Thursday 9 February 2012

VIP monthly rewards & new payment methods

VIP Monthly Rewards
As well as all the already great benefits you get from being VIP and VIP+, there's now a little extra!

On the first of every month, all VIP, VIP+  and subscribed members get something free.

- VIP members get a random turn reward
- VIP+ members gets a bigger random turn or QP reward
- Subscribed members gets a free plasma

So being VIP, VIP+ and subscribed gets you the most extra goodies (I am aware you can only subscribe through Paypal and not the other payment methods, for that I can only apologise)

On the new stats page, you'll notice a "VIP rewards?" section, clicking that will show you what rewards you will be earning every month.

(Please note you need at least 3 VIP or VIP+ days to get each bonus respectively). 

New Payment Options
I can finally and proudly present 2 new payment methods for you all to get your fix. A new mobile phone company, and a new prepaid card company.


Some of you might already be aware of OneBip, one of the most popular online mobile phone payment processors. It works kind of like Paypal, you create an account, add a balance to your account using your phone/sms, and then you can use that credit to spend on RoB goodies! These specific packs have been added next to the current other mobile phone preocessor we currently support. OneBip supports some countries MobileFirst does not, so hopefully now we have a wide range of country support for everyone. Click here for more info.


At the end of last year, Wallie sold out to Paysafecard, and instead (for some reason) migrating all their merchants, they made them all re-apply for a Paysafecard, it has been a long process, but we're finally there and are now accepting the popular Pre-paid card sold all over the world. For more information, go the pre-paid card page on the buy VIP page.

Paysafecard works a bit differently than the ultimate game card and Wallie, instead of having the different packs, you buy a "paysafe balance" pack, which gives you a credit in your account, from that credit you then buy packs. It's quite a good concept, and may push this across other methods later on, let me know what you think.

Paysafecard is available in the UK (£), around Europe (€) and the USA ($)

Please give feedback or report any problems with these payment methods here.

February competition
To fully get the new referral system up and running, this months competition is a referral competition! Click here for more information and prizes.

And thanks for all the great comments on the previous blog.

Enjoy the week, lovey dovey stuff to come.


Unknown said...

I'm a fairly new player to RoB :) and I just want to say I'm having a great time with this game, met some great people in it, and the thing that impresses me the most is the hard work put into it by the Game Dev.

You're proactive, you respond so fast to queries or problems, and you're always making it better for the players.

Congratulations and I wish all Game Devs worked the same way.

Stayin Paid said...

Very nice

Gabriella said...

WOOO HOOO ty Ash :)

Brianne Invisible said...

Would be nice if there was something Canadian for pre-paid cards.

DarkAsh said...

The ultimate game card is in Canada. And Paysafecard will be expanding there soon.

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