Friday 27 February 2015

Market Overhaul & Double Sunday

Free Double Sunday/Monday

You wanted it, you got it. From 10am Sunday until Monday night, enjoy:

- Double Turns
- Double Blood
- Double Coven Exp

Brand New Contest

Staring from the 1st of March, you'll be able to enter a never seen before mass killing competition. On the 1st, you'll see a new section open at Dead City. More info to come.

Market Overhaul

The Dead City Market and Auction house have now been merged into the Auction Market. Instead of having separate places, they are now as one. When you want to sell something, your options are:

- List it as an auction
- List it as an action with a "buy it now" price
- List as a single item listing so you can sell one-by-one at set price (not for all options)

This gives a variety of different options depending on what you want, and brings all the trading into one area, instead of splitting it into many. The wants market will remain, but its look as been updated, and I've added VIP credits into it. You can now have up to 20 auctions. VIP & Potion Credits fee have both been reduced to a flat $5k fee per credit. The Auction Market now has a page where you can see all your listings in once place. To help stop future abuse, AP is now auction only. Any errors? Please let me know :)

Coven Conflict

After a few hiccups, it looks like we're on the right track. There have been a few suggested changes to be made, but please give your feedback after taking part on this thread.

Looking forward to it,

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