Friday 27 February 2015

Market Overhaul & Double Sunday

Free Double Sunday/Monday

You wanted it, you got it. From 10am Sunday until Monday night, enjoy:

- Double Turns
- Double Blood
- Double Coven Exp

Brand New Contest

Staring from the 1st of March, you'll be able to enter a never seen before mass killing competition. On the 1st, you'll see a new section open at Dead City. More info to come.

Market Overhaul

The Dead City Market and Auction house have now been merged into the Auction Market. Instead of having separate places, they are now as one. When you want to sell something, your options are:

- List it as an auction
- List it as an action with a "buy it now" price
- List as a single item listing so you can sell one-by-one at set price (not for all options)

This gives a variety of different options depending on what you want, and brings all the trading into one area, instead of splitting it into many. The wants market will remain, but its look as been updated, and I've added VIP credits into it. You can now have up to 20 auctions. VIP & Potion Credits fee have both been reduced to a flat $5k fee per credit. The Auction Market now has a page where you can see all your listings in once place. To help stop future abuse, AP is now auction only. Any errors? Please let me know :)

Coven Conflict

After a few hiccups, it looks like we're on the right track. There have been a few suggested changes to be made, but please give your feedback after taking part on this thread.

Looking forward to it,

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Coven Conflict: Skirmish

Coven Conflict: Skirmish

In my mission to create a variety of coven war flavours, phase 4 of this new coven conflict system is a re-branding of the much loved (and not so loved) V2 round based war system, but coded from scratch  with some tweaks. Once a week you can launch a skirmish on another coven for coven exp and tokens. Win more of the 24 hour long rounds than your enemy to win the skirmish. Earn skirmish exp by attacking or zapping the enemy coven.


As per the majority request, the rounds have been reduced from 48 hours to 24. I am keen to meet in the middle and have them at 36, but we'll see how we get on.

Win the most rounds in a skirmish and the skirmish is a success. If you are successful, you will gain coven exp and tokens. The coven exp you get is based on the level of the coven you have launched a skirmish on, and how many rounds you won. If the enemy coven fights back and wins some of the rounds, your coven exp will be reduced. The tiers have also be altered a little, you'll find the new tiers on the skirmish page linked below.


People thought that losing coven exp, or rather the amount, was a little too much. I somewhat agree. So I've made a change, similar to above, to help that. The coven exp loss of a skirmish is fixed, but you can offset this by winning rounds. Both covens get coven exp round bonuses, the attacker only gets the exp if they win, but even if they win, the defender can earn coven exp too. For every round you win, you will offset some of the fixed loss of coven exp for losing the skirmish (as well as reducing their coven exp reward). If you win enough of the rounds, it can even go into profit and earn you coven exp.


For full information about the Skirmishes, you can check out the new Skirmish page. Or by going to Dead City > Conflict Control > Skirmishes.

Just like with the raids, you have this week to give this a test and give any feedback. The discussion will be held of this forum thread. Please give feedback after playing a skirmish, and ask any questions, report any bugs etc, thank you.


Thursday 19 February 2015

Valentine's Event Roundup

Valentines Event

Other love filled event has passed. With so much love (and some hate), how did we do? 71% of you voted that you love Valentines. 29% of you voted you hated it!

Most Loved

[ 28000 ] Loved Savage Sugar Lips PD-LR (648620)
[ 21700 ] Loved Ryssa Fidela (179328)
[ 6105 ] Loved Karina Ornoff-Nex™ (82837)
[ 4250 ] Loved prettyhatemachine (164945)
[ 2925 ] Loved Death of silence (570523)
[ 2855 ] Loved Joceychu Gnocchi Nex (586647)
[ 2459 ] Loved Dizzi Sainte (215182)
[ 2192 ] Loved Jonathan Ettore Nex™ (411454)
[ 2151 ] Loved Dr. James Ornoff-Nex (599384)
[ 1862 ] Loved Dimitril Aerinil (203351)
[ 1830 ] Loved Natsume Lilith Nightlord (384590)

People spent a total of $1,002,330,000 on giving love. That's a lot of green.

Top Couples

The top 20 couples are listed below. First place 30 QP, 5 plasma & 3 WP each, second place gets 20 QP, 4 plasma & 2 WP each, and everyone else gets 10 QP, 3 plasma & 1 WP each.

[ 922 Hearts ] Mikkala (311519) and Macabress (176585) 

[ 907 Hearts ] Tiny (500687) and vonhof glitch master (90159) 

[ 902 Hearts ] Revalth Phuri Dae-LR (523102) and Savage Sugar Lips PD-LR (648620) 

[ 893 Hearts ] Queenie Happy Lil Killer (218258) and DarkMessiah (9908) 

[ 861 Hearts ] Kikayah de Strauss (679748) and Lily Anvari (632470) 

[ 838 Hearts ] Riddles (618064) and Cole Ethan Deyanira (345551) 

[ 796 Hearts ] †TS†CaliX Phuri Dae† (491221) and †Payne LaRouge Phuri Dae† (283916) 

[ 728 Hearts ] makilak (648041) and Angelique (676509) 

[ 694 Hearts ] Brunette D`Spartan² (646032) and Demetreus D`Spartan² (612013) 

[ 591 Hearts ] Roz McClellan ^v^ QS (283088) and Alegna McClellan (520460) 

[ 574 Hearts ] Kitana (588334) and The Notorious Ruffian (242222) 

[ 557 Hearts ] Shawn `Knox` Breach™ (245670) and Sunshine<3 i="" nbsp="">

[ 515 Hearts ] ~Mad Vlad LaVey ~ CdA ~ (463334) and Lyla LaVey (331357) 

[ 502 Hearts ] Ylenia Dalca (60993) and DK...Dark Knight (483649) 

[ 499 Hearts ] Chestii Morbide (439725) and Atar of Mesopotamia (258957) 

[ 479 Hearts ] Rosaleen (369059) and *~=(XerO_ErroR)=~* (691134) 

[ 432 Hearts ] Zandra Hatemachine (476518) and Panth Hatemachine (112802) 

[ 429 Hearts ] Nathan Duval (691281) and Alicia De Winter (691240) 

[ 426 Hearts ] .L o c k e. (201632) and °**°CoNTroL°**° (129755) 

[ 419 Hearts ] Little Bleeder (683322) and This Charming Man (684362) 

Leaderboard WP

Click here to see the the Valentines event leaderboard. The top 10 of each of the leaderboards has earned themselves 5QP & 2 WP each.

If you ripped more than 20 hearts during this event, click here for a little prize.

I hope you enjoyed the event. The next one is just around the corner!

More to come,

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Valentines Event

Coven Raids

If you missed the launch of the new Coven Raids a few days ago, click here to get updated. For those that have had a play with the system, you can give feedback on this thread, or blood letter me personally if you want to give feedback privately. Your feedback is important.

Valentines Event

It's that love filled time of year again, and I've got some treats for you this year.

Reigning Couple
Find a mate and rip the hearts from other vampires! At the end of the event there will be a leaderboard with the couples who have ripped the most hearts from their targets.

Heart Ripping
Rip the hearts from your enemy vampires and use them to trade for more turns to rip even more hearts! What a delicious vicious cycle.

Revenge On Cupid
That damn cupid. Go and get some Seme Daggers and throw them at cupid. You can do this every hour. Throw as hard as you can, and see what goodies he drops for you.

When you get your hand on some roses, trade them for goodies more suited to a vampire.

Give Love
The give love is back! For a small fee you can give love to any other vampire on the game, and each player has their own counter on their profile.

Annual Love/Hate Vote
Each year I always make a tally to see how many people love or hate Valentines. Go and vote for yourself to earn a little prize.

VIP & Plasma Special
There is of course a delicious VIP/Plasma special. Click here to check them out.

There will also be prizes at the end of the event. Including rewards for the top couples, WP rewards of the top of the leaderboard positions, and a free collectible for all those who took part in the event. The event will last for 7 days, and end next Wednesday, the 18th.

Enjoy the event,

Monday 9 February 2015

Phase 3: Coven Raids

Coven Raids

It's time for you to all have a play with Coven Raids, Phase 3 of the new coven conflict system. Raids are a one round, task based attack system. They are designed to be quick & coordinated attacks against other covens in order to rummage for treasures.

A coven owner (or co-owner) can declare a raid on another coven once per day. Which means you can raid different covens up to 7 times in a week. Of course there are restrictions, for example, you cannot attack the same coven twice in any given week.

How Do They Work?
When a raid is declared, both covens will be sent a blood letter notification (just like with the War Of Covens etc.) There will be a wait of up to 2 hours before the raid actually begins. You will be presented with the amount of Raid Exp you need to earn in order for the raid to be successful. You need to earn the set amount of Raid Exp by the time the raid ends in 3 hours. Earn Raid Exp by attacking the players in the target coven, or by zapping them.

Can They Defend?
Yes, the enemy coven can defend against the raid. You need to earn a certain amount of Raid Exp as soon as the raid ends, the enemy coven can attack/zap you back, which reduces your raid exp score total. If a coven successfully repels a raid by reducing your Raid Exp below the requirement, they get coven exp in return for their effort.

What Do You Get?
The main focus will be tokens, which is explained below. But you also earn money. The more money a coven you raid has in the bank, the more you can get your hands on. If the target coven has potion credit and plasma in the bank too, you have a small chance of winning some for your coven. (Please note a coven does not lose any money, potion credits or plasma when raided. Your coven contents are 100% safe.)

It's going to be all about tokens. Tokens, although not fully complete yet, is a new currency suggested and formed to reward covens for coven conflict efforts. At the moment, covens are given 100 tokens per week. When raided, you do actually lose some tokens, but you can also steal tokens from other covens. For full information on how the tokens work, I have written it up in this thread.

I'll let you all have a play with the system for a week. I have started up a new forum thread for help answer any questions. Of course please post if you find any bugs during this beta period. All numbers and figures are subject to change, so give feedback and I'll keep making this better.


Friday 6 February 2015

RAHP Weekend

Coven Conflict: Raids

I can happily announce that the coven raids are complete. I am going to do some further private testing over the weekend, and let everyone have a play on Monday. We'll do a trial week, see how people get on, and gather feedback and make any necessary changes. I look forward to getting them out to you.

RAHP Weekend

I think it's time we had another RAHP weekend, don't you think? For those who are not familiar with RAHP. It's Revive At Half Past. All vampires are revived at half past the hour, as well as on the top of the hour.

You'll be able to enjoy RAHP throughout the entire weekend. It starts at Saturday (00:01) and ends Sunday (23:59). That's 48 hours RAHP goodness.

Enjoy the weekend,

Sunday 1 February 2015

New Quick Links

New Layout

I'm glad most of you are liking the new layout, especially after some of the tweaks that were made. Those included edits of the text colours, adding back the option to pin the top bar, adding the lottery tickets back on the left, be able to have the clock and heal/suicide links back where they were. I think we did good on this one.

Quick Links

Many of you liked the fact the quick links were moved up to the top of the page in the new layout. But some of the niggly little annoyances were still there. So today I can announce I have completely re-coded the backend of the quick links system. Yes, that means it will appear all your quick links have vanished! Which yes, in theory, they have. In order to create a better system, I had to start new. Go to your account page, and click on EDIT QUICK LINKS (or use the link in the drop down menu), there you can activate the new system and start adding pages. For your convenience, I have added a link which links to your old quick links, where you can open them up, and use the new [add this page] link to add them over to the new system.

So what's new? They are now individually stored which makes them easy to edit and customise. By default, the links will appear across the top of the page. But I have now added the option for you to put them back into the drop down menu if you wish. You can now edit the links one by one, and also included the option for you to set your own link colours. Instead of upping links as before, I have added the "add to top" system to the links. Lastly, there is some light support for ?step=X pages (only when using the [add this page] button. So for example you can now link to forum.php?step=lastposts. If you're not using the new layout (default layout or RoB-Lite v2) you can continue to use the old system.

More Co-Op Quests

I have added 5 new co-op quests today. I do intend to add lots more, and lots more different variety of quests too - so keep a sharp eye out for that.

Coven Conflict v2 Phase 3 Preparation

The very next thing I'll be working on is the Raids feature of the new coven conflict system. I have setup the coven conflict control panel at Dead City for now. While this feature is being developed, the current coven battles will continue to operate until the final switch is made hopefully by the end of the month.

As always, any questions or bugs, let me know!


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