Monday 2 March 2015

Blood Thirst Team up

Blood Thirst Team Up Competition

I've decided to try out a new concept for an event type feature. And that has resulted in this new Blood Thirst Team Up. Basically, there are 5 coloured teams, and those 5 teams will compete with each other over a 2 day period this weekend.

The teams will be sorted & balanced by power. And this will happen on Thursday evening. The fight will begin Thursday night midnight until Saturday evening midnight (the entire 48 hour period of Friday and Saturday).

In order to take part in this competition, you must manually enter. You can do that by heading to the Dead City page and clicking the new green link, or by clicking here. And you must to do before the teams are sorted on Thursday evening. Keep an eye on the game updates page on Thursday for the exact end time. You will not be able to enter after the teams have been sorted.

All the players that enter will be broken down into 5 coloured teams. Then on Friday and Saturday, the vampire wins and blood earned will be totalled and ranked. (Full information on the above linked page.)

Prizes will be given to the winning time, and there will also be runner up prizes. The prizes will also be based on how much you contribute, so don't expect to just enter and get lots of free stuff ;) There will be a collectible within the prizes too!

I look forward to it, and good luck!

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