Friday 6 February 2015

RAHP Weekend

Coven Conflict: Raids

I can happily announce that the coven raids are complete. I am going to do some further private testing over the weekend, and let everyone have a play on Monday. We'll do a trial week, see how people get on, and gather feedback and make any necessary changes. I look forward to getting them out to you.

RAHP Weekend

I think it's time we had another RAHP weekend, don't you think? For those who are not familiar with RAHP. It's Revive At Half Past. All vampires are revived at half past the hour, as well as on the top of the hour.

You'll be able to enjoy RAHP throughout the entire weekend. It starts at Saturday (00:01) and ends Sunday (23:59). That's 48 hours RAHP goodness.

Enjoy the weekend,

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