available ;)

Love token
For those who are lucky enough to catch the $10 pack (whilst they last) you'll be able to trade the tokens you get in those packs for even more goodies.

500 errors
Noticed a lot less 500 errors recently? (Hope this doesn't jinx it)

I hope you all enjoy the valentines event features.

Have a great week,


Reine_Maab said...

Probably would...if finding this black rose wasn't going to make me turns completely crazy!

;) Other features are great though

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Valentines Day this year ... you put together a great set of features :-)

Anonymous said...

Where is that Damn Black Rose?

Anonymous said...

When is the competition over?

Anonymous said...

It really would be nice to know when Valentines special will be over at least few hours before it happens, so that we can eat all those roses in time!

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